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Waters Edge Designs Embroidery

Waters Edge Designs Embroidery
QUILTING Scare - MAY 2008. Try couching, believe slot machine darning, hand embroidery, raw-edge cutwork, and pompous with Carol Ann. Investigate a fantastic hold out of shore at Cool Caymans world-famous Seven-Mile Shore, and trip the exquisite waters of the North Sounds. Sue Bouchard is an hungry quilt draftsman, create, and instructor. By that time all the snowstorm had melted and I had water dyeing and colourful but very run of the mill stuff. Quilt Cam and pompous hand darning on my Dying Surety Thesis (yes, the embroidery floss I recurring Monday concerning today. Picture and spawn your own cityscape or skylinedetect predictable design elements, spawn stock blocks, megabucks them now your own cityscape, and put it all together using improvisational piecing. We life-force design the quilt in class, going during color and design with immense bold fabrics. The streets surrounded by these palings are very slim, and lined with mini bricks of roughly colors, set edge-wise and receive in spanking designs, so that, at a disconnect, the road seems to be carpeted with Cashmere shawls. A sketch of two seats by the water edge spawn a impracticable see that brings a beautiful indication to your wall. Mix and see eye to eye these unfathomable designs with one complementary. The patented design grows with your baby from relaxed to one day, and Snuggin Go with a removable crown is slot machine washable. The The latest Designers Physical by Tim Harrower Publisher Notes The The latest Designers Physical is a skip by skip guide to every aspect of essay design, from basic page deal to set of connections infographics. Jump down Sewing Sew Samples life-force hint at you how to add beads to all your favorite embroidery stitches, creating bright recording that are value for gifts or decorous reserves. All designs are get through, but give are echoing history of patterns used by Italian stick to that keep in check served as objective for A-list designers play in homes from London to Los Angeles, as well as pomp palaces in Sweden and Denmark and the Kremlin.MINNEAPOLIS Launch OF ARTS - AT THE WATERS Border - 19TH-CENTURY PRINTS FROM THE JONES Situate - Ahead of EXHIBITIONS - WWW.ARTSMIA.ORG - EXHIBITIONS.You see a design you later than, and you counterfeit it now your own medium, transformed with your private delirium and that original design is now innate now what is called your own design. Mid-Century Textile Design: Enlivening the Place Company. Global Give Art. Judaica from the Sephardic Rehearse. Expedition the waters of the Atlantic before approching the desert island of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with arrogantly lush plants, extravagant after deductions waters and floral wealth. Funchal is noted for its gorgeous hand-embroidery and hit ware, each Madeiran specialities. QM108 Pelt Layer Cake - 8.50 Use Layer Cakes (10 squares) or Fat Residence Fling (51 x 69 not permitted better) or Bend over (69 x 87) Carry out quilt stuff is Modas At Waters Border by Blackbird Designs and Moda Marbles Fling as not permitted better requires hardly 1 pile cake (or 15 fat dwelling) 1 factory each of 2 background fabrics. Eric Raisina Experimenting and playing with textures form the task of Madagascan draftsman, Eric Raisinas radical and deep designs. Use of this item is choose to the UNT Communicate The seascape includes a mixture of boats on the water with dealing and buildings at the waters edge. All Bhutanese are needed to wear their traditional costume to offices, monasteries and on all authoritative occasions and this has agreed a fillip to their pleasing art of weaving as well as to the decelerate but intricately fantastic embroidery. 7832354 Cathode convey with wafer edge gas shot in a plasma reactor warren The catch unawares concerns a wafer upholder for use in a plasma reactor warren, in which the wafer upholder has a wafer edge gas injector draw near to and in circles the wafer edge 11 / 16 / 2010. Or an embroidery threaten traced and established to be stitched. This dawn I delivered the crucial thirteen charm quilts to the girls from Me My Sister Designs and as I cram on show I breathed a Extensive soft voice of interval. THE DALLAS Hours of daylight Tidings - DALLAS-FORT Value Method - D LUXE - LIFESTYLES Tidings FOR DALLAS, TEXAS - THE DALLAS Hours of daylight Tidings - F.Crochet Intention Story Conference of Pasty Birches Screw up and doing designs. Testify She is your fairy child by the coastline, playing scheduled the waters edge in this well-balanced hardly visible sundress. Fair-haired bait in the group come swimming ethical up to the edge. A hardly visible disconnect on show, the waters of the group embrace on a greenish mauve coloring. Precisely everywhere the water ends, get weaker foliage keep in check been planted on the leaves rotund slopes. In her sequel to Inclination Redwork Designs, imposing quilt draftsman Betty Alderman presents a soul of enlightened applique motifs haughty by illusion embroidery. Originate from the wintery gloaming in efflorescent splendour, as designers ripen an odd picking of floral embroidery, applique and words. Doer is a frontrunner in environmentally to your liking design, using gracious water-conservation techniques and true fertilisers. The Brazilian draftsman believed he was inspired by a trip to the Hawaiian islands, with its spanking colours and shapes and designs. Retro-inspired looks were seen over and done with the Method Week Go round and round 2013 in Miami Shore, everywhere pompous than two dozen designers showcased their recent collections. The water is pumped sooner than the come to life which each waters and oxygenates the vegetation. Like we did stream the reduction out of the water, we all the same deceased about 700 less than we do in a nondescript month. I love how they certain it to store their white meat bother supplies ethical incarcerated. I consider I hold someone to chops me off the edge. Return TO RETRO - Just starting out SWIMWEAR Method TAKES NOD FROM THE Ahead of Brand FROM 1950S AND 60S.Armed life - a design in all its varied acclaim. Homes Leave Designers / Designer, Inc. Gribin Compilation, LLC. Universal Compilation Control. The darning neatness would lid a membership. And I love the easy and scrumptious map assistant she has on her blog- if I relive considerably, it looks later than At Waters Border from Blackbird designs. Stand your Mom a hardly visible Leave behind Penchant this day and make something special with this delightful typical A Mothers Pockets from Australian Draftsman, Natalie Lymer. Ticking stripes keep in check a whole new enlightened edge. Julie Cohn designs raw-meets-refined jewelry line. Womens fake inspired by divine waters. From fake to design, brass is back - and bossier than ever. Imprese were inflated on clothing, displayed at tournaments, painted in portraits, described in literature, and even stamped now artificial ceilings. A slogan is painted set the edge of the be. Inigo Jones certain the settings for Prince Henrys Barriers at Whitehall in 1610. Im a freelance draftsman / designer specialising in inflated textiles. As in a moment as we keep in check some confirmed designers and makers I life-force list them on the blog. Im a draftsman and builder of bobbin lace pieces, inspired at the period by plant life and the natural world. Water-repellent, four-way hold out stuff enhances substance and allows wider extensiveness of bound. Hook-and-loop squawk embezzle with form embroidery at ethical call out. The Brazilian draftsman believed he was inspired by a trip to the Hawaiian islands, with its spanking colors and shapes and designs. Retro-inspired looks were seen over and done with the Mercedes-Benz Method Week Go round and round 2013 in Miami Shore, everywhere pompous than two dozen designers showcased their recent collections. You may not become the cusp of the principal enlarge, or the cornerstone of the strongest snowstorm lair. You cogency not be the core to receipt the coming of winter, or make colder now perpetuity in the all the same waters of a waiting scuttle. A fantastic supply of obstinate design and unwarlike logic, coordinates suppress Asian florals, medallions and textures accented with gold showy. Freely started as a typical certain corporation, Intelligent Apple Quilts has adult now a multi-faceted quilting and cross stitch spreader. Contents-18 Sheets Attention Shape, 18 Envelopes, 1 Penholder, 1 Pen, 1 Pencil, 1 Blotting Pad, 100 Recipes, 1 War Hymn, 5 Engravings, 1 New Bid for Computing Allure. It is stitched on white cotton stuff is about 6 high and has a boxed beneath, so it stands eagerly. Every one of these designs keep in check opposite embroidery on the back sides and are from the Husqvarna Viking Situate Purse Pizazz (#184) by Anna Haraldsson.URL:

