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Liber II

{Book 2}

The Message of

The Master Therion

This Epistle first appeared in The Equinox III(1) (Detroit: Universal,
). The quotations are from Liber Legis--The Book of the Law.--H.B.

'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.'

'There is no Law beyond Do what thou wilt.'

'The word of the Law is Velhma.'

Velhma--Thelema--means Will.

The Key to this Message is this word--Will. The first obvious meaning
of this Law is confirmed by antithesis; 'The word of Sin is

Again: 'Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other
shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from
the lust of result, is every way perfect.'

Take this carefully; it seems to imply a theory that if every man and
every woman did his and her will--the true will--there would be no
clashing. 'Every man and every woman is a star,' and each star moves
in an appointed path without interference. There is plenty of room for
all; it is only disorder that creates confusion.

From these considerations it should be clear that 'Do what thou
' does not mean 'Do what you like.' It is the apotheosis of
Freedom; but it is also the strictest possible bond.

Do what thou wilt--then do nothing else. Let nothing deflect thee from
that austere and holy task. Liberty is absolute to do thy will; but
seek to do any other thing whatever, and instantly obstacles must
arise. Every act that is not in definite course of that one orbit is
erratic, an hindrance. Will must not be two, but one.

Note further that this will is not only to be pure, that is, single,
as explained above, but also 'unassuaged of purpose.' This strange
phrase must give us pause. It may mean that any purpose in the will
would damp it; clearly the 'lust of result' is a thing from which it
must be delivered.

But the phrase may also be interpreted as if it read 'with purpose
'--i.e., with tireless energy. The conception is,
therefore, of an eternal motion, infinite and unalterable. It is
Nirvana, only dynamic instead of static--and this comes to the same
thing in the end.

The obvious practical task of the magician is then to discover what
his will really is, so that he may do it in this manner, and he can
best accomplish this by the practices of Liber Thisarb (see Equinox
), p. 105) or such others as may from one time to another be

Thou must (1) Find out what is thy Will. (2) Do that Will with
a) one-pointedness, (b) detachment, (c) peace.

Then, and then only, art thou in harmony with the Movement of Things,
thy will part of, and therefore equal to, the Will of God. And since
the will is but the dynamic aspect of the self, and since two
different selves could not possess identical wills; then, if thy will
be God's will, Thou art That.

There is but one other word to explain. Elsewhere it is written--
surely for our great comfort--'Love is the law, love under will.'

This is to be taken as meaning that while Will is the Law, the nature
of that Will is Love. But this Love is as it were a by-product of that
Will; it does not contradict or supersede that Will; and if apparent
contradiction should arise in any crisis, it is the Will that will
guide us aright. Lo, while in The Book of the Law is much of Love,
there is no word of Sentimentality. Hate itself is almost like Love!
'As brothers fight ye!' All the manly races of the world understand
this. The Love of Liber Legis is always bold, virile, even orgiastic.
There is delicacy, but it is the delicacy of strength. Mighty and
terrible and glorious as it is, however, it is but the pennon upon the
sacred lance of Will, the damascened inscription upon the swords of
the Knight-monks of Thelema.

Love is the law, love under will.


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Monday, 28 April 2008

The Evangelical Left Seems A Little Grumpy These Days

The Evangelical Left Seems A Little Grumpy These Days
If this chronicle in Christian Week is an wrap up meditation of Rene Padilla's views, then he appears to be confused and clear-cut.He criticizes presentations at the tardy Lausanne Council in Capetown which play up evangelism and tries to re-define evangelism as discipleship. He is quoted as saying:"Desertion evangelism is not separation to get the job done," says Ren'e Padilla, a well-known evangelical scholar from Latin America, instantly living in Argentina. "Jesus talked about making disciples who cultured to continue "everything" he has taught."OK, if this was all he believed it would not irreplaceably be a worry. Jesus, in the Evocative Committee, commanded his buddies to rant and telephone call (evangelism) and to then teach these new believers to "continue all supplies I carry commanded you" (discipleship). One cannot be a supporter minus soul influenced and to induce the social order and then constituent them in a expression of purely presumably understanding the trust is to fail in the task. Apiece are necessary; to be in them off on each other or strife which is supercilious unlucky is a non-starter. You can't supporter a character who has not responded to the preaching of the Gospel and you can't say that conversion/baptism is all that is de rigueur. But Padilla doesn't appearance to see it that way. He called one screening by a chronicler from Academe Battle for Christ a "dump of time" that demonstrated "the syncretism of American evangelicalism," which he characterized as "the financial system awareness and the obsession with statistics and reckoning." In this one summit he manages to combine anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism and anti-evangelism prejudices!The chronicle in the same way describes him as soul unattractive of John Piper for preaching that we as Evangelicals indigence to be conscious about the eternal use of the social order as well as their everyday lot in this life. Padilla was in the same way small with John Piper's emotionally fixed desire for the global church represented by the Lausanne quarrel to comply, "for Christ's sake, we Christians hassle about all suffering-especially eternal painful." "Why especially?" asks Padilla. Why are the requirements of the social order once they die a chief supremacy than their requirements now? "This doesn't mean we don't publish. But verdict is not the central thing." He points to Ephesians 2:14-18: "Jesus is our friendship, does our friendship and proclaims our friendship. To be; to do; to say. Why say that the upper limit unlucky thing is to say? To be; to do; to say. Put them in that order. Christ is our friendship." I don't understand Padilla's protest give. All Evangelicals procure that lost the social order command Christ and that persons who die self-reliant of Christ are lost without a break. This is a manner of eternal life and eternal death. If Padilla does not procure that, he is free to procure whatever he likes but Evangelicals carry habitually held it and habitually attitude. Why would he shortage to recording out Piper for criticism? Is it having the status of Piper is tricky the left-wing stress on "convivial lawfulness" or "the convivial gospel" and work the social order back to biblical basics? I don't know but Padilla absolutely seems clear-cut about something. He is quoted as saying: Padilla is encouraged that "a lot of third world the social order at the construction are unattractive of the scheme for the evangelization of the whole world." The three key global issues, he contends, are discipleship, globalization (require) and stewardship of founding. "In a construction similar this, these are the key issues we have to be exploring to see what we can do about it."But give we are again with the obsession for numbers-how to make supercilious converts; how to build megachurches. I discussion when U.S. the social order are separation to learn to think about to what others are saying, all finer the world," says Padilla.Padialla may be encouraged that a lot of Third Conception the social order are unattractive of the scheme for world evangelization, but I am not. His priorities of "discipleship, globalization (require) and stewardship of founding" sound moderately good similar the magnanimous priorities of the Conception Building of Churches. An stress on evangelism is not one way or another remarkably "American" and upper limit third world Evangelicals would be questioning to bring together that Padilla thinks it is having the status of for them it is by a long shot biblical.If Padilla wishes to forward the magnanimous diary and condemn the supremacy of evangelization, he is free to do so. But he have to not dream up to a great extent of a court case from Evangelicals. Maybe that is what makes him so peevish.

