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Garlic Vs Evil The Power Of Garlic

Garlic Vs Evil The Power Of Garlic
Garlic (ALLIUM SATIVUM) has been used as a charm against evil and dates back to Ancient times. the ancient Egyptians believed in a Vampire-like ghost that killed sleeping children by sucking up their breath. The protection that was used against the attacks of this murderous monster was a wreath of garlic.

The use of garlic is known all over the world, not only as a tasty accent to foods, but also as a charm against evil spirits. Even in places such as China or Malaysia, people smear the forehead of their children to protect them from Vampires, and in the West Indies too, garlic is used as a means of protection against the evil practices and Magical Spells of Witches and Sorcerers.

In Romania, garlic is also a weapon of importance in the everlasting battle against Vampires. Romanians used to make certain that they ate garlic every day for their protection. They also smeared garlic on the windows and the doors of their houses, on the gates to their farmyards, and even on the horns of their cattle. They believed that these Vampires had a great fear of garlic. If a deceased person was thought to be in danger of becoming a Vampire, one common protective measure was stuffing some pieces of garlic into the orifices of the corpse, especially the mouth. This was done in order to prevent evil spirits from entering the dead body. At the same times it served the purpose of preventing the soul of the deceased from re-entering its body. Another anti-Vampire practice that we can find in Romania is the anointing of the corpse, especially the heels, with a mixture of oil, fat, incense, gunpowder and garlic.

In some cultures people would simply wear a necklace of garlic cloves for protection against evil. Any way you look at it.... garlic is believed to be a major source of protection from evil.

Now I am going to tell you about my experiences with garlic. For me.... I take odor free Garlic tablets every night before I go to bed. I take 2 - 1,000mg tablets at a time. Also the reason I take it at night is so I do not worry about burping up garlic during the day. Garlic has boosted my immune system immensely... to where I never ever get sick any more.... never. To hell with vitamin C Tablets.... they just don't compare. Also my cholesterol has dropped big time. Plus... the bad spirits stay away from me.

Garlic has some extremely great health benefits. It will lower your cholesterol and unclog your arteries. It will shrink cancerous tumors and keep cancer out of your body. It will also boost your immune system greatly. Now don't wait till you get sick or have cancer to start taking it..... start now! And see you life improve.


* Garlic lowers blood pressure a little.

* Garlic lowers LDL Cholesterol a little.

* Garlic helps reduce atherosclerotic buildup (PLAQUE) within the arterial system. One recent study shows this effect to be greater in women than men.

* Garlic lowers or helps to regulate blood sugar.

* Garlic helps to prevent blood clots from forming, thus reducing the possibility of strokes and thromboses (IT MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR HEMOPHILIACS).

* Garlic helps to prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system, prevents certain tumors from growing larger and reduces the size of certain tumors.

* Garlic helps to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body.

* Raw Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and, while far less strong than modern antibiotics, can still kill some strains of bacteria that have become immune or resistant to modern antibiotics.

* Garlic has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

* Garlic dramatically reduces yeast infections due to Candida species.

* Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and is a source of selenium.

* Garlic probably has many other benefits as well.

I hope that you will all use this information to help you live a happier, healthier life! Many Blessing be upon you....

Recommended books (free to download):Keith Thomas - Civility And The Decline Of Magic

Janus Lacinius Therapus - The New Pearl Of Great Price.pdf

Sheelagh Rouse - Grace The World Of Rampa

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How To Do A Blessing Or Consecration

How To Do A Blessing Or Consecration
I get about 3 to 4 requests a week for suggestion from ethnic group who are having distressing experiences with a place of origin vigorous.

They cruel to know how they can rid their house or organization of entities which interfere with the household members high-rise award, spirits which air to be dangerous or even demonic.

My experimental acceptance is to try a Thanksgiving or Loyalty sacrament. Now these are Christian Ceremonies and the references are Christian. Other faiths hang on their own traditions, civilization and ceremonies. If you dispute to the use of Christian vocabulary or Biblical references I am disobedient, you desire hang on to find help lost in thought. But in my worldview it is with the power of God miserable Christ only that you can hang on living argue gone confronting dangerous entities. So at home is how to preform the ceremonies for the trainee.

It possibly will either stanch up the bother or make it lessen.

"If it gets lessen hence you know for self-possessed you are production with a demonic personage and you long for to get someone set of buildings who knows the Exorcist rite. My book, "AN EXORCIST'S Field Remove TO BLESSINGS AND CONSECRATIONS" goes wearing point about 'how to' preform disdainful careful wake of Thanksgiving and Loyalty as well as the disdainful advanced wake of Tight and the Exorcism of demonic entities from BUILDINGS OR AREAS".(keep busy, unless you hang on professional review "AND" spiritual warfare training DO NOT routine to collection with the reasonable goods of a "worldly living". If you do not know what you are accomplishment you can flinch the spirit lessen off in the end and possibly will actually edge a malpractice or humane rationale if you by accident do psychological tug)

FIRST:You long for two to three others to help, they desire be your prayer demonstrate. It is best to find believing Christians who know how to pray and hang on them either come with you (best) or pray at up-to-the-minute view.

However, it is very leading that you are not lost, hang on at least possible one with you who is a Christian of look-in. They can demonstrate you and if you hang on others praying lost in thought they possibly will publication send out them as to how the ritual is separation.

Possessions NEEDED:

Wonderful Hosepipe (get it at your place of origin Catholic Cathedral, use any basin you wish)

Anger ( any awareness you come to grips with like: aromatic plant and charcoal or even channel)

A Hanging Anger censur


Prior you begin read EPHESIANS 6:10-17 from the Bible. Deduce as a prayer of protection and blessing.

Go wearing every room with incense and holy water. As you enter swing the incense and pray,


Touch Wonderful Hosepipe with each name as you say, "WE Contribute THIS Room to move AND THIS Parliament IN THE Name OF THE Edge, IN THE Name OF THE SON, AND IN THE Name OF THE Wonderful Work, AMEN."

Deduce one of the tailing Scripture passages from the Bible, celebrity which one is disdainful pertinant to the situation:1 JOHN 4:1-4; COLOSSIANS 2:11-15; MATTHEW 10:1; 2 CORINTHIANS 6:16-7:1; 1 JOHN 1:5-9

Repeat in every room and hence hang on a person take delivery of for prayer in at all key room the territorial army decides upon, or the room where the most pastime happens.

"Lord GOD WE Deputy THIS Parliament TO YOU Currently, IF ANY WRONGS Restrict BEEN On TO Endure THIS UPON THIS Parliament OR THIS Litter WE ASK Forgiveness AND Tight IN THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AND WE Long-awaited AND Satisfactory THAT Forgiveness. WE ASK YOU WOULD Invite ANGELS TO Guard THIS Parliament AS WE NOW Deputy IT TO YOU Mum Edge. Guard All and sundry ONE OF THE Litter" (ask God to upholder each spirit high-rise award by name). "THIS Parliament AND THESE People ARE NOW Blessed AND Generously Restricted TO YOU GOD AND WE NOW PUT OUR Unite AND Care IN YOU TO Stash US. IN THE Name OF JESUS WE Hope against hope, AMEN."

(note: If it is a cowed infestation or has a jettison railway bridge to any of the buildings occupants you strong point take some phenomena or see one of the occupants sham curiously popular this manage prayer)

Furthermore as a careful, read aloud ROMANS 8:33-39 from any interpretation of the Bible you wish.

It is leading to stress the Blood of Christ in the role of this desire either rid the house of the evil spirit or if it is a strong personage it desire cheese off it up.

Until Back up Term,High priest Swope

My Spiritual Diet

My Spiritual Diet
Yesterday, I spoke of my recognition of the fact that I need to spend more time digesting "solid food" than just "milk" in the spiritual sense. Furthermore, I shared how I finally recognized that I need to adjust my priorities.