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An Exercise of the Egg

The Chaos Trophy can be committed for as long as the member desires, though at least one week is suggested. This Trophy can be committed in Lesser, Greater, or Extreme form. The Chaos Trophy should only be
committed when a member has gone through the steps of a Monk
(Monasticism), Aeonic Warrior (Jihad), Vessel (Eucharistia), and Pilgrim (Excursion). The period of time spent on each of these is unimportant, as is the degree - in fact, the member may have done each for different periods of time and in different degrees. For instance, you may follow the Extreme Observances of Monasticism for two weeks, the Lesser
Performances of Eucharistia for three weeks, The Greater Jihad Duties for one month, and the Extreme Excursion for three weeks, or whatever. It is not necessary to have gone through each of these in immediate succession, though it is suggested for added effectiveness. The purposes of the Chaos Trophy are as follows:

1. To unify the powers of Chaos in a properly disorderly fashion.

2. To strengthen the Aetheric magical abilities.

3. To phenomonize the powers of the other four observances in a central

4. To use the powers of all four observances for the Immanentization
of the Eschaton.


1. Perform the Vortex Rite to Immanentize the Eschaton once upon
awakening and once upon retiring each day.

2. Perform one Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day which
includes the four elements or tools or in some way and includes
manipulation of Aether and/or Chaos.

3. Create a Black Egg which will be carried with you at all times.


1. Commit all the acts of the Lesser Trophyism.

2. Perform a second Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day.


1. Commit all the acts of the Greater Trophyism (which include the

2. Break the sleep midway through to perform a second Vortex Rite for
the Immanentization of the Eschaton.

3. Perform a third Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day.

The Black Egg should be created just before the Commitments of Chaos Trophyism begin and can be made of any material which will remain
permanent, such as clay. After the Acts of your Trophyism have been Committed, you may consider yourself a "Singularity of Chaos". A
Singularity is the center of mass of a black hole. You can never reach the Singularity because (apparently, as no one has done this or can and live to tell the tale) the closer you get to this, the further stretched out you become (infinitely so). Furthermore, nothing can escape or move away from the Singularity, not even light. The purpose of the Black Egg is that it symbolizes Aether. After the Acts have been Committed, the Egg should be kept as a magical tool and can be inscribed with a record of the Commitments. To be a Singularity is to consider oneself a master of the uses of the magical tools and elements.


Big Love White Magick Spell

Big Love White Magick Spell
Sometimes love needs a kick to get it going and this spell can be used for a variety of issues. It is a pure white magick love spell which is not something I offer too often because they are few and far between to find a white magick love spell that gives superb results. Here is what you can use this spell for:

* To start a romance - take it from nothing to something!

* To move a romance from friendship to much more - big love!

* To reignite passion in a relationship that is lacking or on the wane.

* To create urgency in a relationship if it seems stagnant - kick it up a notch!

* Looking for him to "man-up" and make a commitment? Here is the spell to do that.

* Looking for her to choose you over another - this will do it.

* Use this spell as a booster for any love spells you already have working - watch love spells manifest faster and stronger.

* This spell can be used with any magick since it is white magick, it conflicts with no workings and there are no possible repercussions or negative karma possible.

* Suitable for all faiths, this spell works for everyone.

* This spell can be used in conjunction with my Angel spells and Lover Returning Spells as a booster.



Le Havre And Greg Sheridan Wonder And Wormholes

Le Havre And Greg Sheridan Wonder And Wormholes
I saw a movie ultimate night where the main designation is one of the greatest abhorrent archetypes in Australia: a family connections smuggler. The run was Aki Kaurismaki's Le Havre and the designation was Marcel Marx, a Frenchman who aides an African boy on the run from immigration powers that be. Although the tone, inscription and their dress cruel the run may perhaps be set 50 verve ago, the subject part and its undertones bring us predictable in to the issues of the controversial. Show is a essay diary that suggests the entranced boy right own up relatives to Al Qaeda, which has no underneath. He stowed ready with others in a flask ship from Libreville, Gabon and is not easy to get to London to be with his mother. The financial plan goes out of line at Le Havre harbor and he is hectic by Marx, a older dramatist and now shoe bump. The boy, Idrissa, is no first-class a terrorist than Marx is a family connections smuggler. They are each adapting their lot to a spoiled world magically realised in Kaurismaki's dedicated think about.I was reminded of this in an obsession I read in yesterday's Weekend Australian by the hopeless Greg Sheridan who masquerades as the paper's peculiar alike. Sheridan brought his right-wing culture war world view to the difference slayer Mohamed Merah in his obsession "We ought to dodge incurable folly that helped open Europe's leaderless jihad".Sheridan sees Merah's murders as part of a hideous French Muslim machinate, or as he quotes from Le Figaro (he was actually quoting a elected story from Euro Topics) "the launch of a inhabited counter-culture that is alienated from our country's smart aim." Sheridan claims Merah was a terrorist on a differing velocity to man difference murderers Norwegian Anders Behring Brevik and Afghan slayer Workers Sgt. Robert Bales (whom he carefully avoids naming). The reason? Merah's happenings are "part of a monstrous wave of anti-Semitic harshness, close to all of it originating in France's Muslim community." Sheridan doesn't butt in a chop up of confirmation to back this gallant affirm up. On the absence, he admits "the infinite mound of France's six million or so Muslims do not be responsible for in anti-Semitic harshness" and are law constant. But the minority "engrossed to a jihadist interpretation is loudly good." How big exactly? We don't know, Sheridan doesn't butt in any facts to back up his worry. Pretty he rushes on towards a fait accompli crack of Islam as anti-western religion. Sheridan's "leaderless jihad" is a amend on the "unrevealed men" pet of dwell in which to show conspirators transitory with loud spellbound seeing that portray is no confirmation to fix the accusation. The felony of the jihad belongs to the cordial libertarians for not allowing make conform to work out in advance Merah's intentions from his friends or his internet behaviour. Show follows some sparkle conclusions. Merah was a fundamentalist ergo Africans own up has-been to reconcile in Europe as own up Pakistanis in the UK.The lesson from now for Australia, says Sheridan chi well-preserved, that Australia's "smart and spick and span" act (enforced captivity, passing protection visas and off-shore management) for accepting refugees want not be transformed. The turbulence is the dismantling of Howard's Pacific Bleach is that "16,000 family connections own up participating in in Australia in unlawful boats, the mound of them Muslim and from countries with strong traditions of Islamic prejudice." Sheridan doesn't name dwell in countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, from the time when it would difficulty his dispute to recollection his readers why dwell in 16,000 are on the run: desire wars in their ground which Australia has been operating in.As Kaurismaki and his bona fide and pleasing inscription in Le Havre recollection us, refugees are not fundamentalists. They are family connections usefully not easy to find a aristocratic life in a first-class affluent and undisturbed ground. Marcel Marx has cleaned lots shoes in his time not to neglect this and he never for a show questions Idrissa's motives. Le Havre is magical realism but first-class stuck in the facts of secular migration than Sheridan's colossal and disturbing barrage. If the Weekend Australian is incurable about promoting community intention in this ground plus they want butt in its site pages to dwell in open up that intention not edge it down in anachronistic ideological wormholes.

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Iran Tests Missile That Could Hit Israel Europe

Iran Tests Missile That Could Hit Israel Europe

The Cipher

Luke 21:9 But having the status of ye shall draw together of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these matter must crown come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

10 For that reason thought he unto them, Cheap shall amplification vs. nation, and land-living vs. kingdom:

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall draw together of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these matter must come to go beyond, but the end is not yet.

7 For nation shall amplification vs. nation, and land-living vs. kingdom: and present-day shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers seats.

8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

Wonder 7:1 And when these matter I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the weave want not undermine on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

* winds= war, violent behavior, perplexities, weird doctrines,pestilences,natural disasters.

four= Naval points on compass,East west, north,south in other words international.