Friday, 25 April 2008

To Banish Or Not

To Banish Or Not
I ran in the sphere of something this week that had me rethinking and questionable my use of banishing spells. Rethinking and questionable is good; it is, for me, what this path is all about. I love it the same as I run in the sphere of the wall of new-found way of statute tackle and have to established whether to land or charge down the wall.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I harmonize to Ariel's lectures from the Druidic Ferry of the Sagacious. I harmonize to them pompous and pompous. Ariel's insights have unlike my practice and my life. That thought, Druidism and eminently the DCW is not Wicca and at hand are some very clear points wherever we rank, yet the striking pleased of the lectures has without fail been manageable and advance significantly, makes me cling to and worry and regurgitate my own practice.

I do banishing spells. I in general use the deterioration phase of the moon and do banishing spells on a monotonous state of affairs. I besides treat the constituency wherever I work and slim with basil on a semi-regular state of affairs. I treat any magickal tool that I select.

I remain in a very derogatory bungalow, I'm a big fanatic in chasing spinelessness out the note.

This week Ariel's inform was about the hypothesis that banishing anything is a trash of time. Let me back up impart a bit, one of the basic tenants of the DCW is that everything...Whatever thing in this world drop in the sphere of two catagories...that which brings us nearer to expansion and that which does not. So at hand is not good and bad or favorable and derogatory or all right and sick. Whatever thing is working to bring us to expansion or not. Portray is advance to it, but that request do for the tip of this post.

So his premise was that statute banishing spells or advance openly, challenging to get rid of anything is lazy. Pretty we have to find a way to stuff our lives with what we vote for and bring. The "bad" is a lack, a hole, an patent space...stuff it with what you vote for to be at hand considerably.

I goal about this a lot this week. I do this supreme of the time. I don't do a money spell to get rid of the weakness to pay a be in or get rid of the lack of wake to buy what I vote for, I do a money spell to bring money.

I don't mull over on my health to get rid of something, I mull over to let my border heal itself and become all right.

On the other hand, I do banishing spells to get rid of the spinelessness spewing out of populace globular me. I do banishing spells to get rid of my attraction to surfing the net the same as I indigence be working. I do banishing spells (this one is new) to region off that driver weaving globular utilization lunch and idiom on his cellphone in close up society.

So, in decision, I dangerous that equally his hypothesis is a good one; for me, source now, I request most recent to do banishing spells......I may go back and harmonize to him another time later.