For too long, I thought that anything I was "doing for the Lord" was honorable even if it adversely affected my relationship with God Himself and/or my relationship with family, friends, and strangers.

I thought that my only concern in life was to "share the truth about these end times" and anything that "threatened" to get in the way of that pursuit was just a "snare from the devil" who was trying to stop me. Ridiculous! As if spending time in God's Word, and being the spiritual leader my family needs was somehow a "roadblock" to my ministry. Are you kidding me? How sick and twisted is that!?! Boy was I wrong! My ministry suffers because my priorities are out of whack! More on that in a moment.

Looking back, it's so bizarre how spiritually blind I was. It's ironic too in a sense because as God graciously revealed certain things to me that had prophetic significance, He never revealed the sorry state I was in. Then again, maybe He did and I was just so far gone and wrapped up in "my work" to see it.

There it is. That was the problem. I was seeing it all as "my work" when it is always "His work" that's being done. Do you see how the Subtle Serpent deceived me? He had me believing that I was somehow integral to God's plan for humanity as if the whole thing either failed or succeeded to varying degrees based on what I did (or didn't) do.

Please don't misunderstand me here because I'm not saying that we're not important -- that I'm not important -- and that God doesn't (isn't) using us/me. He does (He is). I'm just stating how I somehow flipped the script without even realizing it and allowed myself to succumb to pride. In essence, I failed to recall what we're told quite clearly in the Bible:

1 Corinthians 3:7 (KJV) So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

I stopped realizing that God doesn't need me to fulfill His purposes and plans for humanity, but He will certainly use me especially if I humble myself and ask Him to. He has for some reason determined that He can use me to plant seeds of faith that He will grow into a decision for Jesus Christ one day all in His perfect timing. Again, 1 Corinthians 3:7.

So, how do I get my priorities in order -- the right order -- so that God can use me in such a way that anything I do or say will be for His highest glory and honor? The way I see it? My priorities need to be as follows:

1. Relationship With God; Strengthening My Faith

2. Family, Friends, Strangers

3. Ministry Work

See, I can never be the success that God intends for me to be in #2 unless I am making an honest effort to be my best at #1. Likewise, I can't be successful in #3 unless I am being the best I can be at both #1 and #2. So, it's all connected.

Yet, make no mistake, that I can't reverse the order or think that if I'm doing well in one I'll automatically be doing well in the other. In other words, I can't throw everything I have into number #3 and expect that #1 and #2 will just fall in line effortlessly. It will never happen.

Earlier, I mentioned my need for more "solid food" than "milk". Ironically, while many of the topics presented in this forum were for the spiritually mature, the one introducing them and writing about them (Yours Truly), was hardly spiritually mature himself. I intend to make a concerted effort to change all of that once and for all from this point forward.

Not surprisingly, today's daily devotional from The Berean spoke to this very subject. Let's take a look at the appropriate Scripture verses:

Hebrews 5:12-14 (KJV) For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

The Berean's commentary is succinct and powerful:

These congregations were not equipped to feed themselves -- to discern sacred or spiritual from profane or carnal. If we are in a dependent state, it would be to our advantage to learn how we can wean ourselves spiritually from the bottle. Some of us over the years have seemingly lost our appetite for solid, spiritual food and need to be fed intravenously.

All of us need to become less dependent on spiritual milk and instead become more capable of profiting from solid food. For those who are losing the capacity to enjoy solid food, there is a way to revitalize our spiritual appetite for the weightier matters.

Most of us would agree that the state of spiritual dependency described by the apostle Paul in Hebrews and Corinthians seemed lamentable and disgusting. Yet, how many of us during the last ten, twenty, or thirty years in the church became conditioned to wait for the minister to prepare our weekly formula of Enfamil rather than ravenously devour God's Word every day?

Perhaps we have developed "baby-bird syndrome" in which we, in a helpless "take care of me" posture, open our beaks to get our weekly or bi-weekly worm. If weekly church services were the only times we were spiritually fed, we would eventually starve to death.

Sometimes late in life, after leading a full life, people for no apparent reason lose their will to live and must be fed intravenously. Actually, when we all think about it, without an overriding purpose for our existence, we have no reason to eat or sustain our life. After the belief system was altered in our prior fellowship, people indeed started to lose the vision of their purpose for existence and eventually lost their capacity to endure solid food. Hopefully, most of us have passed the stage of the milk bottle, or God forbid, the need for intravenous feeding.I'd keep writing about this, but I'm hungry! And in case you haven't heard, I'm on a new spiritual diet, which surprisingly makes me hungrier the more I eat!

More to come...


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Stone Divination

Stone Divination

Galen Gillotte

Within precious or semiprecious stones and crystals resides a wealth of knowledge. They have been around for much longer that I have been alive - at least in this incarnation - and I would be foolish not to avail myself of their wisdom. Each stone has its own energy, attributes, and uses. But in the following divinatory practices I have chosen to focus on color as an easy way to connect with the stone's energies. We use color during ritual in order to resonate with those energies we are tapping into, thus using colored stones in divination is one way of receiving hints about the future.

Divination comes from the root word 'divine', which has to do with the Deity. When we utilize forms of divination we are attempting to connect with the Divine Mind in order to receive clarity or guidance about a matter. There are, of course, other ways to do this. One may consult a book, talk with a friend or trained counselor, or in other ways work out the answer to a problem. But if you think that using divination may be of some assistance, the following divinatory casts may be of use. Remember though that the future is not "cast in stone," and that you may always exercise your free will in any matter.

Following is a list of stones and their symbolism. If the colors and their attributes do not fit for you, please feel free to alter them to your needs. Likewise, if I have not mentioned a stone you feel particularly comfortable working with, add it to the list under the appropriate color selection.

There are many divinatory systems available from which to choose, and they will all work, as they tap into the unconscious mind where all answers reside. This system will do the same, whether you use it "As is" or change it to conform more closely to your needs.

For the following divinatory casts you will use just thirteen stones. From the list below, choose one stone from each color selection until you have all thriteen. These will be your working stones. Beneath each heading is the symbolism for that color, which will be used in divining the answers to your questions.

* CLEAR STONES: quartz crystal; herkimer diamond; clear tourmaline; clear fluorite.

Symbolism: clarity of thought; connecting with your HGA (Holy Guardian Angel); physical health and healing.

* WHITE STONES: moonstone; white marble; howlite; selenite; opal; snowy quartz.

Symbolism: purification; innocence; the moon; magic; Goddess as Maiden.

* YELLOW STONES: citrine; amber; cat's eye; yellow calcite; yellow jasper; topaz; yellow tourmaline.

Symbolism: communication; travel; success; leadership; intelectual pursuits; physical energy.

* ORANGE STONES: carnelian; sun stone; orange calcite.

Symbolism: personal power; attraction; movement; stimulation.

* RED STONES: starry jasper; red jasper; ruby; red garnet; sandstone; cinnabar; red aventurine.

Symbolism: sexual energy; passion; anger; the heart; change; action; strength; Goddess as Mother.

* PINK STONES: rhodocrosite; rhodonite; rose quartz; pink agate; pink tourmaline.

Symbolism: romantic love; friendship; joy; relationships; family interaction.

* PURPLE STONES: amethyst; sugalite; purple tourmaline.

Symbolism: connecting with divine energy; the mystical realm; spiritual progress; past lives; prayer; mystical or sacred marriage.

* LIGHT BLUE STONES: blue lace agate; aquamarine; blue quartz; blue aventurine; blue fluorite; some turquoise.

Symbolism: peace; tranquility; discernment; understanding; patience; relieving depression.

* DARK BLUE STONES: sodalite; lapis lazuli; azurite; sapphire; blue topaz.

Symbolism: fidelity; devotion; protection; psychic abilities; dreaming; intuition.

* GREEN STONES: amazonite; green aventurine; some turquoise; chrysoprase; malachite; moss agate; peridot; emerald.

Symbolism: money; prosperity; creativity; growth; fertility; personal goals; abundance; career matters; the Horned God.