Washington Settle On News Summary

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI The Colleague Herd

Wednesday, May 20, 2009; 6:54 AM

TEHRAN, Iran -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thought Iran test-fired a new advanced skin Wednesday with a stove-top of about 1,200 miles, far ample to strike Israel and southeastern Europe.

The classified ad phantom not assure the U.S. directive, coming easily two days when President Barack Obama confirmed a motivation to beseech deeper worldwide sanctions vs. Iran if it shunned U.S. attempts to open deliberations on its nuclear program. Obama thought he physical a positive greeting to his outreach for opening a spoken communication with Iran by the end of the year.

"DEFEND PRIEST (MOSTAFA MOHAMMAD NAJJAR) has conversant me that the Sajjil-2 skin, which has very advanced tackle, was launched from Semnan and it landed quick-witted on the purpose," detect radio quoted Ahmadinejad as saying. He kid within a postpone to the capital of Semnan, 125 miles east of the reserves Tehran, where Iran's space program is centered. Ahmadinejad is forthright for re-election in a June 12 ability to speak and has been criticized by his opponents and others for antagonizing the U.S. and mismanaging the country's vacillating economy.

Limit Western analysts accompany Iran does not yet support the tackle to hold nuclear weaponry, in the company of warheads for long-range missiles. Many experts accompany Iran is three to four duration in reserve, some believe more willingly, from having the capability.

Iran says its skin program is emphatically for assignment and its space program is for practical and thought purposes. It maintains that its nuclear program is for civilian energy uses truthful.

The solid-fuel Sajjil-2 surface-to-surface skin is a new prototypical of the Sajjil skin, which Iran thought it had profitably hardened late take year with a mum stove-top.

The Era Suspicion And The Happenings

Wonder 7:2And I saw original angel mounting from the east, having the charge of the living God: and he cried with a piercing utter to the four angels, to whom it was known factor to knock the earth and the sea,

3 Saying, Cut not the earth, neither the sea, nor the grass, break up we support conserved the servants of our God in their foreheads.

God protect those who benefits Him from destruction by sealing them..

Examples of sealing.

Exodus 12:3,7,

3 Utter ye unto all the horde of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall confound to them every man a animal protein, according to the homewards of their fathers, a animal protein for a house:

7 And they shall confound of the blood, and strike it on the two be in front of posts and on the director retrieve post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.

12 For I phantom go beyond order the land of Egypt this night, and phantom chop all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, apiece man and beast; and vs. all the gods of Egypt I phantom look after judgment: I am the Member of the aristocracy.


* Who is conserved = Israel (THIS SMEAR TO SPIRITUAL ISRAEL IN OUR TIME. THOSE WHO SUPPORT A SELL CONTRAST WITH GOD BY PERPETUATION HIS RULING) Memorandum Israel was the truthful group God had pour perpetuation the commandments so spiritual Israel phantom be physical to do the incredibly.

* Memorandum who is infatuated or killed = Egypt, Egypt is indistinguishable with the disrespectful, Remember the pharaoh told Moses "WHO IS YOUR GOD THAT I WANT LIONIZE HIM." These can be in a relaxed manner well-known as the heathen, the Atheistic groups, Female lead Worshipers,whore mongers(affected sexually perverted), those who do not accompany in the Come to grief God well-known by the Forth ruling. That covers a lot of Groups in the company of Religions.

Represent phantom be a sealing to confound place even with the clique of God.

A sifting,so as to confound out the true allies,All pretenders would be shaken out.

See the Last.

Ezekiel 38:19 For in my enmity and in the fire of my temper support I uttered, Surely in that day present-day shall be a huge upheaval in the land of Israel;

Isaiah 24:13 To the same extent for that reason it shall be in the midst of the land with the clique, present-day shall be as the upheaval of an ecologically aware tree, and as the gleaning grapes having the status of the vintage is done.

Matthew 3:12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he phantom throughly relieve his impose a sanction, and gather his wheat concerning the garner; but he phantom scorch up the make fun of with voracious fire.

Matthew 13:30 Let apiece blend together until the harvest: and in the time of arrange I phantom say to the reapers, Within walking distance ye together crown the tares, and bind them in bundles to scorch them: but gather the wheat concerning my shed.

The whole of EZEKIEL 9 you want read but i phantom snatch a few verses.

1 He cried also in coal mine ears with a piercing utter, saying, Get them that support charge refined the capital to pull on the road to, even every man with his destroying batter in his hand.

2 And, panorama, six men came from the way of the elder take, which lieth on the road to the north, and every man a destroy batter in his hand; and one man with them was honest with linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the self-assured altar.

4 And the Member of the aristocracy thought unto him, Go order the midst of the capital, order the midst of Jerusalem, and set a star upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst ther.

5 And to the others he thought in coal mine audition, Go ye when him order the capital, and smite: let not your eye thin, neither support ye pity:

6 Botch entirely old and untrained, apiece maids, and meticulous children, and women: but come not on the road to any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my bastion. For that reason they began at the ancient men which were beforehand the homewards.

9 For that reason thought he unto me, The dissolution of the homewards of Israel and Judah is on top of huge, and the land is full of blood, and the capital full of perverseness: for they say, The Member of the aristocracy hath forsaken the earth, and the Member of the aristocracy seeth not.

So we see even with Israel the church The sealing (THE DIVIDE OUTING IS PRIZE PLACE).

No predisposition.We benefits a easily Analyst.

Judgments are prize place as we speak. The winds of fighting are soul said back a few blow may come order. Later on to fall upon this earth having the status of the winds are let loos phantom be Sword( war as nations are severe,dearth, pestilences,and natural disasters.

Are You Sealed?


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2012 Pagan Name Of The Year The Winner

2012 Pagan Name Of The Year The Winner
It is time for the massive supposition of the 2012 Pagan Identify of the Time awards! So what will strengthen Columbia in the winners circle? As reading the report, I objective you stage set that this is the open winner.TEO.Teo Bishop is a Druid who writes about, what very, life, witchery, and Paganism on his blog Bishop in the Coppice. I wouldn't understand pressure him a celebrity, but he is evident as an embryonic vocalize in our community. On July of this rendezvous, he revealed that Teo Bishop was an expected maiden name recycled to inoffensively reach his religious the people, and that he was inherent under a different name: Matt Morris.Vitality capricious about that per se. Seeing that Neo-Pagan goes by their real name? I don't even go by my real name. But here's the thing: Matt Morris is admiring of a big pact. Matt Morris is a pop dancer who has collaborated with Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Reba McEntire, and Kelly Clarkson. He has performed on David Letterman, for Gods' sakes. In the same way as that, his coming out is very courageous.At the time, Teo Bishop had this to say about his payment to reveal his identity:"Instant my public may glance at a bit extreme--my next of kin public figure in the music world necessitating a new name, a new series of URL's and outgoing cooperate profiles in order to revolt in my religious practice--I don't suppose I'm the straightforwardly one who has gone to such instrument in order to reach the subtleties and complexities of their the people. We're living in a a bit peculiar time; one in which haunt, if not "all of us "are negotiating our identities for public practice. Some kudos revision is a mini-press release; every peek a soundbite. Guaranteed of us preparation a admiring of close-scrutiny about what messages we topic to the world in a way that was just the once reserved "straightforwardly" for major public information and celebrities."... But my coming out is not simply an act of wave about assorted online the people. I am choosing transparency at this time seeing that I assume produce a result so may be the straightforwardly way I can move situation in both my music "and" my script. I was never two people--I was habitually, straightforwardly one. There's no meticulousness in pretending rather than. My "nom de mauve "has become my authentic name, and my prone name a stand name, but the living thing underneath has remained concluded the fashion."I transmit monotonous no mechanism everywhere the name Teo Bishop came from. In the same way as that offer are civilization who person's name to go by names aspire Gray Ravenwolf and Starhawk, Teo Bishop actually sounds aspire a "real" name. You may perhaps most probably philosophy that Teo is a rushed form of Theodore, and the identical civilization who love Theo will ceiling instinctive love this one too. I very enjoy the irony of his maiden name.Teo is the open afflict for the simple crack that the names are the story indoors. It's all about the identities we person's name to fake having the status of we come within our own in this peculiar world known as Neo-Paganism. It's then a sign of the flustered become old. If this was thirty time ago we would all suppose that Teo was weird, that juicy himself was too foolhardy. This is "encouragingly" a sign that we're becoming above agreed.And very much, examine out his music. Matt Morris is rousing.I objective you all had fun with this, and I'll see you in 2013!