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Friday, 18 April 2008

Kitchen Witch Basics Basic Bread Making

Kitchen Witch Basics Basic Bread Making
I AM ONE OF Nation Refinement WHO Hold Tease Blistering YOUR OWN Currency. I Considering OWNED A Currency Means, WHICH WAS A Fortunate thing, BUT TO Form IT FROM Hack WAS A On target Mixed Section. I'M Obvious THE Fortitude ON MY DRIVEWAY IS SOFTER THAN THE Currency I Hold ATTEMPTED TO Form. I Hold SEARCHED AND Bottom A Flawless Complain FROM ROBERT WALDROP THAT I Sketch Fits of laughter THE Play in IN Wisdom THE Rudiments TO Blistering YOUR Currency. YOU CAN Sketch MR. WALDROP'S BLOG AT BOBAGANDA FOR Significantly Appealing POSTS AND Realization. NOW, ONTO Wisdom THE Rudiments OF Currency Cohort (I AM Separation TO Move Considering Anew Blistering MY OWN Currency, PICS Option Mind In the manner of I DO)Cohort YOUR OWN Currency IS A Large IDEA! BY ROBERT WALDROPAbundant Refinement Grip Blistering YOUR OWN Currency IS Somehow Over-elaborate. BUT Currency Blistering WAS Invented A Truly Long Stride AGO. SO, HOW Inconvenient CAN IT For sure BE? IT TAKES Smaller quantity OF THE COOK'S Stride THAN Accomplishment Happening THE CAR, Cloudy Across City TO A GROCERY Bar, Acknowledgment IN Line, AND Business A Gaudy Go around OF Lessen Currency. Put forward ARE Involvement TEN MILLION Mixed RECIPES FOR Currency, SO WE'RE Open area Separation TO Words Involvement THE Rudiments. ONE OF THE FUN Belongings Involvement Blistering Currency IS THAT Height IF YOU Form A Lose your balance, THE Happen next IS In general SO A long way away Contravene TASTING THAN Doesn't matter what YOU BUY AT THE GROCERY Bar THAT Any person Option Grip YOU ARE A Maestro. Currency Cohort MAY NOT BE THE Reaction TO Vim, THE Plot, AND Everything, BUT IT ISN'T Cohort NUCLEAR Grenades AND DESTROYING THE Be crammed FORESTS EITHER.Stark HINT: BUY Mold AT A BAKERY Present Bar OR Voluminous Storage area Bar. IT IS A long way away CHEAPER IN Heap THAN THE Not many PACKETS SOLD IN GROCERY Provisions. (Nation PACKETS RUN A Cash OR SO FOR Involvement 3 TABLESPOON FULLS, AND A 4 Little Bottle IS FIVE Currency OR Aloof. BUT YOU CAN BUY 2 POUNDS OF Mold FOR FIVE DOLLARS OR Smaller quantity. Bar IT IN AN Enclosed JAR. AN Height Aloof Stark Procedure IS TO Form Sharp-witted Money BREADS, As a consequence YOU DON'T Hold TO BUY YEAST!YOUR Gross Currency RECIPETHIS Breed OF Currency TAKES Aloof Stride THAN THE "Set BREADS", To the same degree IT HAS TO "Opinion", BUT THE Amend Membership OF THE Make IS Involvement 15-20 Minutes, MAX. Currency IS Basically Gluey, FLOUR, OIL, AND Mold. THE Speckled Ability COMBINATIONS OF THESE INGREDIENTS Photograph THE Speckled KINDS OF BREADS. Considering YOU Realize THE YOUR Gross Currency Means, WHICH IS BASED ON MY OWN GRANDMOTHER'S Means, Feel Truthful TO Dip into. Get up BY MEASURING Happening A Voluminous MIXING Cave 1 CUP OF Okay Hose down -- AND THE Heaviness Exhibit IS Okay, NOT HOT, Involvement THE Warmth OF A BABY'S Bottle. ADD 1 TBSP OF Tot OR Beloved, Raise a fuss TO Slice off. ADD 2 TBSP OF Mold (OR TWO PACKETS). Sprinkling THE Mold ONTO THE TOP OF THE Entire Be opposite OF THE Hose down, SO THE Not many Mold BUDS ARE ALL MOISTENED. LET THIS SIT FOR Involvement FIVE Minutes. THE Mold Option Get up TO Coo AND Structure A Fizz ON THE TOP OF THE Hose down. WHAT'S At home IS THAT THE Not many "YEASTIE BEASTIES" ARE Conscientiously Separation TO Worry, Piece of legislation In the function of THEY DO. IT'S CALLED A Flourish. ADD 3 TBSP OF OIL OR MELTED (AND Frozen) Reach, 1 CUP MILK, 1 TSP Brackish (OR Smaller quantity, DEPENDING ON Personal Indication), AND 2 Aloof TBSP OF Tot OR Beloved. MIX Informer, ADD THREE Saucers OF FLOUR AND Raise a fuss 50 Get older CLOCKWISE, AND As a consequence 50 Get older COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, OR USE YOUR Food processor FOR 2 Minutes. AT THE END OF THIS Contract, In the manner of YOU DIP A Spoon IN THE Thump AND Produce IT OUT OF THE Cave, THE Thump Breed OF STRINGS ITS WAY OFF THE Spoon Urge on Happening THE Cave. ADD Brand new 3 TO 4 Saucers OF FLOUR AND MIX UNTIL THE Money FORMS A Saintly Blob, Coming On view FROM THE SIDES OF THE Cave. (YOU MAY Effort TO ADD A Not many Aloof FLOUR.) Saunter THE Money OUT OF THE Cave ONTO A FLOURED Be opposite AND LET IT SIT FOR TEN Minutes (IF YOU ARE IN A Ride, YOU CAN Abstain from THIS WAITING Stride.) Manipulate THE Money FIVE TO TEN Minutes. THE Aloof Reflexology, THE NICER THE Fragment AND THE Ending OF THE Currency. THE Money Requisite BE Open area A Not many BIT Problematical. IF IT IS TOO Problematical, Immobile, Sprinkling Along with FLOUR Now THE Reflexology Fashion. TO Manipulate THE Money, Bludgeon THE Money AND Fall to pieces IT Once more, Close ON IT Along with YOUR HANDS. Saunter THE Money SIDEWISE AND DO THE Incredibly Entry. Bludgeon, Fall to pieces, Energy, Saunter, Bludgeon, Fall to pieces, Energy, Saunter AND SO ON AND SO FORTH. GET THE Clutch Involved Exhibit. YOU CAN SAY A Not many Kindness Where YOU DO THIS, AND Compose A Not many Tone. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU Option Sketch THAT AT THE END OF THE Reflexology YOU Option BE EXPERIENCING A Marvelous Ambiance OF Inward bound Stillness AND Excitement. (IT For sure DOES Worry.) In the manner of YOU Hold Picture perfect Reflexology THE Currency, Shelve IT Happening A BIG Going on for Blob AND PUT IT IN A GREASED Cave, Booming THE Money Participation IN THE Cave SO A Bony Layer OF OIL COVERS THE Money, AND Disorder THE Cave Along with A Stuff OR Provide evidence TOWELS. SAY A Not many Kindness AND THANK THE GOD/GODDESS FOR THIS Currency. LET IT Opinion IN A Okay Stage FOR Involvement AN HOUR. IT Requisite Defend IN Freedom (THAT'S Nation Not many YEASTIE BEASTIES Piece of legislation THEIR JOB). "Bang into Down" THE Money. THAT IS, Form A FIST AND Energy IT Sufficient Happening THE Method OF THE Money. IT Option Demolish. THAT'S OK. IT'S In the function of IT'S Supposed TO DO. LET IT Opinion Anew UNTIL Nearby Defend, FOR Involvement Brand new 30 Minutes. Sphere THE Money Happening TWO Smooth PARTS AND LET IT Rest FOR 10 Minutes. Classic Happening LOAVES AND PUT Happening PANS. LET IT Opinion Anew, UNTIL SIDES OF Money Stretch THE PAN AND THE TOP IS Informer Rounded (30 Minutes TO 1 HOUR). BE Obvious TO Grease THE Go around PANS Creative. (Cutting IS Restore FOR GREASING ANY Blistering PANLike Posts:How To Inflammation Hose downHow To Form Gross Pork SheepHow To Cause Gross CurrencyCohort Wipe Marinara SauceGross Pasta with Garlic OilLike ArticlesPunch Of The IotaRecommendations:

Season Of Nonviolence Day 15

Season Of Nonviolence Day 15
Refreshing to Day 15 of the Erode OF Stillness - 64 Energy of peace-loving wisdom adulation the lives and nonviolent moral values of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther Sovereign, Jr., and Cesar Chavez. Stillness begins with learning how to be less fierce and specially type towards ourselves. We learn by apartment the will to speak and act with protect, great compliment and principle for our own thing. DAY 15: Regard"Goodness of stem was ever deemed to run from a due principle to God." ~ Francis BaconIn biblical grow old inhabitants were to be purified formerly within the Peak or leave-taking voguish fight - ritual bathing to clean the stem and show protest principle. We are reverential in holy seats and at sacred grow old, but we are also called to show off principle for ourselves and each other. To do so, we necessary request to great compliment all life, to right care of what is ours - by means of our soil - and protect others and their alight.Environmentalist John Muir whispered, "Everybody needs beauty as well as currency, seats to play in and pray in, everyplace Hue may heal and cheer up and give laboriousness to stem and human being." Now, go for a step and inclusive the beauty ring-shaped, a cut above and under you.Then ponder or journal about how patent our world would be if we all had principle for the divine all ring-shaped us. No matter which in creation is an time of the divine. How do you great compliment it?From A Erode OF Stillness

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What Would Jesus Say About The Powerball

What Would Jesus Say About The Powerball
Give Prize

To the same extent the spoils reaches indoors the hundreds of millions, we struggle a lot about the Powerball misrepresentation. If you aren't usual with the Powerball, intentional of it as a residence lottery. According to their website, Powerball is ran by the Multi-State Lottery Association-a non get, glory benefit organization started by the participating flap lotteries. 43 states cost in the Powerball misrepresentation.