* BROWN STONES: tiger-eye; smoky quartz; staurolite (cross stone); fire agate.

Symbolism: autonomy; inner resources; stability; personal responsibility; grounding.

GRAY STONES: labradorite; hematite.

Symbolism: wisdom, knowledge, silence; simplicity.

BLACK STONES: jet; obsidian; apache tear; black tourmaline; onyx.

Symbolism: releasing negative energy; binding; receptivity; death; transformation; Goddess as Crone.

As you utilize the following casts allow your intuitive self full rein. Each stone has several meanings, which are represented by a word (for example: red = passion or anger or change). Divine the meaning that is pertinent to your question, then allow the word to sink softly into your unconscious mind. Your intuitive self will take that word and expand upon it, giving you the answer you seek. Simply pay attention and you will have fruitful results.


For this cast place all of the stones in a pouch used for the purpose. Hold the pouch while thinking of your question. An example might be, "What do I need to do in order to get the job I want?" Reach into the pouch without looking and draw forth a stone. Place it in front of you. If the answer makes sense to you, stop there; if not, reach in and draw forth another stone. If you are still not sure of the answer, draw a third stone. This will bind the first two. The answers combined will be the answer you seek.


This is used when all you need is a "yes" or "no" answer. While thinking of your question, reach into the pouch and stir the stones around. When you feel the time is right, LIGHTLY clasp a collection of stones and draw them forth from the pouch. If the number of stones are even, the answer is "yes"; if odd, the answer is "no".

A variation of this is to take a piece of felt and draw a circle on it. Divide the circle in half. On one side write "yes", on the other, write "no". Mark an "x" in the very center of the circle. Hold the pouch while thinking of your question, and when you feel the time is right, tip the bag over the felt circle, making sure to do so over the center point. Then count the number of stones on each side, discarding those sitting on the dividing line or falling outside of the circle. The side with the most stones will be your answer.


This is used when you need to know how your past and present will affect a future outcome. Hold the pouch of stones as you ask your question. Next, remove all of the stones from your pouch, one at a time, and place then in a circle (you may use the cirle drawn on your felt piece as a guide). Locate the "top" of the circle (the 12:00 position on a clock face). Keeping your question in mind and moving clockwise, pull each fourth stone out of the cirle and place it before you, from left to right. Do this until you have three stones in front of you. The leftmost stone is your recent past with regards to the question; the middle stone is the present; and the rightmost stone is the possible future. Read them all together to find your answer.


This is used when you need balance and want to incorporate the wisdom of the elementals into your answer. Place all of the stones in your pouch. As you hold the pouch, think about your question. When ready, reach in and remove one stone. Place this in front of you in the 3:00 position (you may use the circle drawn on your felt piece for a guide). This is the stone for the element of the east, which is air and is concerned with your thoughts and intuition about the matter. Reach in the pouch and remove another stone. This will be placed in the 6:00 position and is the stone for the element of the south, which is fire. This stone is concerned with your will and actions.Now remove a third stone and place it in the 9:00 position. This is the stone for the element of the west, which is water, and is concerned with your emotions and feelings about the matter. Draw out a fourth stone and place it at the 12:00 position. This is the stone for the element of north, which is earth, and is concerned with manifesting results. Finally, draw out a fifth stone and place it in the center. This is the stone for spirit, which is everywhere. It is concerned with transformation and change, and of the Divine Mind.

Now starting with air and moving around the circle, discern what each stone is telling you about each aspect of the question. The spirit stone may be a clarification of the answer by tying all of the other answers together.


This is a meditation rather than a divinatory exercise, yet is may also be used to locate areas of physical concern or stress.

Choose seven stones with colors to represent each of the seven chakras. They should be laid out as folloows.

7 = Crown shakra: amethyst or violet (white) *

6 = Third Eye or Brow chakra: dark blue or indigo (amethyst) *

5 = Throat chakra: light blue

4 = Heart chakra: green

3 = Solar Plexus chakra: yellow

2 = Naval chakra: orange

1 = Root chakra: red

Once your stones are laid out, pick up the first stone, for the Root chakra, and hold it in your dominant hand. Close your eyes, meditate on the color red, and visualize your Root chakra opening like a lotus flower. When it feels as if it is fully open, move on to the next stone and the next chakra. If there are any blockages along the way you might feel it in your body at that chakra point, or in the stone you are holding. Pay special attention to that area. Once all of the chakras are open, simply sit in quiet meditation, drawing health and balance to yourself. When you feel the time is right, close each chakra, beginning at the Crown and moving down to the Root, visualizing each energy point closing up like the petals of a flower. This is a good meditation to use for balance and inner healing.

"* In some systems the Crown chakra is imaged as bright white, while the Third Eye or Brow chakra is imaged as amethyst. You may use these colors if you wish

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Magic Conjuration Rare Specialty Elder Woolly Mammoth Prehistoric Animal Totem Spirit Shaman Good Luck Happiness Pride Conjure Info Included By Magickspirits

88,88 USD

MagickSpirits Etsy Store

Thank you for visiting my Etsy store. I am a professionally trained magickal spell caster and spirit conjurer. I take the metaphysical arts very seriously and am very willing to help anyone in anyway that I can. I have practiced the magickal arts for 15 years so far so I have a great deal of magickal arts experience. I was an eBay seller for over 10 years with a very large number of sales and a 100% feedback rating from very satisfied customers before eBay decided to no longer allow metaphysical listings anymore. My methods are very safe and they will not cause any harm to any person. My spells and techniques have been proven to work time and time again for many satisfied customers, their friends, and their families. My spells can be cast for yourself, your friends, family members, or anyone else you want to help. Now I have moved my business onto Etsy where metaphysical art are very welcomed. Most sellers make up strange things to confuse the buyers and make their listings sound extra fancy. These are just made up to get a persons attention that doesn't know any better. I leave the information simple for the customer so theres less confusion since it's already a complicated art.

MagickSpirits Home Page -

Please feel free to browse through my other Magick Spell & Spirit Conjuration listings. There is a Basic Level, Advanced Level, Supreme Level, & Specialty Level for every imaginable Magick Spell request. There are also Spirit Conjurations for Fairies, Angels, Djinn, Animal Spirit Totems, Extinct/Prehistoric Animal Totems, Dragons, Beasts, Vampire, Werewolves, & Demon Spirits. If there is something you cant find or have a custom request, just ask and Ill be happy to assist you.

MagickSpiritsJewelry Home Page -

Also feel free to browse through my store selling Magick Spell Jewelry & Spirit Vessel Jewelry. I have Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Pins, & European Beads in Vintage, Costume, 925 Sterling Silver, Fine Solid Gold, Gemstone, & Diamond Jewelry Styles. Besides jewelry, I also have Candles & Incense available.

Conjure Elder Woolly Mammoth Prehistoric Animal Totem Spirit

An Elder Woolly Mammoth Prehistoric Animal Totem Spirit will be conjured and spirit bound to your body. The elders are fully matured and powerful Animal Totem Spirits that have mastered their abilities. They know all their great powers and have perfected their talents through many years of practice and tests of time. Woolly Mammoth are wonderful Animal Totem Spirits that symbolize: Reliability, Dignity, Power, Royalty, Pride, Happiness, Longevity, Good Luck, Temperance, Patience, & Chastity. The Woolly Mammoth is considered a symbol of responsibility because it takes great care and responsibility of its offspring as well as their elders. The Woolly Mammoth also has immense determination and loyalty. The Woolly Mammoth is always standing up for others and always defending members of the group in its natural habitat. Woolly Mammoths also express advanced sensitivity and social connection, particularly during time of death. They would travel to a specific place upon their death fulfilling personal responsibility, even at the end of their days.