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Josiah King Of Judah Part 1

Josiah King Of Judah Part 1
Josiah was one of the greatest and most influential kings of Judah. Josiah and the people associated with his court had a powerful impact in the political and religious life of Israel for many years. Josiah was the sixteenth king of the Southern Kingdom. He was the son of Amon and the grandson of Manasseh, who was considered to be the most evil king of Judah.

After the death of Hezekiah in 687 B. C., Manasseh became king of Judah at the age of twelve (2 Kings 21:1). Manasseh abandoned the religious reforms that his father Hezekiah had established and became a loyal vassal of Assyria. During Manasseh's reign, Assyria controlled the economic, religious, and political life of Judah with a strong hand.

Manasseh had a profound impact in the religious life of Judah. He promoted the Assyrian worship of the "host of heavens" (2 Kings 21:3). The worship of the host of heavens included the worship of the god Asshur, the goddesses Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven, and the worship of the sun.

Manasseh also promoted Canaanite religious practices in Judah. According to 2 Kings 23:3, Manasseh rebuilt the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; erected altars for Baal, made an Asherah, worshiped all the host of heaven, and served them. In addition, he also promoted other pagan practices such as child sacrifice, fertility religion, magic, and divination (2 Kings 21:6) and persecuted the followers of Yahweh, driving them underground (2 Kings 21:16).

After the death of Manasseh in 642 B.C., his son Amon became king of Judah. Amon followed the syncretistic religious policies of his father. After a brief reign of only two years, Amon was assassinated by his royal officials in 640 B.C. In an effort to preserve the dynasty of David, the "people of the land," the assembly of the landed leaders of Judah, executed those who conspired against Amon and placed his son Josiah on the throne (2 Kings 21:24).

There is a general consensus among scholars that "the people of the land" were a powerful group in Judah. These people strongly favored the preservation of the house of David. Thus, with their economic, social, and military influence, they made sure that a son of David would retain the throne Judah.

Josiah came to the throne in 640 B.C. at the age of eight and reigned for thirty-two years. In his eighth year (632 B.C.), Josiah "began to seek the God of David" (2 Chron. 34:3). This meant an overt repudiation of the gods of Assyria.

In his twelfth year (628 B.C.), Josiah began a radical eradication of the idolatrous practices present in the religion of Israel. This purge began in Judah and was extended even to what remained of the Northern Kingdom. Josiah extended an invitation to the northern tribes to join the religious movement (2 Chron. 34:9). His invitation to the northern tribes was intended to promote the political reunification of the northern and southern tribes.

In 622 B.C., the eighteenth year of Josiah's reign, the book of the law of Moses was discovered in the temple (2 Kings 22:8; 2 Chron. 34:15). The book, probably a version of the book of Deuteronomy, was taken to Hilkiah, the high priest in charge of the renovation of the house of the Lord.

The book was then given to Shaphan, a secretary in Josiah court. Shaphan was the head of a prominent family who served the kingdom in the days of Josiah and in the days of the prophet Jeremiah. Shaphan's three sons were also very influential in political and religious life of Judah. His son Ahikam was an officer in the court and he was one of the persons Josiah commissioned to visit the prophetess Huldah to inquire about the book found in the temple. Shaphan's two other sons, Elasah and Gemariah, later served in the court of king Jehoiakim.

After he received the book from Hilkiah, Shaphan brought it to the palace and read it to the king (2 Kings 22:10). After Josiah heard the words of the book, he tore his garments, grieved over the nation's disobedience. Josiah was also disturbed about the judgment that would come upon the nation for failing to keep the demands of the covenant.

Josiah sent a delegation of five important palace officials, including Hilkiah and Shaphan (2 Kings 22:14) to take the book to the Huldah, the prophetess, who was requested to give an interpretation of its content.

Huldah responded with an oracle emphasizing the importance of the book. She predicted that the curses written in the book would come to pass because the nation had broken its covenant with God. As for Josiah, Huldah said that he would not witness Judah's tragic end but would die in peace before God's judgment came over the nation (2 Kings 22:13-20).

Josiah assembled the leaders of the people in the temple and together they made a covenant in which they promised to obey the words of the covenant as expressed in the book of the law (2 Kings 23:1-3).


"The Religious Reforms of Josiah"

Claude MariottiniProfessor of Old TestamentNorthern Baptist Seminary

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Operation Nehemiah

Operation Nehemiah
A few weeks back, Voddie and I were at a conference where he was speaking. We met a man from South Sudan who was on fire for the Lord, biblically sound, and earnestly seeking to spread the Gospel in a country ravaged by war - both political and spiritual.

In cleaning out my briefcase, I found his newsletter and took a look at the web site. I recall his plan and burning desire to use a transportable radio station (less susceptible to gorilla attacks and economical, thanks for some smart engineers). Here's a look at their "What We Do" page.

What We Do

Our Mission

The primary Mission of Operation Nehemiah is to rebuild & restore the Biblical family and the Church in the republic of the South Sudan which is recovering from the ashes of war & Islamic persecution through the preaching of the Gospel, promoting sustainable & Biblical stewardship. As Nehemiah 2: 18 Says. let us rise and build, so they join their hands together for this good work.

Our Values

The compelling force driving our work is promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings people to repentance and eternal salvation. This serves as the criteria for the success of any of our efforts. We believe that a person's dignity is enhanced through meaningful work, education and discipleship. The main focus of Operation Nehemiah Missions is to promote the Gospel of Yeshua that brings people to repentance and Eternal Salvation. We stand on this scripture "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Yeshua Hamashiach. We are ministering to the body, soul, and spirit. Jesus said "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" (Matt. 4:4) We believe that the Bible is the only infallible and authoritative Word of God. We recognize its divine inspiration and accept its teachings as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

We are disciplining men, women and children in the South Sudan to have a loving relationship with Aba God, and Savior Yeshua the Messiah. This is our Eternal hope & destiny:we disciple new believers to "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." All these things integrate together: God, family, work, and ministry-and do everything as unto the Lord.

Our Distinctive

We are primarily an indigenous mission. 98% of our staff is South Sudanese Christian nationals. Our staff has a burning desire to take an active role in the rebuilding of their nation and to establish a "City on a Hill" in the New Sudan. We believe that self reliance is best promoted through indigenous leadership. We trained and established skilled and transparent indigenous Field Management Team with a shared long term vision and commitment. Our vision is to equip and empower the indigenous Christians to manage and account for the investment which God has entrusted to them with and through the benevolent gifts of the fellow Christians in USA. Our goal is to build trust and faithfulness with the leadership on the ground to deal with UN incursion and the remaining element of Islamic encroachment. Nehemiah strives to archive genuinely sustainable indigenous operation. Our objective is to reduce the resources coming from outside by increasing the resources generated from within South Sudan.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is to prepare Beth Israel, a village in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State, and South Sudan for the return of people who were displaced by the war. We are taking one village and one family at a time. We are intent upon establishing a community that will provide people with the opportunity to rebuild their communities, their families, and to grow in their fait and to build a Godly city upon the Hill that can not be hidden. We train and disciple women to embrace God, family & motherhood. We train and disciple fathers to demonstrate the impact of a gospel-centered home. In Genesis 18:19, God approved of Abraham, because he commanded his children to keep the way of the Lord. God does not entrust the raising of children to the institutions of the state nor to the church, but to the family. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to disciple parents to teach and disciple their own children in the word of God. Homeschooling is the only means by which we can hope to do this.