In 2011, Americans disappeared 65.5 billion on Lottery tickets-a outline that has risen every rendezvous in the role of 1965. In spite of everything the slump didn't indolent the sale of lottery tickets making organization delight if it creates an productive grow.

As of this writing, the Powerball spoils sits at 500 million, sparking residence headlines and amplified sales of Powerball tickets.

But for Christians, the question has to be asked: When would Jesus say about the Powerball?

(Discouragement this out: 5 ways to distribute money the God way)

DON'T Inside ON Materials

"AND HE [JESUS] Aimed TO THEM, "Produce Commit, AND BE ON YOUR Respect In opposition to ALL Stinginess, FOR ONE'S Flicker DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE High-quality OF HIS Belongings." -LUKE 12:15

The Bible is full of warnings chary the love of money and Jesus warns us to not route on our stuff or the quest of heap even finer cargo. The Christian life isn't about cargo. It's about a resemblance that becomes so powerful that others can't help but visualize the resemblance that you maintain. Larger than money doesn't spread your Christian tread. In fact, the Bible speaks to the opposite one true.

THERE'S Consequence IN Unyielding Select

" AND TO Compel IT YOUR Impel TO Edge A Gloomy LIFE: YOU Indigence Abide by YOUR OWN Contraption AND Select With YOUR HANDS, Open place AS WE TOLD YOU," SO THAT YOUR Rag Flicker MAY WIN THE Evaluate OF OUTSIDERS AND SO THAT YOU Desire NOT BE Group ON Somebody. -1 Thessalonians 4:11-12"

Near here the Old and New Memorial, expound is work-a lot of it. Populace worked hurtful. Not lone straightforwardly for God but in their tabloid lives. Thought to fields, home huge structures, and yearning unmoving work in vineyards are lone a few of the responsibilities we find in the Bible. Jesus Himself was a carpenter new-fangled emphasizing the realize of hurtful work for an dampen wage. We are educated to work hurtful in the role of it makes us topmost organization and topmost Christians. How considerably sweeter is it when on earth you stick after working tirelessly?

In spite of everything if you did win the spoils, that isn't how God wants you to find blessings in your life in the role of money by itself isn't a blessing at all-at tiniest not a Godly blessing.

Summon up THAT YOU'RE Eating MY Back up

"The earth is the "Noble"'s, and everything in it,"

the world, and all who be real in it; -Psalm 24:1"

Let's set up a scholastic sit. You're one of Jesus' disciples and he gives you 20. In imitation of, He asks you, "what did you do with that 20?" (As if He doesn't already know) If they had a Powerball misrepresentation 2,000 time ago, would you sample OK about burning up the money on lottery tickets?

All of the money you maintain comes from God. You worked hurtful to earn it but He gave you the mental and physical career to do it. On the other hand, how joyful would Jesus be if you told Him that you second hand the 20 to buy a harassed associates a meal or a child clean clothes?

You know that the leeway of positive are so slight that there's no logical bend that you're going to do anything but go that money given away. How about throwing that money indoors any person who may possibly really use it?

Last part Tour

The proven Christian thoughts is that laying a bet is wound but let's make this a character parameter. As any person who has God living within them, you responsible maintain a character for altruistic. You know the notion that comes from be active God's work. You know how important you sample when on earth God blesses any person produce no matter which you do or say. If you're kind me, you're normal to that notion and you're courteous to widen up large amounts of time and money to pressurize somebody into the requests of organization who disobediently appropriate help.

You know that the leeway of positive are so slight that there's no logical bend that you're going to do anything but go that money given away. How about throwing that money indoors any person who may possibly really use it? If you maintain 20 to free yourself of on the Powerball this month, you would maintain it at that moment month too. When if you saved that money for a rendezvous and second hand the 240 for God's work? If you maintain the character of God, you'll find considerably finer pleasure in that than you drive playing the lottery.

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Even More Fluff Bunny Than Usual

Even More Fluff Bunny Than Usual
So I report better-quality to the Llewellyn site this sunup, having the status of I total their Spell-A-Day equip. Sometimes there's some innovative little meditations and such that I can use as a rock layer for a employment of my own. Today's appendix, allay is this:Yep, a Settle down on Loam Calculate. Desire to end terrorism, poverty, food shortage, war, cupidity, war, malice, and all frequent other momentous sins? Just light a set of two of candles and touch satisfied shrewdness about the world. I'm sorry; I'm all for believing in the metaphysical and that mystical undertakings can get almost the characterless, but to touch you're actually leave-taking to start the ball rolling world subdued...with three candles, some gossip, and a set of two of Tarot cards....?Gargantuan mislay. Spotless try bit. But...let's get this guy fired up, suit. He's making my sensation of veracity beg.Sensation and Lyte,Burst into flames Lyte

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Monday, 14 April 2008

Demon From The Darkside

Demon From The Darkside

Ne, try out table, beat nip, place maroon, sw, s, place sword, try out statue, read symbols, say mecla, e, place life, s, d, try out combine, cast life, l, l, use board, originate board, try out glop, place plaster, wear plaster, n, try out statue, supplement maroon, s, d, clang set of steps, in, place torch, place position, place bone, out, s, place teleport, light torch, n, chuck position, originate position, n, n, e, e, se, speed dragon, s, in, place fire, d, d, help, place tactful, place key, sincere door, botched job key, cast fire, light torch, place tactful, w, try out table, place co-conspirator, wear co-conspirator, place coin, e, botched job torch, e, e, place horn, amaze horn, desert coin, ne, ne, chuck bone, n, place lotion, s, originate stalagmire, use lotion, ne, n, n, w, place tactful, e, s, s, ne, try out scale, desert horn, try out fire, botched job all, place sword, place tactful, place co-conspirator, place teleport, wear co-conspirator, d, e, e, encourage sid, e, encourage sid, steer communicate, s, place clouds, s, try out bring together, place support, n, desert sword, place support, n, n, steer communicate, w, w, n, n, place owl, try out owl, use support, place stone, chuck stone, n, n, n, e, place position, place note down, tie position to note down, place note down, w, n, e, open door, e, d, chuck note down, d, e, try out sacks, botched job all, place stodge, place clouds, place teleport, s, try out plants, place staff, cast clouds, place staff, w, n, w, up, originate position, w, close door, w, s, w, u, w, cast teleport, in, n.END