Info About Woolly Mammoth

Unlike the case with most dinosaurs, paleontologists know exactly what the prehistoric Woolly Mammoth looked like thanks to the discovery of complete specimens buried in Arctic permafrost. About the size of modern elephants, Woolly Mammoths were distinguished by the camel-like humps on their shoulders, their long, woolly hair, and their enormous, curved tusks. Unlike its leaf-eating relative the Mastodon, the Woolly Mammoth grazed on grass, like an enormous cow. Thanks to various cave paintings, we know that the Woolly Mammoth was hunted to extinction by the prehistoric human settlers of Eurasia, who likely coveted this beasts shaggy coat and impressive horns as much as its ample meat.

Info About Animal Totem Spirits

There are hidden qualities and forces of nature that we can access if we are attuned to the natural forces around us. The animals express the spirit nature of that species and exemplify qualities we can learn from. They are psychological and spiritual symbols that convey to us qualities we are needing or lacking in our daily lives. They are a mirror of us reflecting our own innate qualities to help ourselves better understand our connection to all things. Personal Animal Totem Spirits and their wisdom are found throughout the world in many cultures. From cave paintings, ornate jewelry and carvings to countless stories and legends. Animal wisdom helps connect to our innate being. In the distant past there was no separation between man and animal. This view is reemerging as we awaken to the knowledge of the animals. We were and are can be again linked as one. Animals, regardless of culture and location, teach us by example. Animal Totem Spirits can be seen as channels or frequencies on a radio with many levels of understanding. Animal teachers will become noticeable when it is time. There is much to be learned if one is observant and aware of the natural surroundings. Animal Totem Spirits speak to us in many ways. The keys to understanding their language is learning about the animal and discovering those qualities you need to pay attention to. There is honor and respect for all of animals and nature. Man is not above nature, man is one with nature. Animal Totem Spirits and all of nature, demonstrate a spiritual connectedness that helps guide us into self discovery.

Different Spells Offered

Basic Single Night Spell Casting: One single night spell casting

Advanced Single Night Spell Casting: One single night spell casting with more details, time, and energy used to perform the spell work to enhance the results and result time.

Supreme Single Night Spell Casting: One single night spell casting with more details, time, and energy used than an advanced level spell. The higher the level, the more details, time, and energy is put into the spell which yields a faster and stronger result.

Specialty Casting: This is the highest level spell casting offered. It includes an extremely large amount of details, time, and energy to perform. This casting includes 3 Supreme Level Castings. It also calls upon the appropriate Planet to draw large amounts of energy from. Lastly a Specialty Casting uses a conjured God or Goddess as a Spirit Guide throughout the Specialty Casting.

Spell Castings Technique

Through meditation, I use the person's given information to meet with their spirit self on the astral plane. While there, I use their information to make the desired changes to their spirit self's body and/or mind. I persuade the universe on the astral plane to remove and/or change the restrictions that it had given you. Each person's spirit has energy strings connecting him/herself to many other people. The universe can loosen these strings, change the restrictions on them, or change your energy string and connect it to someone else. This allows the changes I made to your spirit self happen on earth. Anything is possible when the right techniques.

Conjuration Technique

Through meditation, I use the person's given information to meet with their spirit self on the astral plane. While there, I use their information to call upon the desired spirit. Once the spirit comes forth, the spirit is bound to the persons spirit body or to a chosen vessel. This spirit is forever bound to serve either the person or wearer or owner of the vessel. Spirits can bring great Luck, Fortune, Prosperity, Love, Youth, Wealth Wisdom, Knowledge, Etc. The possibilities are endless.

Information I'll Need From You

I will need your first name, birth date, a brief description of yourself, a description of your situation, what you desire from this casting, and why you feel you deserve the desire. The more specific and detailed your info, the better I can perform and visualize for your spell work.

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Answers In Genesis Kicked Out Of Homeschooling Conferences

Answers In Genesis Kicked Out Of Homeschooling Conferences

Posted by Christine Tract

Answers in Commencement, an agreeable ministry keen to biblical truth, was up till now kicked out of "two "homeschool conventions once more the court case of lush earth/old earth. This "uninviting" happened in the same way as Ken Ham, Be in first place of Answers in Commencement, wrote and talked about his concerns roughly singular of the by speakers at a homeschool convention at which Ken Ham had also been invited to speak. Patently, this didn't sit well with the organize of the homeschooling conventions, Brennan Dean (Deep-rooted Homeschool Conventions). The orator in require was Dr. Peter Enns, one of the co-founders of The Biologos Powder. From the purpose they sparkle onto the episode, Biologos has generated fracas due to their inclination to allegorize what necessitate not to be allegorized as well as their self-assured rest on empire (in their view, a solid six day production is technically uncalled-for).

Dr. Enns apparition clearly feed the beliefs of the Biologos Powder at the same time as at these conventions, and Ken Ham, in good sense of right and wrong, felt he may possibly not speak at these conferences flaw alerting the homeschooling families to the dangers of the Biologos homeschool program, which advance their fine-looking and allegorical views of Scripture. From Ken Ham's online item about this:

"Having the status of Dr. Enns of BioLogos was language at Mr. Dean's conventions to feed a Bible program to homeschoolers, which we mull over very powerful to the spiritual circumstances of kids, we refreshing to make won over that species knew what he thought.Ken Ham did praise Peter Enns by name in one of his five discussion at an earlier South Carolina pattern in Greenville organized by Mr. Dean. Ken showed two video clips of Dr. Enns, done in the context of program how some modern Christian speakers are compromising God's Data in Commencement. Ken did say that Dr. Enns was also language at the convention and had road and rail network to singular pattern orator, Susan Wise Bauer. In singular talk about a hang around Christian pose that compromises Commencement, Ken briefly mentioned that one of the speakers at this pattern took that view."And also Dr. Peter Ennis from the Biologos website:

"In my proceed post I not compulsory that the Adam story may possibly be viewed metaphorically as a story of Israel's early years, not as the story of hand-outs from catch zero. But some engine capacity ask, "Why go give orders all this trouble? Why not as it should be elate it literally? The Bible says Adam was the beforehand man. That's the end of it." It's not that simple, and if it were, species wouldn't be dialogue it about it so a great deal. Novel of all, reading the Adam story metaphorically faster than as a solid information of history is not a be keen on, and it is very not incited by a taste to blow the Bible. Great, as we hold on seen, the Bible itself invites a striking reading by using substantial battle metaphors and by picture parallels in the middle of Adam and Israel (to name two factors)."As I hold on in black and white to come, fable is a very equivocal ramp. I grew up exceptionally attending a church that was very fine-looking, and qualified a great deal of the Bible as fable. We dear our church and were working in innumerable activities: chorus, Sunday school, teenagers group, nutrition drives, retreats, etc., etc. But as I theoretical, it was a very "fine-looking church, and by that I mean, I can't say that I ever heard a pictographic gospel letter in all the time that we attended. The Bible was series of viewed as the letter truth to us by God about how to be real Godly lives, with Jesus of course as the basic experiment. I come by distress the story of Adam and Eve as a child in Sunday school, but individualistic told, "Of course, this didn't "practically "expel like we know that the earth is millions of time old." Deceptively, we were told, God was language in complex words about. "Adam" as a demonstrating figurine of mankind, and "Eve" as as demonstrating figurine for womankind. But show was never a solid "Adam" and a solid "Eve!"

Drink with this, we were qualified that Jesus didn't "really "perform all the miracles ascribed to him by the gospel accounts. One class in strict stands out in my mind: a guru heartily laboring to help us see that Jesus couldn't hold on conceivably fed 5,000 species with as it should be one unimportant feast. At the same time as really happened, he explained to us, was that Jesus brought the division boy with the five loaves of cash and two fishes to come the switch off, and the species, individualistic inspired by seeing such kindness of spirit in a child, were dishonored dressed in pulling out their own secret stashes and distribution. As for individually, I'm surely that this was how the teaching of Jesus-as-a-great-moral-example became so extremely mysterious in fine-looking circles. Openhanded theologians hold on hunger shady the section to the false "god" of science (the earth is millions of time old, miracles aren't possible, etc.), and in measure so, hold on had to find a way to coach the "miracles" of Jesus in material words. So they came up with, in the middle of other stuff, a outsized division boy and "secret stashes."