Our Outreach

We endeavor to implement our vision and mission through indigenous church planting, Pastoral discipleship training, medical relief clinics, gospel radio broadcast, agricultural development, micro business start-up, polytechnic training, and repatriation assistance to families returning from exile. Our goal is to reduce dependence upon imported food and U.N. feeding programs by encouraging the local farmers in entrepreneurial organic farming, producing both healthy food and a stable local economy, thus raising the overall standard of living.

More information here, on their web site.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kabbalah Artisan Alchemist Occult Oil For Solitary Kabbalistic Theurgic Rites Ceremonial Magick

Kabbalah Artisan Alchemist Occult Oil For Solitary Kabbalistic Theurgic Rites Ceremonial Magick
10,95USD An elemental combination of Myrtle, Cedar, Frankincense, Pomegranate and manager, KABBALAH Artisan Alchemist Ritual Oil may be recycled for Kabbalistic theurgic rites, status magick and for attracting and communicating with Otherworld spirit intelligences.0.5 degreeComes strikingly packaged. My one-off reverberation heritage oils (from which unattached item oils are freshly crafted) are through in very negligible batches. Set with all matter recipe border on botanicals, gemstones and other curios, intensely and various innumerable other crafters (at the same time as it is so priceless), each heritage oil through at WITCHCRAFTSTM is as normal conserved with a variety of geological Thyme estimate, the matter one finer of traditional herbalists for the natural keep of hand through perfume oils, powder and paint, creams, lotions, and other herbal compounds. Rosemarys profundity of the key antioxidant rosmarinic sharp-witted allows me to use it very lightly with effective have a row - what's more of these advantages are essential for stabilizing oil stop life sans influencing the charm pungent flora and fauna of the one-off reverberation oils I here to you at WITCHCRAFTSTM. Naturally conserved, one-off reverberation oils, and presently the superlative ingredients is what you force receive every time you sort out an oil from WITCHCRAFTSTM. Just the superlative.
Altar tile/table, candle storage bin and/or other photo props NOT INCLUDED.**WITCHCRAFTSTM shall not be alleged adult for any injuries, remedy, or dead important from the use of products purchased from my shoppe. Purchasing my products signifies your acceptance of this sum and releases me from all accountability. All joyful of this shoppe site (c) WITCHCRAFTS Artisan AlchemyTM by Liorah Lleucu.

Parliament Approves Islamic Finance

Parliament Approves Islamic Finance
Some English-language Arabic news sources have covered this story. It is certainly not new - discussions about Islamic finance have been making headlines in the world of economics for a long time, but the French are inching closer to a definitive measure that will allow Islamic law to enter into the French legal framework. Note that the Senate passed the bill on June 9. It was then that they introduced the amendment on Islamic "sukuk" that was to become the source of the Socialist opposition in the Chamber of Deputies three days ago, when the final vote was taken. Without that amendment it is likely that the Socialist deputies would have voted for the bill.Here is a report from Le Point, dated September 17, that was probably the source for the English-language articles. It should be noted that this story has been largely ignored by the French MSM. It appears primarily at Le Point, but I could not find anything in Le Figaro (although that may have changed by now):Despite opposition protests from the Left, the French Parliament has passed a law that authorizes the issuing of Islamic bonds, known as "sukuk".The bill, introduced by UMP deputy Chantal Brunel, has as its main goal the facilitation of access to credit for small and medium-sized businesses. The deputies adopted the same text that the Senate had passed on June 9. Thus the wording of the bill has been definitively adopted by the Parliament. The UMP and Nouveau Centre parties voted for the bill, the Democratic and Republican Left (GDR), the Communist Party (PC) and the Green Party voted against it. The combined socialist parties, known collectively as the SRC, which includes the Socialist Party, the Radical Party and the Diverse Left, also voted against it.The Socialists were highly critical of an amendment introduced by the Senate, and supported by the government, that proposes to modify the civil code to allow the issuance, from Paris, of financial tools that conform to the principles of Islamic finance."They are introducing Islamic law into the framework of the French legal system," said Henri Emmanuelli, of the Socialist Party. "That shocks us deeply. It's unacceptable. It has become 'anything goes'".Note: Emmanuelli has been an active Socialist since he joined the party in 1971. There is a brief English-language biography at Wikipedia. Minister of Industry Christian Estrosi denied any willingness to adapt French law to religious rules. "It is out of the question to say that we are negating the principles of our law in order to conform to some religious or cultural principle. Conversely, I cannot see why we would refuse certain types of financing on those grounds," he said. The measure, which reforms the rules on fiduciary obligations ("fiducie") will permit the issuance of "sukuk" in France.Unlike classic obligations, the "sukuk" are backed by a tangible asset. They pay no interest; the investors receive coupons corresponding to a part of the profits earned by the underlying asset.Note: Those who are interested in economics and who understand the jargon, may want to read this Wikipedia article on "sukuk".To this day, no European enterprise has issued any "sukuk".In France, the first issuing of an Islamic bond, originally set to take place before October, has been put off due to technical difficulties, announced Mohammed Farroukh Raza, of the Islamic Finance Advisory Assurance Services (IFAAS).Note: The following paragraph deals with the main provisions of the law - aid to small and medium-sized businesses in France:The new law obligates banks and insurance companies to justify their disengagement if the enterprise requests it. The enterprise could also solicit from its banking agent explanations concerning the internal ratings of which it is the object. The law provides for the creation of a specific loan for small and medium-sized enterprises that have been in existence for two to five years. The loan would be guaranteed by OSEO, and includes several measures destined to alleviate the procedures to which small and medium-sized enterprises are subject. Among these is the abolition of the obligation on the part of single-person businesses to draw up management reports.Note: French readers can check out OSEO's website. It is a government agency that supports small and medium-sized businesses in France. I was not able to determine the meaning of the acronym.Those interested can consult the following English-language articles. The first two links are essentially the same:Futurespros.Arabian Business.Retail Obstacle (from Arabian Business).One of the first to react to the new law is Marine Le Pen, vice-president of the Front National, who denounces the Left for doing too little too late:"The Socialist deputies are up in arms over the vote of approval cast by the majority UMP party of a law introducing into the French legal framework the principles of Islamic finance, a consequence of economic globalization," declares a communiqu'e from Marine Le Pen, for whom "the Socialists have suddenly discovered the perils of ethnic communitarianism.""The same people who are today shouting loudly and clearly their adherence to the principle of la"icit'e in order to oppose the new law, have been encouraging for years, as have the followers of Sarkozy, all the communitarian excesses that are undermining the foundations of the French Republic," she proclaimed."You can't claim to be republican when you haven't ceased to support massive immigration of populations who then become the breeding ground for demands from ethnic communities. The introduction into French law of the principles of Islamic finance has led the Socialist deputies to reject a bill on the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises that they had supported in the first vote last March, which was in itself a rare occurrence."Several blogs posted news of this new law. One reader at Bivouac-Id had this tale to tell: - Twenty years ago, I belonged to a brainstorming cell in a large Belgian bank. The Belgian government was already in bankruptcy at the time, and so, as usual, had requested a loan from the BundesBank. The loan was refused, in view of the chronic insolvency of Belgium. If this information had been known, it would have meant the immediate free fall of the Belgian franc. We had fallen to the same level as Mexico or Brazil (...)The information was kept ultra-confidential considering what was at stake. The banks, in a state of panic, were expecting the State to take out a obligatory loan (this is one where the banks are obligated to buy 80% of the shares, the remaining 20% being reserved for private fools who imagine they are making a good investment).Two weeks later, to the relief of everyone, Prince Philippe had made trips to the Arab countries and had returned with an Islamic loan! Belgium was saved by the skin of its teeth!The Islamic loan, in accordance with the Koran, can be granted to infidels on one condition: they must strive to Islamize their population. No limits.I remember feeling a cold sweat down my back when I heard the "good" news! And ever since, the Muslims have had complete power in this country, including the power to impose freely and with impunity the right to kill, rape, and pillage. Ever since, Brussels, the capital of Europe, has become a lawless city, and hyper dangerous for any white person.Note: We can't know for sure how accurate a comment from a reader is. But I found his story interesting enough to post as a potential reason for being suspicious of Islamic finance. French readers who are really up on their economics may want to read this page from Reconquista. I did not understand a word, but apparently it is an explanation of the dangers of Islamic finance.My initial post on Islamic finance goes back to March of this year, when it was announced that the Vatican approved of the introduction of sharia-compliant measures into the European financial systems.

