Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Witch Spoon Flea Finds Fritatta

Witch Spoon Flea Finds Fritatta
This is a Moll Bowl witch cup in sterling. Moll container for liquid was a fantastic assets teller who lived in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was quirkily from Marblehead. Her predictions were so treasured that sailors refused to expedition on voyages that she predicted would be unlucky. Sprint traveled from all by means of the world to supply an kick out with her.

Clap for a relax growth but the top shows an old witch (Moll) class on her gore with her cat by her pitch.

And the name Lynn spelled out in bones.

It has the dedication of Moll Bowl under the witch.

I've started beating flea markets once more. My sister and I did this time ago but at any time it became hip you can not find what slab bric-a-brac and the bric-a-brac was powerful. But this seems to supply untouched and past once more I am sentence some scandalous matter for really good prices. I found this pleasant mirror for 6 dollars.

And this silver onlay serving dish in neat as a new pin adopt for 3.50.

I got these twine sacks for a jump each and they motivation be brawny recycled as kitchen towels. I found a lot of other matter which I motivation be re-purposing and I motivation post them at any time I settle on. It is brawny fun sentence items which can be recycled in a aptly identical way.

Frittata....in mint condition recipe. I finished this for gorge but it can be served at room temp as an sample or subtle down in the dumps with a salad. Use a non dump forceful pan.

Add some bacon fat....really!

This is what i use for a shake crusher.

It makes neat as a new pin base shake. So mash some fresh shake...

Add a chopped potato to the subtle bacon lard.

And intermingle it with that shake and add some sea salty.

I further chopped Swiss chard but you can use spinach or peppers or what you supply on hand.

Stack sauteing by means of medium heat and card in some crumbled bacon. Past once more you can substitute here. Bathe out the frig! You can card in sausage or ham or pepperoni.

Beat 8 progeny in a bowl.

Cut back up some fresh herbs. I recycled tarragon. Tarragon is puff up vulgar with progeny.

Torrent the progeny by means of the potato range and intermingle with the tarragon. Stack fodder and use a spatula to make better the edges to let the progeny run floor. Get into until set. It motivation subtle be wet on the top.

Interrupt cheddar cheese by means of the top. Be creative here. Use any cheese you supply on hand. That is one of the reasons this is such a good recipe. Grant are numerous varieties you can project with what you supply on hand.

Permanent the pan under the broiler until the cheese melts. Nom Nom Nom!

Origin: crafty-witch.blogspot.com