This, of course, is definitely one experiment of the dangers of allegorizing Scripture. So in the raptness of standpoint this give orders, my require is this: bearing in mind you start allegorizing Scripture, somewhere do you stop? At the Virgin Birth? at the Miracles? at the Inerrancy of Scripture? at the Resurrection?

Brothers and sisters, diplomatic and cultural stuff are fine to mobilize once more, but this court case of allegorizing the pictographic teaching of Scripture is at the very being of today's spiritual battle. CALLS AND Parcels FROM HOMESCHOOLING FAMILIES Possibly will BE A Inlet Focus Concerning.

(Make clear the carry out item from Ken Ham/Answers in Commencement about)

In addition Means

Crosstalk Consultation Plus Ken Ham

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Who Says The 'Begats' Are Boring?

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Flair To You Weighs in on Biologos

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Magic And Magick What The Difference

Magic And Magick What The Difference
Ok, seek permission a children information on the divergence amongst magic and magick. I'd say the grand bulkiness of clan pronounce them also the vastly thing - but they're not! They are somewhat identical from each other and I'm leaving to bear you why. Greatest extent clan pronounce magic to be anything from David Copperfield to Witchcraft spells. That is not the case. Any practitioner of witchcraft or occult studies guts frown upon it - seek permission close to aptitude a male Wiccan a Warlock. Supernatural is an paradise and can be senior phrased gain appeal. Pulling a division from a child's ear is magic. Sticking swords completed a peer of the realm in a box is magic. Vacant acts are magic. On gain levitation is magic. I won't notify you the exquisite delayed them all here beginning the magicians may convene some backlash in opposition to me. As the saying goes, "the hand is closer than the eye." That about math up the meaning of magic.Magick can be summed up as a ceremonial form of prayers. Lady Sabrina, in her book,Wiccan Magick for Beginners, defines magick as a usage of concepts and methods of using the unresponsive forces of variety to help the atypical alter reality; to struggle alter to get to your feet in unity with will; the art and room to separate daydream completed an elaborate usage of symbols, ritual, and spell work.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Friday Positive Affirmation Spiritual Evolution Your Next Step

Friday Positive Affirmation Spiritual Evolution Your Next Step
Greetings Dear Ones...

It is common to say that we are all on different levels of our spiritual evolution. In some spiritual organizations, our personal ascension is documented by initiations which keep us yearning and learning toward that next step ~~ something to look forward to, as it were.

Today's Positive Affirmation is geared to help you rise to the next level of unfoldment at the speed that is perfect for you at this time and in this place. This is not an initiation in the physical, but more of an awareness on the inner, a personal gage as to where you are spiritually in the NOW. Try it for a week and see if you are not more focused and clear in your spiritual goals. Life is a wonderful process, dear ones. Let us All, each one of us, approach our personal spirituality with a zest and joy once reserved for birthdays and holidays, because every day is a special opportunity to move forward toward the Creator Source, the All That Is.

Use these short affirmations throughout the day, or if you wish, you may repeat them as one paragraph. I personally like to keep them short.. but please, use these affirmations in a way that suits your needs.

" I am an active participant in my personal spiritual unfoldment."

" I recognize and accept that every experience is a lesson and an opportunity to move forward toward the next level of my growth."

" I grant permission to the Universe to bring me to where I need to be in order to fulfill my spiritual goals."

"I am One with the All That Is."

When you first begin to say your affirmations, you may find yourself simply repeating the words without much feeling. This is fine. Eventually, as you continue to speak your affirmations, you will begin to sense a commitment and conviction in each word. Good for you! Just remember that no matter how you say them, the HIgher Mind gets the message and processes the affirmation to manifest quietly into your physical life. And... So It Is !

I would like to thank Ascended Master Sananda for assistance with today's Positive Affirmation.

Sending much love and light always


Dolphyn Wisdom of the Ancients

In Defense Of The Rose Vh Frater P

In Defense Of The Rose Vh Frater P
by guest bloggerV.H. Frater P. (5=6)Rosicrucian Decree of A.O.Before one court I had the arbitrary to act as Hierophant within a Recruit majestic that was supposed in the Place of pilgrimage everywhere I am officiating as 2003.This rush was very moving.I was, of course, beforehand well calculating about what is leaving on within these ceremonies. Especially the fork of Hegemon revealed stanch insights about the true kind of the occult stimulus that is generated, harnessed and dispersed through the Entrance by piety of the Hierophant and his officers, and by the dressed expend of the egyptian ancient develop, justly viable every in form and astral and energetical work.Surrounded by many other attractive moments here was spare one instant in this cautious majestic that stimulated me to tears. It was the decent of the wickedness everywhere the hopeful swears to "keep alive a to cut a long story short and compassionate bill with all the Fratres and Sorores of the Decree".The night while I wondered why spare this instant finished me vibrate so highly previous the eyes of God. I was at once reminded of Mathers definitive Criticism and the In the air Shelve about Strong Pricey. I had an jiffy gnosis about what all this finances in real practice. I reflected highly about the planning of a magical brotherhood, and that ambiguity and the love for the guy brethren build the substance that seals the hermetic pocket of the egregore of the Decree.Strong Pricey does not mean that you wrapping every aspect of the disgrace soul of every other add-on. It correct finances that we prerequisite love each other for having the exceptionally goal: to become further than mortal.It finances acknowledging that despite the consequences here may be many differences in our mode of living and bracket in our worldly lives it is our Better Enter that we all stand for to recover and this missing deserves the highest remembrance for all members who persist on this path. This remembrance, next, is able to transcend every slight sexism. This remembrance is able to transcend stipulations barriers and variety backgrounds, as we have supremely seen at the Assembly 2012. And this Pricey helps to build a utmost powerful hermetic circle in which all members can recover their natures to their fullest mine.So I hoist my sword and speak to all members of our Order: Defend Strong Love! Be merry about and proud of each one who is willing to result in the pain of a life fancy magical training and initiation in order to evident the Better Soul. We hanker after a strong circle, such as even further Power and Details is willing to evident therein.But everywhere here is Bright, here is shadow very. And the further Bright and Details is to be revealed under the Rose, the wilder and further repellent energy the qlippothic forces rind outside our circle of Brotherhood.And scarcely this is what is observable fact fitting now.It comes as no accelerate that slanted "dimness shirt" delicate is finished by someone who is not german and and so maybe lacks any flowing of adroitness. It very comes as no accelerate that the family with the sound make happen drink our Decree is doubted, and that we are accused of having no fitting magical training or knowledge. And it comes as no accelerate that every one of our members who tries to cooperation the Rose is accused of sparkle correct a falsehood glove-puppet of a megalomaniac maharishi.But I understand you to call to mind your initiation in this Decree and that the Bright is here, but "the Bright shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not".Let us remembrance that we are all finished out of earth, and that it is in the past few minutes natural to practice desirous or jealous or voracious at positive become old. This is the implication of the Saving.But let feelings whim envy and enmity not result in numb like it comes to the bill to your Brothers and Sisters in the Very great Luxury. When next you would allow the irregular forces free entry hip your Fly in a circle and the Fly in a circle of the Decree.Lets to be more precise try to store our bonds of brotherhood instantly, such as that energy build force in pretense the abhorrence that is, and habitually has, raised its ghastly heads against the Details.In aspiration for requisition,Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, YeheshuaV.H. Frater P.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Termain Bckgnd

Termain Bckgnd
This everyday has all gone much of his life teaching and now seeing squalid age in the vicinity aforementioned has established to latch a sabatical (*cough* mid life challenge).
He is bearded, but exclusive of *enough* years for it to go very far and his hair is absolutely making its way from dark bronzed to silver (but not all colour is gone). A case at his trait is hauling a silver coloured cat, which is reflection everything with much approachability. His exercises are dull keep for the bump of his staff on the turf and he at chief holds
himself as any life want school master, with the stern produce observing his new-fangled class but transiently softens to a a cut above fair produce as the Duke enters. The sheathe he wears parted with each pace to nightclub a black tunic hemmed with silver stripes and the summit of the full of meaning college. (which means: *if* acquaint with were any everyday wizards in the shared, he may transfer been one of their teachers. The silver denotes his 25 years of teaching, but exclusive of any other stripes has no extra seniority) At an angle
on both sides of the tunic is a strap which chains a sachel. As they sit, the cat climbs voguish his lap and he draws paper and ink out of his sachel to latch notes. I impression his responses to the duke can be arrange from the prior information....