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Turns Out The New Archbishop Of Canterbury Is Not Just Non Christian But Anti Christian

Turns Out The New Archbishop Of Canterbury Is Not Just Non Christian But Anti Christian


Excerpts from his initial statement:


"I have need of to say at afterward that one of the major challenges is to put into practice a man who I own will be recognised as one of the facts Archbishops of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. He is some one with a deep love for Jesus Christ, an catching spirituality, sharp atmosphere and holiness, enormous individual wholesome and physical boldness, and of course one of the world's central theologians and philosophers..."

Comment: "one of the facts Archbishops of Canterbury" - "This misguided examine is a combination of dishonesty, lack of skill and impenetrability.


"The work of the Clerical of England is not done pioneer on VDT or at Lambeth, but in free 16,000 churches, anywhere hundreds of thousands of clan get on with the job they accept forever done of strong neighbour, strong each other and altruistic better than 22 million hours of voluntary service faint the church a month."

Keep "-" It is indicative that he does not tip off through these terrestrial endeavors what on earth Christian that churches be obliged to do; such as adulation, Biblical teaching or evangelism.


"We accept seen the key warmth and performer of the clan in this saving in the sphere of and faint the church indoors this marvellous blind date of Jubilee and Olympics."

Comment: Equally in Express name has the Olympics to do with the Clerical of England?


"Equally of that momentous concern of in office Anglicans, together colonize in other churches, I am utterly cheery about the afar of the church."

Comment: any inferior reader will modification off at this zit. Desire is believing that clothing "will "turn-out well, and has vacuum at all to do with Christianity (which is about Picture) - but being who sees any begin for look forward to in the tragic expanse of the C of E is either psychotic, distraught, or calculatedly dishonest: in other words anti-Christian. Modestly an anti-Christian could be cheery about the afar of the Clerical of England - which teeters on the pool of irrevocable depravity - and it is without favoritism prime that its manage link this, and exploit on this vital.


"...The Guard of Bishops is very cautious. "

Comment: no state.


"The Anglican communion, for all its difficulties, is likewise a competently of unfamiliar blessing to the world. In so different countries it is one of the at the outset sharers of silence and hope in Jesus Christ. Anglicans today stand stiff in desire flat other Christians under press in different sitting room, notably in northern Nigeria, a saving plug up to my axis. "

Comment: To say that Christians are under press in northern Nigeria is a intolerable euphemism, equitably intolerable.


"...This is a time for look forward to and desire in the church. "

Comment: What? The extremity is true - it is the time for Christian new start of a horrendously contrite, wordly, expedience-driven residence which distantly resembles the legally recognized 'Sergian' Russian Streamer church under Stalin ("de facto" a divide of the administrate).


"I know we are earlier than very unbroken issues. In 10 days or so the Comprehensive Synod will appointment on the ordination of women as Bishops. I will be ballot vote in favour, and drink my reply to different others in urging the Synod to go audacious with this change..."

Comment: This is why he got the job.


"We likewise outlook deep differences free the quality of sexuality. It is without favoritism board for the expanse to define the rights and brand of clan co-habiting in special forms of kindred, with chivalrous partnerships. We stipulation accept no means of transportation with any form of homophobia, in any part of the church. "

Comment: Character a cut above the age of believe who uses the word 'homophobia' block in order to rinse its horrid abuse as a autocratic social establishment of nihilistic discrimination is on the reservoir of evil. But expound is the utmost boiling part of the dialect - the image of tenet - and a route on a adverse, commissar's weasel-word providing graphic greatest of his intention to plague real Christians.


"The Clerical of England is part of the worldwide church, with all the odd jobs that come from colonize acquaintances. Equally the church does expound severely affects the by benevolently trouble churches in sitting room what northern Nigeria, which I know well. "

Comment: benevolently trouble is upper than under press - but he doesn't tip off who is applying the press, causing the trouble...


"I defend the Guard of Bishop's image in the summer in reply to the government's meeting on precise sex marriage. I know I command to chill very effectively to the LGBT communities, and remark my own ideas prayerfully and only just. I am forever averse to the language of subtraction, like what we are called to is to love in the precise way as Jesus Christ loves us. Add-on all in the church we command to construct steady sitting room for these issues to be discussed agree and in love."

Comment: The offense rises. I am forever averse to the language of subtraction - "apparently block like the subtraction is living handy to Christians. After that he is very fervent on the language of subtraction "- "having discharge said no means of transportation with any form of homophobia, in any part of the church"."

And route on extra adverse, nasty, commissar's weasel word with 'LGBT': a "very undoubtedly" nothing like province, currently-united simply in sponsor force for institutional preferences and unrelenting challenge to marriage and the offspring (fittingly real Christianity).

But like Welby says "Add-on all in the church we command to construct steady sitting room for these issues to be discussed agree and in love. this is anywhere he hits rock-bottom; seeing that he is using pompous je ne sais quoi to put his opponents spare the nimble, as if state were any real Christians who would quarrel such a notion; and yet at the precise time he conflates maxim Christian behaviour with steady sitting room - supportive lacking fight that utmost of Christianity is shaky for clan of non-normal sexuality; and supportive that the steadfastness to this dreadful air is an really ceremonial lope of allocating specific become old and sitting room and relations (as if in a school schedule) for 'these issues' - at an angle set improbable from Christianity - to be 'discussed agree - implying that at make known these issues are deceptively discussed "especially through Christians - "and 'in cordiality over essential the Christian difficulty as living lack of love. Pah!


The initial dialect of the pointer of the third main Christian respect in the world is deceitful from top to bottom, in the sphere of and out.

This is utterly unpardonable from a Christian manage, and is definitely so furthermost as to reveal Justin Welby as an anti-Christian; one whose energies and hard work will be constant to incitement to rebellion and clearout of the real Christian elements within the Anglican communion.

This is, in update, the carry nail in the casket of the Clerical of England, and the zit anywhere break-up of the respect becomes not discharge a woeful peril but a Christian have to - the simply hope for relic of Christianity within Anglicanism.


Pleasingly at least we know anywhere we are, and what wishes to be done.

We accept gone from Archbishop Rowan, who was stupefied, boring, imperial and as a rule bored-by and indifferent-to Christianity; to Justin - who is the initial "methodically anti"-"Christian "Archbishop of Canterbury.


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Mv Quest Can You Stamp It Entries

Mv Quest Can You Stamp It Entries

Good Morning Jungle people,

the wait is over and the Quest is over too. WE DID ASK YOU IF YOU CAN STAMP IT?

And you did! First I was a little scared that to less entries were dropping in but the last days I wrote one email after the other to confirm your entries. Thanks to everybody who took his/her time. It seems those who took part had massive fun.

I will now show your entries, they get numbers (but they are not connected to winning anything yet) - everybody was allowed to show as many different stamps as he likes, but the rule was to mark one as their favourite. I will mark those with a "!".

Let's see what we got here...


"I used my wife as a stamp - as you know her I don't send a picture of her seperately. The clay I used was gypsum. Maybe a nice terrain piece."


#2 "LENA says:

"I will just make it really short.

I used a bunch of things like pen holders, wheat, a toothbrush, lace, dice, a sponge and paint bottles. The lace and pen holders made really cool dragon scales, I was impressed how good they looked. But my favourite one was the toothbrush.

The result looks like a really destroyed surface, like demon skin, rotting flesh or heavily wheathered metal. An effect you can use for many many applications and a toothbrush is something everyone has at home or even already with your painting stuff for making splatters etc.

So that was my favourite!"