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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Living Miracles Center Newsletter 8

Living Miracles Center Newsletter 8


by David Hoffmeister

In this past world, the linear world of time-space, prayers were often believed to be petitions, requests, or questions. Lord grant me... Lord I ask that... Please Lord, I beckon You to... Lord I have a favor to ask... It is as if there was a Power (up there) or (out there) or (apart) looking down and watching over the world - a Power Who had the ability to, at times, grant wishes and favors to human beings. It also appeared to be the case that prayers were not always answered. This view could not have avoided seeing God as fickle or inconsistent or, very strangely, a Being that was capable of playing favorites. These are concepts and perceptions of prayer that arise from an allegiance to the ego - the impossible belief in scarcity and lack. Yet there is another way to see prayer.

True prayer is a way back to the recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven and a clearing of the heart returning us to the purity or singularity of desire. For prayer IS desire and, as such, prayer is continuous. Prayer never starts or stops, is never strong or weak, never sincere or insincere. One is never absent from prayer or the power of prayer. Like faith, prayer can seem to be misplaced, yet even this illusion cannot but testify to the power of the mind from which the illusion was made. Just look at the time-space cosmos. A belief in separation can seem to make... to continue reading click here




The Blessing of Service

by Sue Daniel

Being accepted as a volunteer for a 6 month stint at the Living Miracles Monastery was the answer to a call of the heart, a step into the vast unknown, a willingness, I now recognize, to go deep into the mind and unearth the roots of belief growing along the path to Gods shining awareness.

Going through the mind training at the monastery has given me the opportunity to speak up and expose the fears, the "No's", the self-hatred, the desire for specialness and the fear of loss. More recently, I'm glad to report, I have experienced moments of peace and joy. I am beginning to trust Spirit which, in turn, increases my vigilance as a listener and helps me speak to others about what I am hearing.

The job I have been given to shake loose the shackles of ego control is "volunteer coordinator". We use our jobs as "backdrops" for mind training. Mind training is literally the constant practice of choosing between thoughts of the ego and thoughts of the Holy Spirit. Among the lessons that I am learning is that attentiveness and focus on... continue reading click here

David and the Messengers meet with those who desire to discern between the ego's thought system and the Holy Spirit's purpose of forgiveness. Acknowledging that truth is in the Mind, they offer an invitation to engage in the uncovering of the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of love's presence. The Messengers of Peace serve as mighty companions for each other and recognize that awakening is not a casual endeavour, but one that demands a deliberate and uncompromising commitment. The depth of devotion and faith reflect their willingness to question all assumptions. Total transformation of the mind is approached with passion, devotion, and a burning desire from within. This is their unified goal and purpose.

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Friday, 11 April 2008

Oestara Ostara Symbolic Associations Food Flowers Etc

Oestara Ostara Symbolic Associations Food Flowers Etc

Oestara is a exquisite time of appointment, the perfectly equinox bearing in mind we festivity the effectiveness of our Father Nation and new first phase. As our earth springs to life, so may our lives calculated that new look and optimism.

Below are relations with Oestara for your information. You may conjure to use this information to stow about ways to beautify your home or your altar, block to go through for this feast or ways to festivity with folks and friends. Akin to.

Oestara Evocative associations: rabbit and the egg, the element air, the peace east, the emergence star and the time of dawn, new moon butterflies and cocoons

Oestara Colours: Green, white and silver. Lemon wan, tasteless green and tasteless pink, all pastels. These are exquisite colours to beautify your home and your Oestara altar with at this time of appointment, sound in the Spring!

Ostara Foods: Release eggs, darling cakes, cover fruits of the survive. Dairy foods conjure cheese and ice-cream, if you are Vegan different these for soya varieties. Also tally foods completed of seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Sprouts are exquisite as they exemplify the new look of Oestara and perfectly. Abundant salad greens are hot, tally some dandelion leaves for odds and ends and de-toxification.This is from Scott Cunningham: "Foods in space with this day (connecting your meals with the seasons is a fine sect of attuning with invention) tally individuals completed of seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, as well as hang around preposterous. Sprouts are also properly, as are jade, green vegetables. Sprout figurines such as opulent naturtiums or carnation cupcakes after that find their place taking part in." Scott Cunningham

Oestre Flowers: Daffodil, Violet, Iris, Narcissus, Crocus, Anemone.

The flowers of the anemone were understood to shoot either from the blood of Adonis or the tears shelter by Aphrodite, his dearest. The Romans picked the cover anemone of the appointment as a health protectant, saying "I furrow this opposed to all diseases"." They wore the flowers sphere-shaped the neck in garlands. You can do the enormously, draining flowers in your hair or as a necklace.

~Magickal Graphics~

Crocus is a blossom normally mature in the home to attract love. Caring a Crocus plant to someone as a room blessing would be a exquisite Oestara affair.

Any perfectly flowers that come into flower in your culminate neighborhood would be properly for Oestara. Work the perfectly hip your home with some locally mature cut flowers. Do take up again to ask the flower's warrant for any blooms that you cut down to bring in the sphere of.

Oestara, Ostara Gemstones: Aquamarine, agate, amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone rose quartz, jasper and moonstone.

Ostara Gods and goddesses: Goddesses: Persephone, Blodeuwedd, Eostre, Aphrodite, Athena, Cybele, Gaia, Hera, Isis, Ishtar, Minerva and Venus. Gods: Green Man, Cernunnos, the Dagda, Attis, Mithras, Odin, Thoth, Osiris and Pan.

Persephone is luxury properly as she represents perfectly, since the time that she comes back to her mother Demeter after use winter in the underworld with Hades. The full story of Persephone may be found here:http://www.astartemoonblog.com/search?q=persephone

Any maiden Goddesses and green Gods are properly for this perfectly gala of Eostre or Ostara, sound the Gods and Goddesses of Guaranteed hip your life.Symbolism of Ostara: Oestara is seen as the Pagan celebration of effectiveness, re-birth and new life.The Bargain of the Idol and the God, and transport of the old and making way for the new are everyday themes.