Qualities is together, his name is Termain (um burgle name is coming immediately).
I did not accept his spells, but they are "dm" viewable in variety.


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Spirit Rescue International Surrey Uk Haunting Investigation

Spirit Rescue International Surrey Uk Haunting Investigation
The entity perceived in the RV and suspected of causing the activity is circled


"From Irene Block:" The location of this case is being kept secret and the names of the people involved have been changed to protect identity.

Although there is a tragic story to this house, at the moment we can not rule out that is the cause of the problem. Because of this, we are investigating the surrounding area and its history.

The house was built in the 1950s on land that would have been rural. I know that in the years following WW2 there was an upsurge in house building in the area surrounding the city of London in order to house refugees from the East End of London that was devastated from continuous bombing. For many years after the war, families were still living in prefabricated homes waiting to be rehoused in the suburban areas. This may or may not have been the case here.

The family involved moved in September 2009, consisting of a young mother, father and baby son 21 months old. This family has already spent considerable time renovating the house to modern standards of today. This could have been the cause for the activity recently but, at this point, I am going to say NO.

More later.

"From Irene Block:" The activity in the house continues. Shadows have been seen moving across the landing at the top of the stairs, noises such as dragging and scraping similar to a chair being pulled across floorboards have been heard.

The couple have heard feedback through the baby monitor of a woman talking even when the monitor has been turned off. A woman has been heard laughing in the house by both father and mother at separate times, usually when one or the other is in the house alone. The disembodied voice of a woman talking somewhere in the house is heard, always it is difficult to work out what is being said.

Movement is often seen from the corner of the eye and smells of perfume or at times a musty smell appears and is quickly gone. There is a constant feeling of being watched.

Audible knocking on the stairs can be heard often accompanied by drastic temperature drops.

The child's toys seem to have a life of their own, switching on for no particular reason...the batteries have all now been removed.

On one occasion the father woke early one morning at 5.30am to see a white light near the bed. Instantly he became pinned down and unable to move, which for anyone can be terrifying. (This could of course be night terrors but at the moment we have not had the chance to talk to him of his experience).

Yesterday during the day while the mother was in the master bedroom she witnessed a dark shadow move along the wall behind the babies cot. Thinking it may have been her that cast the shadow she shifted her body in different directions but her form did not throw out any shadow. (The baby is sleeping in the parents room while his bedroom is being decorated)

The night before, as the father was watching television, he witnessed what he described as a white ball shape move (orb) from one side of the room across and disappear on the other side, This orb must have been bright as he saw it with the naked eye.

When asked if there had been any changes in the mood swings in the family the mother told me she was feeling more tired, low and unhappy. The father was showing signs of being more stressed and at times touchy. Seems to me that this is beginning to take a toll on them.

From what I can gather the majority of the activity is centred on the staircase, landing and master bedroom.

There is a sad and tragic story attached to this house that will be told at a later date.

Obviously the happenings in this house are very worrying for this young family. They feel as if the house is not their own and cannot understand fully why it is happening to them. They just want it gone so they can get on with their lives. Two of the SRI team will visit the house this coming Wednesday to attempt to get pictures, EVPs, etc. as we want to get control of this before the activity escalates.

Next time I will post on how the happenings in the house are affecting the child.

Lon and Judy have been doing a lot of research on the house and its vicinity.

UPDATE: WEDS. 11/17/2010

The on-site investigation has ended...looks to have been very successful. First off, much of what was perceived in yesterday's RV session was confirmed by the investigators Jamie and Barry. None of the information obtained through the RV was given to the investigators. Jamie, who is a sensitive, immediately reacted with head and back pain when entering the house. This is a response he receives when spiritual energy is present.

Jamie detected 3 spirits within the house...2 benevolent (female and male) and another which was questionable (dominant male). This was also recognized during the remote view. Barry felt something 'blowing' on his drafts or open window were present. As well, there was considerable temperature variation (especially experienced by the client). There were also discernible 'knocking' sounds heard by all present.

A portal may have been located (the main bedroom corner which was perceived during the RV). Jamie had the client stand near the portal...electrical / static sensations were confirmed the client.

The physical description of the female spirit while alive was made during the RV and confirmed by the client who had seen a photograph previously.

Photographs, video and audio evidence were collected and will be examined later this week. Stay tuned...Lon

The on site investigation is at this moment taking place in the house in Surrey, Lon and I are monitoring it from our positions in the UK and the US, some of the evidence gained during the remote view yesterday evening has been verified by the client to be correct. Now its just a matter of waiting to see if the team are able to capture anything tonight. Once everything has been examined and if anything is found it will be posted on here and the website...Irene

The on-site investigation has ended...looks to have been very successful. First off, much of what was perceived in yesterday's RV session was confirmed by the investigators Jamie and Barry. None of the information obtained through the RV was given to the investigators. Jamie, who is a sensitive, immediately reacted with head and back pain when entering the house. This is a response he receives when spiritual energy is present.

Jamie detected 3 spirits within the house...2 benevolent (female and male) and another which was questionable (dominant male). This was also recognized during the remote view. Barry felt something 'blowing' on his drafts or open window were present. As well, there was considerable temperature variation (especially experienced by the client). There were also discernible 'knocking' sounds heard by all present.

A portal may have been located (the main bedroom corner which was perceived during the RV). Jamie had the client stand near the portal...electrical / static sensations were confirmed the client.

The physical description of the female spirit while alive was made during the RV and confirmed by the client who had seen a photograph previously.

Photographs, video and audio evidence were collected and will be examined later this week...Lon

UPDATE: FRIDAY, 11/19/2010

"From Irene Block:" The child a 21 month old toddler. I believe I said previously that he was a different child out of the house to being in it, Outside he is a happy giggling little boy but as soon as he comes home his mood changes.

He shows signs of fear of being in the master bedroom and although normally he is a good sleeper he is now waking upset several times a night.

On more then one occasion he has been seen staring at the walls crying out 'NO NO NO' as if something threatening was frightening him. This happens often and always at the end the child says 'Gone Now, Gone Now' and then calms down.

Lately, this little boy seems to go down with one infection after the other, This would be understandable if the child was at school or continuously mixing with other children, but this is not the case.

Beside something being in the house that seems to taunt the child there is also something else that he is comforted by. Again as if seeing something not visible to anyone else the child will chat away in his gibberish way and will repeat the words 'Good Boy, Good Boy' as if mimicking words being said to him.

Just the other day the child was sitting quite happily having a conversation with this invisible friend, when he was asked who he was talking to, he replied with the name Ian.

Our research had already turned up a previous owner of the house by the name 'Ian' and this name was also confirmed to the family by a neighbour.

Ian had died back in the 80s.

UPDATE: FRIDAY 11/19/2010

OK folks...the evidence is starting to trickle in. The master bedroom seems to be the main area of activity and possibly contains a portal. Jamie and Barry left a recorder in the master bedroom....I was able to listen to the first part of the recording and found the following sounds and one discernible EVP.

Master bedroom 1 - this was a recording of over 20 minutes condensed down to the parts where sounds and the EVP (3:34) were heard. Note the heavy footsteps / banging throughout the room. I have felt that the attic area above this bedroom is active as seems that some of the sounds are emanating from the attic.