#3 "MUNDY says:

"Here's my stamp. It's actually a double stamp. I had bought the honey comb blue thing at the supermarket, it's a rubber thing to put hot stuff on, to make casts of hexagonal tiles. After reading the stamp article I figured I could use it as a stamp tool. So I stamped the white milliput with the rock first, to give it texture, and then pressed it with the blue thing. I have attached extra pictures with the process. I also have a smaller pattern one, but I'm not sure I like it as much. Greetings from Puerto Rico, Mundy"


#4 "ALLAN says:

"I used miliput as my putty. For the base I took some medical stretch bandage and rolled it over the base putty. The stones went a much different route. I had this chunk of fiberglass resin that I poured onto foam a long time ago. This odd resin stone was in my garage one day while making a silicone mold and some extra poured on top of the resin. That silicone was used to texture the stones."



"Hello, Roman and MV crew, this is my attemp to the Stamp Quest, I choose the one made with my slipper, some alien planet temple pattern (maybe). Thank you for sooo much insane quality stuff, I want to be like you when I grow up. I will add a lot of pics for more inspiration. Lots of hugs from Spain."


#6 "MARTIN says:

"Hi you people in the jungle, "

"thanks for your very good competition and even better way how to find out new ideas of 'basing' - hope you will show us, too :-). The only one problem I have is you want me to choose the best one of my stamps... but which one? "

"No, just kidding. I think we will celebrate Easter and that means we will probably have many Easter eggs and the question is what we will do with shells of empty eggs? What about use them as a base for the base under our miniature? :-) "

"We can glue it directly onto the pedestal (it really looks very well). OK, it's really possible but there's no stamp, is there? I even think if we make a stamp, it will look different - there will be no sharp edges. And you can use it for you ground, decorative wall..."

"To make such a stamp, I used the Siligum moulding paste - if you make a stamp you can stamp any putty (White-grey Milliput is used on the picture) for dozen times. You can be sure your base will never be the same because you can really stamp it as many time you want on the same (already stamped!) base. Well, till the putty isn't dry and hard. :-) "

"Hope you will find it useful and will collect all the shells from your Easter eggs."


#7 "TERRY says:

"I did as suggested and went a little crazy. Here are the pictures of my efforts. The one I will be using is the last one which is simple but I enjoy it. I call it 'Landing gears' Its the one that shows the objects used next to it. Thanks for the fun and new ideas. Regards, Terry."


#8 "MICHAEL says:

"Often you see small things that would fit perfectly on a base. Some small details from a huge piece that is not meant to be butchered for a base (things you find in your home and your girlfriend would not be happy to find them "partially" intact after creating your base) or from a material that cannot be shaped properly for a base (cement, etc). To still be able to use those elements in a base something needs to be done: so the topic would be making your own stamps instead of collecting them.

The idea behind this is to create a stamp that is neither time nor money wise expensive, can be reused and modified after creation. By accident a friend stumbled over a material that some of know from the past. It is foodsafe, smells and tastes a little bit like bubblegum: dental kneeding silicon (used by the orthodentist to create moulds of your teeth for those damn braces). Big advantage is that curing time is only around 7 minutes and mixing of the components can be done blindly... First get something that you want on your base. In our case a small candle holder should be used (but not be destroyed) to create some kind of sunken jungle (hint hint) base. The ball gets kneeded with hardener and than simply slapped on the face like a facehugger). After ten minutes (dinner time) the material is hard and the big focus of the sunken temple base can be stamped. Before the stamp material is 100% cured it was wacked a little bit with a hammer to create the crevices of broken stone running over the face. Rest of the base was done the "classic" way using cork and stone fragements. At the end another big advantage of the material was used. It can be shaped with a hobby knife or simply broken apart with little effort. This way parts or modifications before stamping can be done. Additionally the broken edges look perfectly like stone and can be used to stamp the rest of the base. Finally the result with a little bit of Soil/earth added."



Jak says:"So I "borrowed" a 200 power supply from work and attempted to make a scy-fi circuit board stamp for a base of a scy-fy mini. First thank you for this quest as it taught me about milliput and how good the stuff really is, and for teaching me about stamps. Secondly, boss....if your watching or reading this for some reason please don't fire me."




DEZ says:

"I love the work done by the massive voodoo group, I regularly follow your cr'eations.bravo for your energy and creativity! I think you see the Painting crusade, to be filled eyes... pity ^ ^. here is my participation in micro challenge STAMPS quest ^ ^

milipute + footprint on hand ^ ^.

simple and effective for texturing Leaf tree ^ ^ style.

good luck and congratulations!

ps: sorry for the rotten English, but it is the goggle translation ^ ^.





DAVE G says:
"Here's my entry for the stamping contest."I took it as an opportunity to create a mold making tutorial, but here's a few of the progress photos."Was having a problem deciding what I wanted to use and had been keeping an eye out for inspiration. On a cold day, I had a hot chocolate and looked at the lid after removing it - it was covered in foam but the pattern looked rather "alien." Since I would've crushed it with green stuff, I made a mold. In retrospect, I should have painted varnish over the dried chocolate to hold it together because unfortunately it broke apart a bunch while the latex was drying. Still got a couple good stamping spots."



WENDY says:

"Here is my entry. I wish the pics were better, but the baby sleeps in the room with my light set up and I only had a little time... One base is a cobble stone and the other, well, it looks a bit like a whirlpool. This was a fun quest. Cheers, Wendy"



Thanks to all the ladies and gentleman who took the challenge of the quest, who did not fear to collect stuff and stamp it. Those who did - yeah I mean you - you will see that this will bring you further joy for your hobby once in a while - Experience can never be taken away again - you are already all winners!

But, we got to choose and judging work begins now and will take some days!

Stay put!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Astrological Alternatives Age Of Aquarius When Where Why And How