Oestre Herbs: purple, marjoram, aromatic plant, tarragon, lovage, vervain. A union of fine-looking Oestara herbs is exclusive at the base of this post. Planting a herb garden is a exquisite way to festivity Oestara and after that you behest involve get bigger perfectly herbs to hand whenever you necessity them.

Oestara Ostara Incense: jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, dragon's blood, cinnamon, nutmeg, aloes grove, benzoin, musk, African lilac, thyme, strawberry, lotus, lilac flowers, orange peel, or rose petals. Any floral incense is fine-looking at this time of appointment to bring to mind you of Springtime and the unremitting of the light.

Plants and Made-up Beasts to tow Oestara: rabbits, snakes, unicorns, merpeople, and pegasus

Eostre Candle Colors: Wan, Orange and Green. Good-looking aromatherapy candles may be purchased here: http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk/shop/index.php?main page=advanced search result&search in description=1">

Oestara Trees: The Alder, a tree sacred to the God Fiber, who is understood to protect the British Isles. The buds of the alder are set in a launch yourself, which symbolizes regeneration, and new look that we see at springtime. According to the rhymester Robert Graves, alder is called "Fearn," and represents the footnote F in the Beth-Luis-Nion tree calendar. The Greek deity Cronos was after that represented by an alder tree. Also minor oak trees are notable at Oestara.

I goal you involve enjoyed this post and found it informative. Plea finesse free to share/comment.

Abet Eostre information:

You can buy a exquisite union of Ostara herbs from this fine-looking site. http://www.whitemagickalchemy.com/ostara-spring-casting-herbs-16oz-spring-equinox-flowers-herbs-gemstones-fertility-abundance-rebirth-and-new-beginnings/This is their legend "Ostara Guaranteed Blossoms Casting Herbs are a proprietary blessed mix of considerately only just dehydrated flowers, herbs and wood together with relaxed Hibiscus, Heather, Hemp, Linden Vegetation, Dandelion Vegetation and Essence, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Division Thyme, Willow, Oak, Marigold, Vervain and Hops Vegetation and supervisor, topped with magickal Sparkler Quartz gemstones. This union is so readily malodorous and considerably, what a exquisite way to festivity the survive and the coming of spring!~ Produced to give permission your Ostara Conflagration, unsophisticatedly cast a handful of this blessed union ability hip your bonfire!~ Portray is profusion at hand! You can after that use as an Ostara hodgepodge and place in a indentation upon the altar as an put on or to unsophisticatedly add an all natural essence within your sacred space. Interleave sphere-shaped the impose a curfew of candles or cast a bit hip the garden or forest as a sacred put on to the earth in celebration and nominate of the coming of perfectly. Flash as a slow incense in your sacred laborious ferry. This magickal union behest intoxicate and natives the air, caged or out of doors, with a dull relaxed and perfumed all natural toilet water. This authentic stench is so powerful that pay about a shared a teaspoon full burned on a turn behest natives up your sacred space with a guts transforming all natural wintery smell. "

Sources: Glennie Affairs, Blessed Carousing, http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/ostarathespringequinox/Ostara the Spring Equinox.htm; http://gemsong.hubpages.com/hub/Solitary-Witchcraft-Ostaravarious webpages.Graphics from http://www.magickalgraphics.com/ostara4.htm

If you would conjure to write the picture below petition finesse free to perceive the tie, any links back taking part in gratefully received!

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Magical Energy Need Rain

Magical Energy Need Rain
If you happen to be in India and need rain, the people of the state of Assam know exactly the thing to do - hold a wedding celebration for two frogs!

The frogs were joined in matrimony in a traditional ceremony in Hengrabari, in the northwestern Indian state of Assam. It wasn't the result of an amphibian romance, however, and neither of the frogs turned into a prince after being kissed.

Instead, it was an attempt to end the dry spell that has hit most parts of Assam over the past months, which has led to severe water shortages.

Because rain is so important to agriculture many of the magical practices of ancient cultures have to do with controlling the weather, especially rainfall. Rain dances were practiced in North America and it is believed that the association of blood with rain inspired the practice of human sacrifice in Central America. One of the largest mass graves ever found at a Central American site dates to a period in which a 50-year draught hit the region, and some scholars have hypothesized that the escalating sacrifices were an attempt to raise enough magical energy to bring rain after years of failing crops.

The tradition in India is not nearly so extreme.

' It's a traditional belief that when a frog marriage is performed, the Barun Devata [the rain-god] is pleased and the rain comes,' former councillor Bijoy Das told The Hindu newspaper.

The wedding of the frogs - male Barun (meaning wind) and female Bijuli (meaning thunder) - was accompanied by all the traditions of Assamese weddings, including songs and gifts presented to the bride.

In my own experience, weather-working is not all that difficult except that to some extent you have to work with what you have available. If there's no moisture in the air the best magician in the world can't make it rain, because as far as I know nobody has yet figured out how to reliably materialize physical substances out of nothing. The probability gradient involved in violating the conservation of mass principle is so steep that I suspect it may actually be impossible.

So what a weather-worker has to do is to first shift the weather patterns over the area he or she wants to affect so that moisture will be present. This can take several days depending on where upper atmospheric air currents are moving and so forth, but it is necessary. Once the conditions are in place you can go ahead and shape the atmosphere into a storm by visualizing how you want the air currents and moisture to flow together.

This usually works for me, but unfortunately the technique is intuitive enough that it is hard to explain. I just open an operant field, visualize what I want, and close it down using only the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. I can do it without the field, too, but it won't work as well. It's easier to cast for a clear day than for rain because it takes less of a shift to send clouds away than it does to summon them, and as a result friends often call upon me to summon clear days for their outdoor events.

So far my track record on weather working is quite good, though I've mostly conjured for clear skies and only tried to summon rain a couple of times. We'll have to wait and see how these frog newlyweds do for the people of Assam.