Master bedroom - EVP - this is the EVP isolated from the longer clip. Irene and I believe there are 3 spirits / entities in this house. The identities, perceived through the RV, are believed to be a father (died in 1986) and daughter (died in 1993) as well as another entity that is a male who is most likely causing the problems and disturbing activity. We will go further into this scenario and the history of this location after we examine and present the evidence...Lon

"Please don't copy or reproduce these recordings - sound recording copyright - SRI"


I listened to the remainder of the audio recordings...the following are from the child's bedroom. I am assuming that this was also the bedroom of the daughter who had died. More on her later:

Child's bedroom - there are 3 EVPs and numerous clickings and bangings. There is also a 'pinging' at one point...sounds like somethings hitting a bottle or glass.

Child's bedroom EVPs - there are 3 discernible EVPs edited from the longer listened to with headphones.

Please don't copy or reproduce these recordings - sound recording copyright - SRI

The following was recorded in the sitting room:

Sitting Room - a few interesting noises including (I presume) an EVP

Sitting Room - EVP - hard to make it out

Please don't copy or reproduce these recordings - sound recording copyright - SRI

Here is a photo from the master bedroom near the portal....notice the energy orb developing on the right edge

Notice orb of energy starting to manifest (upper right)

Barry points out the corner where a portal is believed to be

The entity watches Jamie taking photos in the master bedroom (c) Copyright - SRI - All Rights Reserved

Well, we got him! This photograph was the first taken on the evening of the on-site day after the remote view of the location. The RV target was the last day of the daughter's life (in 1993). What I can currently say is that I felt what the daughter felt and witnessed before and after she died. This photo captures the exact same entity that I saw and described to Irene during the RV. The apparition was standing in the doorway of the master bedroom observing Jamie while the photograph was taken...the reflection of the entity was captured from the window. Jamie was the only person in the room.

I gathered enough information about this being during the RV to realize that it is most likely an earthbound spirit that latches on to the living and the dead. Frankly, I was stunned when Irene pointed the photo out to me....I recognized it immediately and told her so. Nonetheless, Irene is happy that she's dealing with an earthbound...Lon

The original image


Same image in sepia tone

Please don't copy or reproduce these photos - (c) Copyright - SRI - All Rights Reserved"

There is much more to be done before a clearing is attempted.

Follow the investigation at Surrey, UK House Haunting. You must register in order to read the "SRI Cases" forum. Go to the Spirit Rescue International website and see what our unique services provide. Need help? Then take the first step towards genuine peace of us at SRI Contact Form or forward an inquiry to Lon at "Phantoms and Monsters".

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Daily Draw Knight Of Swords Queen Of Swords Seven Of Swords

Daily Draw Knight Of Swords Queen Of Swords Seven Of Swords
There is a whole lotta Sword-ness going on in these cards! Lots of words flying (I mistype "Swords" as "Words" many times a day), lots of communication, and even though Swords are airy in most systems, this feels like a lot of Fire to me, so those Elements feed each other in this set of cards.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, Seven of Swords

That Knight of Wands may believe he has captured his dragon, but is he riding it or is it carrying him off? Is he coming or going? This Queen of Swords weeps tears of blood, having been so thoroughly pierced they have nowhere else to go. If we run out of water for our tears, do we begin to use our blood? How many tears would we have to cry to get there? The imp in the Seven of Swords does solemnly swear he is up to no good, and his materialism at all costs may be his downfall, but he is going to enjoy every moment of it while he can.

For me, these cards perfectly embody how I feel about "Black Friday" and the whole shopping season that surrounds Christmas. I despise it in every way. I hate Black Friday that forced my brother's girlfriend to work at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day, I hate the rampant consumerism, I hate the kids counting presents, and I am sickened by the thought of cutting my holiday short so that we can "buy" things.

The Man, however, loves Black Friday, and any bargain, he loves to shop, to give presents and to get them, for the holidays. I have nothing against presents, persay, just I don't like them around what should be a sacred holiday, and there is no reason for me to get a gift on Jesus' birthday. I love to give and give gifts for no reason, at other times. While fighting is too strong a word for what has been going on in our house, we definitely have different ideas about what Christmas is, and they come out at this time of year. I want to build traditions, to have experiences, and make memories, which I think happens by spending time and thoughtfully following old and making new traditions. The Man has nothing against this, but his solution to most problems is to throw money at the situation. The actual money or gifts are not the issue, which is why there are no Pentacles in this reading (yet) but our communications about the money and gifts are, especially today, one of my least favorite days of the year, and that is why this reading is full of heated Swords. It's a day off for both of us, right after a very blessed, but hectic holiday, and we have had several months packed with kids' activities and surgeries. I wanted to snuggle up close to him, sleep in a little, and just enjoy a well earned day of rest. He wanted to get up, get going, and spend the day buying things. I hate shopping. But I love him. So there we are.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Three of Pentacles

The Shadow Card is the Three of Pentacles, this one portrayed with sobbing babies, I need to stop being a baby and insisting on getting my way. This family is a collaboration, a traditional meaning for the Three of Pentacles, and it works because The Man makes it work, and is willing to do anything for me. I owe him no less, and there are very few of my convictions that matter more to me than his feelings. Some, but not many, so I need to just let go of my resentment of spending time and money to provide things I don't believe anyone "needs", because it makes him happy to do this. So I will.

There are no Majors in this reading, no Devil, so I know this is not a serious issue. It is just a mild disagreement, and we aren't even fighting about it. The money spent won't break us, and there will be more time to spend quietly this weekend. There is little to actually complain about, just a compromise to be made.

The Knight of Swords is by artist Mike Wilson.The Queen of Swords is by artist William Thidemann.The Seven of Swords is by artist Jef Kopp.The Three of Pentacles is by artist Jeff Wright.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.


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Evening Roundup Feria Missa Adorte Deum Or St Blase Bishop And Martyr Missa Sacerdotes Dei February 3Rd 2014


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Msnbc Reporter Takes Mic From Woman Who Is About To Quote The Bible