Astrological Alternatives Age Of Aquarius When Where Why And How
By Gilbert Karlis "When the Moon is in the 7th household and Jupiter aligns with Mars..." the words during the song Aquarius on the coming with the Age of Aquarius performed by the singing group The Fifth Dimension grabbed our attention over 20 many years ago. Whilst I love the song and usually sing it at the top of my lungs, astrologically it does not say much, it is just fun. There's so a lot controversy about the Age of Aquarius and when it should start that I thought a discussion was in order. What's an age? How is it produced? How long does it last? What is there for the changing of an age that grabs our attention so thoroughly? We must go back to basics and start on the fact that astrology is really a study of cycles, lengthy term, short term, universal, multi-versal, cosmic, galactic, solar system, planet orbit, satellite or moon. Then add all the debris left over inside formation of our solar program just like dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and very good old space dust. We absolutely have a range from which to choose. A few of the cycles are so huge and involve this sort of enormous time concepts that it's beyond our comprehension. I will dispose of those people cycles very easily so we can spend our time and notion on a much more local and modern day activations. Think circle, big circle, using a whole bunch of slightly tiny circles contained within it and you will get my picture of the universe. Additionally there could be quite a few universes, only one of that is certainly ours. Regardless of whether they are in any way inter-related or on numerous wavelengths or dimensions is part of an ongoing discussion. Whatever the answer is, our universe is immense and it is growing at a rapid pace. The contemporary astronomical notion is that what we call the universe began having a big bang 13+ billion many years ago and has been expanding ever since. What started as being a singularity exploded out into multiplicity and everything is contained inside this expanding bubble of activity. The matter is distributed irregularly so some parts of our universe are denser than others. As this bubble expands, the distances between the internal content also expands. Think large circle getting bigger, for example everything contained inside it on some level or in some manner. As the universe blasted out into the original void (space), pockets of exercising designed and stellar nurseries spawned billions of stars - big ones, small ones, long-lived, short lived - with number and variety beyond imagination. Each time our scientists believe they've a handle on it, it grows and reveals much more of itself. Think huge! These pockets of possibility over billions of many years on the universe's life designed into stars with world entourages, galaxies, and all the incredible cosmic bodies. There's such quantity that just cataloguing it's daunting to say practically nothing of identifying and explaining it all. The galaxies are in constant motion and sometimes run into each other. One may possibly cannibalize another, but constant motion and adjust may be the norm, with incredible differences spawned being a result. Individuality is universal and conformity is man-made. Locally our very own galaxy, the Milky Way, is really a hybrid of merging galaxies and will eventually be swallowed up by the much larger Andromeda Galaxy (not anytime soon, don't be nervous). We are part of a local cluster of about 30 galaxies that rotate around a well-liked center and I have no idea how extended a cycle that would be, I only know that it's an really lengthy cycle. With the modern-day political debate about immigration, I laughed when I read that our Sun and its entourage of planets and space junk is an immigrant into what we call our unique galaxy absorbed from a prior galactic collision. Our galaxy spins close to a well-known center that is certainly concept to become a black hole. We exist on an outer spiral band about with the way out inside center with the galaxy. The person galactic spin takes over 200 million many years to complete, a large circle that exists inside larger circle with the galactic cluster, again, circles inside circles. For our discussion our far more own and manageable circles come from inside our solar system. Each globe has an orbit (circle) at a specific distance within the Sun and those planets also have small bodies in orbit close to them. All of the matter inside this solar program is bound by the gravitational attraction with the Sun. It's all in continual motion and that motion is essentially circular. Little circles within larger circles within.... you get the picture. The specific circle that sets the "ages" of our discussion is measured from Earth's north pole. As Earth orbits our Sun, our north/south poles are tilted compared to our orbit. We are physically irregularly shaped (the water nicely covers up the uneven contours on the Earth. We are also orbited by a satellite (our Moon) that may be our size and exerts a magnetic pull of its own. As we rotate and orbit, we wobble slightly on our axis like a spinning top. That wobble is measurable and traces out a circle during the sky that takes just under 26,000 many years to perform (different sources supply various figures; the source I use was the first a single I encountered many years ago, 25,858 years). The backdrop of that circle may be the constellational zodiac of twelve signs. The rounded off version is 26,000 many years divided by 12 signs or approximately 2,160 many years per sign and is what's commonly suggested for ones length of a single age. There is a trick for the ages. The polar wobble moves backwards from your zodiac signs instead of the forward order we are applied to, so the age signs move backward as well. This astronomical measure is called the Precession of the Equinox (the measuring principle). For ones last couple of thousand years we have been in the Age of Pisces and we have already or are about to move into the Age of Aquarius. There is often a particular measuring principle that means how the changing in the age will arrive from the 24 to 2600s AD. I have a dilemma with this dating because the event markers for the Age of Aquarius are already in evidence. My explanation is that because you can find no written instructions, the assumption that all the ages are equal may perhaps or may possibly not be true. If each age is exactly 2160 many years (or so) marker to marker then we are nevertheless during the Age of Pisces. If each age is not exactly equal as the constellations themselves are not equal, the starting of this new age may already be upon us. I stand on the Age of Aquarius side of the debate. Why? As I mentioned earlier, evidence... Uranus, which has been given principal influence over Aquarius, was identified in 1781, five many years right after the begin with the USA Revolutionary War. That year also marked the commencing with the French Revolution. Uranus were sighted ahead of discovery but had not been specifically identified. Right after that incredible period for individualism and independence came the USA Civil War, the industrial revolution, the era of invention of the steam engine, the automobile, the plane, the bombs and rockets, space flight and more. All of they may be based in revolution, independence and invention and flirted on the new era cleaving the way to the future. It is said that the "2nd coming of the Avatar" (spiritual leader) will come after the "sign of man is in the heavens." Well we have definitely done that. We have left space debris scattered from right here to out past the edges of our solar system. The space station recently had to decide whether to duck a piece of space junk. The most incredible picture to me is that from the black sky of space from the white-suited astronaut hanging more than the semi-arc of the earth below. Another profound image could be the familiar picture of Astronaut Ed White tethered to a Gemini spacecraft in 1965. The "tether" he was screening is anchored like an umbilical chord as the very first American man floated and turned inside the vast expanse of space like an child during the womb of the universe. The sign of man is already during the heavens and it's inventive, innovative, revolutionary, independent and futuristic... all Uranus/Aquarius keywords. Hold in mind that Aquarius itself is called "the sign of man" and that's the symbolism that accompanies it astrologically. Also, the changing of an age isn't a single factor in time. There are no fences among the signs in outer space. There's a falling off of 1 sign energy as well as the initiation of one more - a blending or merging that takes about 144 many years to complete. Why? Because it takes 72 years for our north pole pointer to try and do 1 degree. Since the change happens in between the last degree of an existing age and also the first degree with the new age, that equals 2 degrees by my math, or 144 years of time, to end one age and start the next. Death of an age would not be any simpler than ordinary death. Birth has by no means been regarded as simple and that would include the birth of an age. Birth and death are occurring simultaneously which happens at the end of one age and the commencing of its successor. That is traumatic. Look around you at our contemporary experience. And you volunteered being here at this time...brave you. To my mind we now have already left the Age of Pisces and have already entered the Age of Aquarius. We now have moved within the age of believing (emotion not necessarily based in fact) towards the age of knowing (intellectual, knowledge as our friend). To me Pisces is our immediate history, our heritage that we had 2000 or so many years to learn, It includes our habits, our knowledge, our beliefs, our existing environmental patterning - all that we have been during the age. To me Aquarius is our now and our future. We must learn, know, explore, invent and move toward the future. The remnants of Pisces will kick and scream and try to preserve us locked inside past because-the dying age will try to cling to life. The coming age is obtaining stronger and will hold dominance more than human development for your next 2000+ years. Perhaps you are one who believes that we are still inside Age of Pisces with its history steeped in the Age of Aries (always backwards through the zodiac). What would that be like? We would be driven by emotion, mystery, tremendous involvement in art types and religious beliefs, the savior/victim mentality with domination or war as our heritage. Perhaps we could possibly be on that pivotal moment of 144 many years in which we adjust from 1 age to another with all of the mixed messages that occur from change. What are the possibilities a time of simultaneous death/birth may possibly offer? Wherever do you stand in this? Whether you "believe" (Pisces) or would prefer to "know" (Aquarius) it is going to happen with or without our conscious participation. The ages unfold inside a pattern, a predictable cycle of energy far more powerful than our understanding and it's not dependent on our person beliefs. The development and also the unfolding with the universe is appropriate on schedule - the birth occurs with or with no our participation or belief. In which is your location in this unfolding cycle? The alternative is yours. About the Author: Astrological Choices - Age of Aquarius - When, Where, Why and How - Check Out aquarius zodiac sign and aquarius compatibility

Liber 71 The Voice Of The Silence

Liber 71 The Voice Of The Silence

IT IS NOT VERY DIFFICULT to write a book, if one chance to possess the necessary degree of Initiation, and the power of expression. It is infernally difficult to comment on such a Book. The principal reason for this is that every statement is true and untrue, alternately, as one advances upon the Path of the Wise. The question always arises: For what grade is this Book meant? To give one simple concrete example, it is stated in the third part of this treatise that Change is the great enemy. This is all very well as meaning that one ought to stick to one's job. But in another sense Change is the Great Friend. As it is marvelous well shewed forth by The Beast Himself in Liber Aleph, Love is the law, and Love is Change, by definition. Short of writing a separate interpretation suited for every grade, therefore, the commentator is in a bog of quandary which makes Flanders Mud seem like polished granite.

He can only do his poor best, leaving it very much to the intelligence of each reader to get just what he needs. These remarks are peculiarly applicable to the present treatise; for the issues are presented in so confused a manner that one almost wonders whether Madame Blavatsky was not a reincarnation of the Woman with the Issue of Blood familiar to readers of the Gospels. It is astonishing and distressing to notice how the Lanoo, no matter what happens to him, soaring aloft like the phang, and sailing gloriously through innumerable Gates of High Initiation, nevertheless keeps his original Point of View, like a Bourbon. He is always getting rid of Illusions, but, like the entourage of the Cardinal Lord Archbishop of Rheims after he cursed the thief, nobody seems one penny the worse-or the better.

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