Source: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

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Everyone Is Afraid To Criticize Islam

Everyone Is Afraid To Criticize Islam
OK, so I don't completely agree with this young lady (I feel her views are skewed by bitter experiences in Somalia; she sees them as a product of Islam, I see them as a product of poverty and lack of education) but I agree with her right to air her views, make documentaries, criticize Islam etc.But I still think the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten were offensive because they had no political point to make. They were provocative for their own sake and needlessly offensive. Plus, their use of Muhammad in pictures (which Muslims don't, shall we say, appreciate) was aimed at inflaming public opinion, not questioning it. If they'd used a generic figure in the same context (bomb turban and all), there wouldn't have been any outrage.I'm not condoning the violence and I'm not saying Muslims don't over-react and resort to violence all the time. All I'm saying is that the criticism of the cartoons is justified to me. The response, is not.Outspoken Dutch politician Hirsi Ali says the Danish cartoons should be displayed everywhere.By Gerald TraufetterAyaan Hirsi Ali, a member of the Dutch Parliament, is one of the most sharp- tongued critics of political Islam -- and a target of Islamic fanatics. Her provocative film "Submission" led to the assassination of director Theo van Gogh in November 2004. The murderer left a death threat against Hirsi Ali pinned to van Gogh's corpse with a knife.Thirty-six years old and a member of Holland's neo-liberal VVD Party, Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia, where she experienced the oppression of women firsthand. When her father attempted to force her to marry, she fled to Holland in 1992. Later, she renounced the Muslim religion. Though she spent a period in hiding following van Gogh's murder, Hirsi Ali has returned to Parliament and continues her fight against Islamism. She recently published a book, "I Accuse," and is working on a sequel to "Submission."In an interview, she spoke about the upheaval over the publication of controversial Danish cartoons, arguing that if Europe doesn't stand up to extremists, a culture of self-censorship and fear of criticizing Islam -one she says already pervades Holland- will spread across Europe.Hirsi Ali, you called the prophet Muhammad a tyrant and a pervert. Theo van Gogh, the director of your film "Submission," which is critical of Islam, was murdered by Islamists. You are under police protection. How do you think the Danish cartoonists feel at this point?They probably feel numb. On the one hand, a voice in their heads is encouraging them not to sell out their freedom of speech. At the same time, they're experiencing the shocking sensation of what it's like to lose your own personal freedom. One mustn't forget that they're part of the postwar generation, and that all they've experienced is peace and prosperity. And now they suddenly have to fight for their own human rights once again.Why have the protests escalated to such an extent?There is no freedom of speech in those Arab countries where the demonstrations and public outrage are being staged. The reason many people flee to Europe from these places is precisely because they have criticized religion, the political establishment and society. Totalitarian Islamic regimes are in a deep crisis. Globalization means that they're exposed to considerable change, and they also fear the reformist forces developing among 'emigr'es in the West. They'll use threatening gestures against the West, and the success they achieve with their threats, to intimidate these people.Was apologizing for the cartoons the wrong thing to do?Once again, the West pursued the principle of first turning one cheek, then the other. In fact, it's already a tradition. In 1980, privately owned British broadcaster ITV aired a documentary about the stoning of a Saudi Arabian princess who had allegedly committed adultery. The government in Riyadh intervened and the British government issued an apology. We saw the same kowtowing response in 1987 when [Dutch comedian] Rudi Carrell derided [the Iranian leader] Ayatollah Khomeini in a comedy skit. In 2000, a play about the youngest wife of the prophet Mohammed, titled "Aisha," was canceled before it ever opened in Rotterdam. Then there was the van Gogh murder and now the cartoons. We are constantly apologizing, and we don't notice how much abuse we're taking. Meanwhile, the other side doesn't give an inch.What should the appropriate European response look like?There should be solidarity. The cartoons should be displayed everywhere. After all, the Arabs can't boycott goods from every country. They're far too dependent on imports. And Scandinavian companies should be compensated for their losses. Freedom of speech should at least be worth that much to us.But shouldn't Muslims, like any religious community, also be able to protect themselves against slander and insult?That's exactly the reflex I was just talking about: offering the other cheek. Not a day passes, in Europe and elsewhere, when radical imams aren't preaching hatred in their mosques. They call Jews and Christians inferior, and we say they're just exercising their freedom of speech. When will the Europeans realize that the Islamists don't allow their critics the same right? After the West prostrates itself, they'll be happy to say that Allah has made the infidels spineless.What will be the upshot of the storm of protests against the cartoons?We could see the same thing happening that has happened in the Netherlands, where writers, journalists and artists have felt intimidated ever since the van Gogh murder. Everyone is afraid to criticize Islam. "Submission" still isn't being shown in theaters.Many have criticized your film as being too radical and too offensive.The criticism of van Gogh was legitimate. But when someone is killed for his worldview, what he may have done wrong is no longer the issue. That's when we have to stand up for our basic rights. Otherwise we are just reinforcing the killer and conceding that there was a good reason to kill this person.You have been sharply criticized for your dogged criticism of Islam.Oddly enough, my critics never specify how far I can go. How can you address problems if you're not allowed to clearly define them? Like the fact that Muslim women at home are kept locked up, raped and married off against their will -and that in a country in which our far too passive intellectuals are so proud of their freedom!The debate in Holland over speaking Dutch on the streets, and the integration programs for potentially violent Moroccan youth -- do these things also represent the fruits of your provocations?The sharp criticism has finally triggered an open debate over our relationship with Muslim immigrants. We have become more conscious of things. For example, we are now classifying honor killings by the victims' countries of origin. And we're finally turning our attention to young girls who are sent against their will from Morocco to Holland as brides, and adopting legislation to make this practice more difficult.You're working on a sequel to "Submission." Will you stick to your uncompromising approach?Yes, of course. We want to continue the debate over the Koran's claim to absoluteness, the infallibility of the Prophet, and sexual morality. In the first part, we portrayed a woman who speaks to her god, complaining that even though she has abided by his rules and subjugated herself, she is still being abused by her uncle. The second part deals with the dilemma into which the Muslim faith plunges four different men. One hates Jews, the second one is gay, the third is a bon vivant who wants to be a good Muslim but repeatedly succumbs to life's temptations, and the fourth is a martyr. They all feel abandoned by their god and decide to stop worshipping him.Will this latest upheaval make your work more difficult?The conditions couldn't be more difficult. We're forced to produce the film under complete anonymity. Everyone in the film, from actors to technicians, will be unrecognizable. But we are determined to complete the project. The director didn't really like van Gogh, but he believes that, for the sake of free speech, shooting a sequel is critical. I'm optimistic we'll be able to premiere the film this year.Is the Koran's claim to absoluteness, which you criticize in "Submission," the central obstacle to reforming Islam?The doctrine stating that the faith is inalterable because the Koran was dictated by God must be replaced. Muslims must realize that it was human beings who wrote the holy scriptures. After all, most Christians don't believe in hell, in the angels, or in the earth having been created in six days. They now see these things as symbolic stories, but they still remain true to their faith.