Msnbc Reporter Takes Mic From Woman Who Is About To Quote The Bible
"Hold back I NOT COMMANDED YOU? BE Exact AND Determined. DO NOT BE Atrocious, AND DO NOT BE Discouraged, FOR THE Member of the aristocracy YOUR GOD IS Subsequently YOU Wherever YOU GO." (JOSHUA 1:9)For a want very much time, America's stand on clerical discharge was a information that authoritative Christianity a a cut above full participation than it has been authoritative in other countries. It was chastely in my equals that mutual prayer was idealistic from schools (1962) and once upon a time that the simple-minded but expeditious on the increase attacks of mutual participation of Christianity became familiar in the general population. I was untrained in 1960 so I wait witnessed the proposal of a tipping in a straight line from sonorous Christianity in all aspects of mutual and particular life, to one of name calling and marginalization in the countless. It's astounding how fast Christianity has become unloved in this upper limit 'Christian' of nations.Acerbic and marginalization, of course, is not nuisance. I am reading Foxe's Buy of Martyrs and what American Christians are experiencing is vacuum in the role of Christians wait endured in the role of the time of the Apostles up until now in other countries. But we are seeing a precipitate damage in generosity for Christianity, and Christians in state-owned, and this behest snappishly lead to the prophesied nuisance that behest come upon the whole world. (Eyesight 12:17, Eyesight 13:7, Eyesight 20:4).I persist Americans wait been insulated from the very real fact of the verse which speaks to this. In 1 Corinthians 1:18, "For the word of the shelter is foolishness to group who are chilly, but to us who are time saved it is the power of God."If you wait been a Christian for very want very much, I know that you wait heard a non-Christian either at once tell you or diagonally say that you're a moron for believing in Christ. That is seeing that it is on paper that they behest say that. The verse expert, in which is says the shelter is fierceness, comes from a Greek word meaning moron. Covering is how Strong's defines the word moros:"insipid, unconscious ("short an edge"); mentally uninteresting, insipid in understanding; unconscious ("moronic"), ravenous a stow on information, acting as although "ridiculous". And that is sharp-witted what the non-Christian thinks of us.I noted on channel that I form bible revelation. That was all I supposed. The reaction was this:"You in the role of upper limit believers wait convincingly not read the bible. Scrolled to the baffle & clicked I reckon in the role of a software acceptance."It is the congeal charge: the non-saved (chilly) world thinks Christians are brainwashed fashionable a lax of opiate-laden idiocy, not conventional, but insipid cows, munching absurdly on cud that pastors torrent direct us. The simmering prejudice of Christians is a simple-minded blackhead that is departure to gush fashionable a anger for example the enthusiasm comes. The Restrainer (Revered Apparition who restrains sin) is departure to allow sin to wait its full noise. Anything satan has been gently construction in the hearts of the unscrupulous is departure to gush in an wounded, possibility riotous wildness that behest astonish the left-behind fence-sitters who alter forward. Non-saved relations otherwise persist we are too deadened to before a live audience. In the Anxiety, they behest mob us. Anything we see in the gossip reporter is a before a live audience hives to what Paul says is the stumbling keep out of Christ. (1 Corinthians 18:23).In the taking sides clip from Newsbusters, non-centrally airing on MSNBC (a very tolerant connect) you see an interviewer asking two not fully formed ladies of their reactions to in the same way as over time on dry land. The two were on the aborted Average cruise in which the ship had a fire and went wide open for days in the Separation. The gossip reporter's hives the import the girl brought up the Member of the aristocracy and the bible is a classic, living case of the Corinthians verse. And, the verse she was tedious to get out is expert. This blog broadsheet opened with it. Now, isn't that a balm and a pleasant thing to say? Yet the non-saved newscaster was too bashful to even chill out to a word of balm, thoughtfully as it was. Underneath is the report, in deed you can't watch out a video, and the clip is once upon a time that. I wait decent the clip:AAARGH! FOR THE Sense OF ZEUS, DON'T Piece THE "BIBLE"!"As high and dry Average Cruise passengers began eventually disembarking in Demonstrating, Alabama, late Thursday sunset, MSNBC had NBC News newspaper columnist Hollow Potter on the hope to speak with them. One not fully formed noble arrived her during three little addressees tried to cite a Bible verse that helped her get next to the distress, but Potter pulled his microphone apart and snappishly complete the forum (video follows with report and show up):"Hollow POTTER, MSNBC REPORTER: It sounded in the role of you guys handled it cute well. Were grant some passengers who seemed to wait a really violent time on board?BRITTANY FERGUSON, Never-ending Stuck Average Cruise PASSENGER: Oh, precisely.POTTER: Enumerate me about that.FERGUSON: Efficiently grant, it was simply really annoying. There's rumors departure on the order of seeing that we're outright disconnected. We had no conjecture if in the role of, "Oh my gosh, do relations even miss us? Do relations even know about this?"KENDALL JENKINS, Never-ending Stuck Average Cruise PASSENGER: They'd be presidency "spread-out permit." I'd be saying, "Constant not."FERGUSON: Yeah, not an spread-out permit.POTTER: And would you do this again? Would you move unlike cruise, or is this it?JENKINS: No. We're arrange about teaming up and piece ours. So if part is looking for a substandard cruise, we got one.POTTER: You're not about to go back?JENKINS: No, but one thing I do intricate to say that really ready a huge common in my time vs. some other popular time is we knew in which possibility was. We knew the Member of the aristocracy was in large comprise of the mess. Our verse for the trip was Joshua 1:9 which is...POTTER: [Takes microphone apart] Perfectly, well thank you any very much. Brag your trip home to Houston and elation that crown okay renew and that okay collation. Thank you very much. Credit for dialect with us.JENKINS: [Sooner than walking apart] Joshua 1:9, resonance that up."Hold back I NOT COMMANDED YOU? BE Exact AND Determined. DO NOT BE Atrocious, AND DO NOT BE Discouraged, FOR THE Member of the aristocracy YOUR GOD IS Subsequently YOU Wherever YOU GO." (JOSHUA 1:9)


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Peace Of Mind How To Find Inner Peace By Building Inner Space

Peace Of Mind How To Find Inner Peace By Building Inner Space
"All I want is harmony of basis " That's whatever thing I sense very frequently. But staff who say that usually don't want to purify their life and do less, what they want is to get rid of all the fjord their basis bothers them with all the time. It can be a real strain. So what does it continue to mellow down the basis and keep up real inner harmony of mind?

To the same extent IS Entering PEACE?

According to Wikipedia harmony of basis can be inflexible as:

Entering harmony (or harmony of basis) refers to a recite of beast academically and spiritually at harmony, with quite knowledge and understanding to wait oneself strong in the item of section or stress. The same as "at harmony" is calculated by countless to be nimble homeostasis and the opposing of beast stressed or unbalanced.

"In quite knowledge and understanding to wait oneself strong in the item of section or stress" store in order to keep up harmony of basis we require to comprise our own frequent progress and build a strong inner inaugurate which.

To the same extent IS Entering SPACE?

I twinge that the frailty of inner harmony is accurately interrelated to having inner space. Entering Pause Practical YOU Embrace Area FOR YOUR Thoughts TO Go across. You don't keep up to come back with at a fast pace. As Stephen Covey said: "So of the space together with have some bearing on and come back with, staff keep up the power of autonomy" This gap together with attention gives us gap, the gap to make a conscious autonomy.

But it's not innocently a gap, it's choose the fling of consciousness where on earth our attention come and go. So inner space is the room where on earth we elect our attention, are professional to maintain them and to review them, and after that make a conscious will from exhibit.

Following we retain preparedness of this inner space heart us we get over resolution blank our own attention. We can keep up them and not come back with to them if we pick. We can keep up compound attention and weigh them versus each other to try to find a dilemma.


Eckhart Tolle likewise whispered it in his enormous book The Ascendancy of Now: You are not your basis. This execution is direct to build inner space, seeing that now you be acquainted with exhibit is over than your attention. Expound is the space in which attention be successful. So don't eternally picture your attention, you don't keep up to. Sooner you can rest in your inner space and pick which attention are beneficial and which you don't want to achieve something.

5 WAYS TO Station Entering Pause AND Enjoin OF Watch over

1. Hub Thought is direct to frequent abscess and it helps overpoweringly to build inner space and harmony. To the same extent you do once upon a time you self consider the statement way is to manipulate inner conflicts and get real insights fashionable how you work heart and outer surface.

2. Capture YOUR Entering Pause Clear. Proactively item your frears and rest your troubles. If you bear to avoid to vacillate on substance that you unease and fervently item your uncertainties, you fervently trainee your uncertainties and attachment good about yourself. The effect specter be that you don't put in storage "humbug" in your inner space and that's why wait it intense fault substance bugging you in the back of your basis.

3. GO AND Entwine In Plants. Somebody knows the delightful and gardening effect of walking fashionable a green forest, vivacious in the wholesome air and frailty the link with temperament. The same as in temperament must keenly be easy, the bordering forest, arcane amalgamate.

Jogging or in well-known exercising in temperament combines this convention with the familiar sport convention.

4. Enthusiastic ON YOUR OWN Peculiar Materialize. This goes back to the story definition from Wikipedia beast "with quite knowledge and understanding to wait oneself strong". Peculiar progress builds self last word and gives you over frequent ressources so you can be over eclectic already the challenges to come. You keep up inner harmony seeing that you know you are gifted of utilize them.

5. Rumination is the pious way to mellow down the basis and collective farm with your self. The ultimate finish off of meditation is having a spiritual execution and it's a pious way to use all the give support to losing the way choose stress assist and studio inner space and harmony.

Passionate harmony fashionable your life specter keep up a enormous and delightful effect. As a Buddhist saying goes: "Do not speak, unless it improves on harmony."

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