Source: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

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How To Make An Herbal Infusion And An Herbal Decoction

How To Make An Herbal Infusion And An Herbal Decoction
Herbal infusions and decoctions are regularly called teas, and make available a quiet, demonstrative dose of the herbs medicinal properties to the dogged. Repeatedly devotion is spread to the tea for win over, but furthermore so devotion is well well-known for its own medicinal properties, vastly the quiet of tender throats.

For an infusion, let the herb flood in hot water for 3-5 proceedings (Vast Drug, UNLESS Or Important, IS 2 TBSP/CUP Sea). For plants and plant life, it is not compulsory to flood for 5-10 proceedings. For heredity and din, it is not compulsory to brew up for 10 proceedings, after that allow to flood for 5 proceedings.

For a decoction, draw the herb now a roaring stain of water for 15-20 proceedings (this is a special manner for dense raise have a bearing.

One president for chunk of herbs for teas that the herbal healer destitution accelerate is that, nearly cry, about one part dried out herb is amount to about three parts contemporary.

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Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

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The Order Of Things Explorations In Scientific Theology By Alister E Mcgrath

The Order Of Things Explorations In Scientific Theology By Alister E Mcgrath

Credit: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

New Release The Enlightening By Adrianne James

New Release The Enlightening By Adrianne James



Mackenzie Duncan found out that pack life wasn't for her. Now she is arranged for the diminutive time in the six months to the same extent she was bitten and turned into a Werewolf. But this time, she isn't buddy. This time, she has Gf and Liam with her, two very hot Werewolves vying for her center.

But her companions aren't her preside over. The virtuously thing she can preside over on is realization far from her old pack and their murderous ways. In a minute, she doesn't upright hope to run. She desires to alert every pack she can that their lives are in hazard too. No one requisite be turned in opposition to their spur analogous she was and no other pack requisite abide to ignore to the belief of a centuries old, power hungry organism.

Not virtuously does Mackenzie abide to enter into with her mad ex-pack authority providing folks out to target her, she has to prop apiece men at arm's length (and that proves to be outlying superfluous grouchy than she deliberation), but she finds out superfluous about her own life and bequest than she ever deliberation imaginable.

And immediately, everything makes deem...


Get the initial book in the Mackenzie Duncan Sequence, The Tempering to the same degree it is on sale!

The Folklore department at attractive Harvard University is tiny-and Mackenzie Duncan has upright been a few as one of the lucky few. Her love for myths and tradition is strong, but she never deliberation any of it may possibly be real.

Once self attacked by a beefy wolf to the same degree walking home buddy, Mackenzie realizes whatever thing is not straight. She heals completely, is immediately super strong, and is experiencing soul swings that can't believably be par. The myths she's studying aren't myths at all. Werewolves are real and she's one of them. Concern of what she is, and who she sovereign state menace sends Mackenzie arranged from the life she's worked unruly to build-and order into the arms of a charitable Were named Gf and into the home of his pack. Breathe with her new pack takes the edge off her disorder and self-loathing, but the replace of new pack members changes the influential, and tests Gf and Mackenzie's rising empathy.

The hardest part of self a werewolf is having no stand and no company of her time as a blood alcohol-free beast. Like a moon trip passes and she actually remembers bits and pieces of the night, she starts to ask questions, and the superfluous questions she asks, the superfluous she realizes she doesn't analogous the answers. Can she set parenthesis her own deem of moral code to belong to a pack that is analogous a those or spur she leave everything behind yet over in glance at of a life she can be conquering of?

GIVEAWAYa Rafflecopter free go

Potential up, Adrianne couldn't get her hands on abundance books to put out her thrust for the make reason. If she finished a unknown and didn't abide a new one crying out and waiting for her, she began to unveil her own tales of magic and miracle. Now, as an great, books no noise make up market leadership of her free time, and now her tales get written down to be collective with the world.

Via the day, Adrianne uses her camera to typography life's stories for consumers of all ages and at night, formerly her two children are tucked in bed; she devotes herself to her written work. Adrianne is living the life she always at ease, confined by art and beauty, the written word and a rigorous those.

As a teenage great and new great maker, Adrianne James has diplomacy to bring stories of rising carry, a early romance, and perhaps a early magic and mythology down the line for her readers to encompass.

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Nirvana For Sale Popularity Of Mindfulness

Nirvana For Sale Popularity Of Mindfulness

If I breathe in and breathe out, I'll be good. But if I sell the Buddha's technique, I'll be great.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP, June 11, 2012) In what's become a daily ritual, TIM RYAN FINDS A QUIET SPOT, closes his eyes, clears his mind, and tries to tap into the eternal calm. In Ryan's world, it's a stretch for people to get this relaxed. He's a member of Congress.



Increasingly, people in settings beyond the serene yoga studio or contemplative nature path are engaging in the practice of mindfulness.

[Mindfulness meditation is] a mental technique that dwells on [non-judgmental] breathing, attention to areas of the body, and periods of silence to concentrate on the present [moment] rather than the worries of yesterday and tomorrow. Marines are doing it. Office workers are doing it. Prisoners are doing it.

Meditation hall, FOREST REFUGE (IMS), one of the priciest ways to glimpse nirvana in the US.

The technique is drawing tens of thousands to conferences and learning experiences across the nation and world, and studies have shown it to reduce the symptoms of certain diseases and conditions. Ryan has written a book, "A Mindful Nation", pushing mindfulness as an elixir that can tone down political divisions in Washington, get American schoolchildren learning better, and return the country to an era of richer personal experience. "You still forget your keys, you still call people by the wrong name, you still stub your toe, but you can train your mind to be more in the present moment," Ryan said. Benefits in stress reduction and improved performance have prompted U.S. corporations including Google, Target, Procter and Gamble, General Mills, Comcast, BASF, Bose, and New Balance to offer mindfulness training and encourage its use at work. The practice's critics, including some psychologists and [non-Buddhist] religious scholars, say the approach is little more than Buddhist meditation repackaged and rebranded for a secular, and often paying, audience. "The commercialization of Buddhism has been happening as long as Buddhism has existed," said Rachelle Scott, an associate professor of religion at the University of Tennessee and author of NIRVANA FOR SALE.... MORE