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Learn Vedic Astrology Online Free Vedic Astrology Free Predictions

Learn Vedic Astrology Online Free Vedic Astrology Free Predictions
The First House or Ascendant ( Lagna )Fame and personality are indicated by the First House. The greatest wealth that is Health is also indicated by the Ascendant. Analysing the strength of the First house consists in assessing the strength of the Ascendant lord, the strength of the planets occupying the First House and the planets which aspect the Ascendant. If the First House is highly fortified, then the qualities denoted by the First House ( like Fame, Health and Personality ) will be highly fortified. If weak, then the qualities will be weak. viz the native will be less famous and mediocre.The Second HouseWealth is ruled by the 2nd house. The other significations are family & speech. If the 2nd house is powerful, then the probability of the native acquring wealth will be high. Accumulated property is ruled by the 2nd house.

The Fifth House Intelligence is ruled by the Fifth house. If the 5th lord is powerful, the native becomes highly intelligent. Divine merit is also indicated by the Fifth House, the fifth being a moral triangle. The Sixth House Enemies and debts are ruled by the sixth house. If the sixth house is powerful, enemies get destroyed. The native becomes debt-free. On the other hand, if the sixth be weak, persecution from enemies and torture by debts. The Seventh HouseLife-partner is indicated by the seventh house. The native gets a rich partner if the seventh house is powerful. Diplomacy is also indicated by the seventh house.The Eighth HouseDeath is indicated by the eighth louse. Lots of longevity if the eighth house is powerful. If the eighth house be powerful, less obstacles & hindrances on the path of life.The Ninth HouseFortune, Guru, Divine Merit - all these are the characteristics of the Ninth House. If the ninth house is powerful, spiritual progress and the smiling of Fortune. The Ninth House can confer not only Fortune, but also a cordially disposed spouse and good children too.The Tenth HouseThis is considered to be a very important House as it indicates one's profession.If the tenth lord is powerful, the native becomes reputed. Professional enhancement and reputation.The Eleventh HouseThis is the house of Gains and Fulfillment of all desires. All planets are welcome in the Eleventh. Excellent position for Saturn and Jupiter to be in. If the eleventh lord is powerful, even anarchic qualities may manifest.The Twelfth HouseThis is the house of Liberation. Excellent position for South Node (Ketu) to be in( as he is signiicator of Liberation ).On the negative side, incarceration and loss indicated by this house.If the twelfth house is powerful, the native attains to Liberation, provided Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu are well posited.While analysing the strength of Houses, the strength of its Lord, the strength of the planet posited in the House, the aspects of other planets on it - all these factors should be considered.The Law of Correspondences of Classical Philosophy applies to astrological science.The Correspondence between the Nine digits and the nine revolving heavens is the science of AstroNumerology.More quality information about Astro-Numerology and a free Astro- Numerological Report can be had fromThe Correspondence between the Nine gems and the Nine planets is the science of Astro-Gemology.


Review Wood Wisdom A Guide To The Sacred Forest

Review Wood Wisdom A Guide To The Sacred Forest
I'm currently reading a lovely book called Wood Wisdom. It is all about tree lore and has a wealth of information about the trees made famous in the ancient Irish Ogham tree alphabet. It is illustrated with mandala-like images for each tree, with circular patterns derived from the leaves, seeds, berries and symbolic associations.

I must admit the book by H Catherine Watling has been on my to-read pile for a little while - I got it at the same time as The God Tree, which I wrote about at the end of last month - but I am really wishing I'd read it sooner because it is fascinating.

Wood Wisdom begins with a guided meditation called Treading the Forest Path. This can be used to meet the sacred trees of our land, and the rest of the book covers the trees in detail. It offers facts as well as folklore, Celtic myths and legends, poetry, seasonal rituals, crafts such as wand-making and a meditational paragraph on each tree that can incorporated into the forest pathworking.

The Capall Ban website says: "Wood Wisdom is designed as a companion to exploring the sacred forest, both in the physical world and the inner realm of imagination, vision and dream."

As well as being a treasure trove of delightful information, the book acts as a divinatory set. A card set is being produced to accompany the book, so you can draw one and look up its meaning for guidance or inspiration.

Although I haven't seen the card set, I can see from the illustrations in the book that it would be delightful to use. Jon of publisher Capall Ban told me: "The author is also the artist and is producing the cards as a separate colour set. Originally the book wasn't going to include the cards, but we're changing it to have the cards as a black-and-white set bound in the back. We'll supply b/w cards to people with the original version."

I think this could well be the book I was looking for to help me explore the Ogham in greater depth, but I'm sure I'll also be taking it with me on woodland walks - as well as trying out the visualisations. And I look forward to hopefully seeing the cards some time too.

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Universal Elements

Universal Elements

Inside this assemble of celebration (for a wedding or a baptism or contemporary one), I use the elements which we are through, us humans, and after that the State and the Design, on which we are living. Aren't we a part of this Earth?


THE State is cast-off to originate root, motif, produce

THE Marine, the tone of life is cast-off to title, bless

THE AIR : diplomat of Spurt and Marine is cast-off to take breaths out and take breaths in, gift and response, and for its power of increase and demise

THE Spurt : to clean, refine, rotate, regenerate

Regarding the fifth element : the Pliability, it requires more than a few resistance to shoot the breeze about.but Precious is the involved


they guide the beginning and the end of a celebration choose the 4 seasons: Pour / EAST - SUMMER / SOUTH - Settle up / WEST - Frost / NORTH, as we see the sun bustle every day and I use it in my revels.

To the same degree the origin of the world, all these aspects, amid others, wait been cast-off stirring rituals passages of life. I solely cite what has been beyond or cut down.

Quality IS A Wheel, all is circular: the State is substantial, the wind swirls, bird nests are substantial, the abdomen of a mother is substantial, children script unwisely substantial. I use this original and sacred form inside these "RECONNECTING " Revels : that's the name I produced to speak about.

Agathia, correspond with this celebrant

Cet inform Inclusive elements est apparu en pinnacle sur agathia-celebrant.

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Sonic Meaninglessness

Sonic Meaninglessness
"Bell prose began with the emerge of terms itself," explains Peter Finch. "Tribal chantings, group wailings, mesmerizing mumblings in celebration of gods and victories. These were the pre-literate verbalisings that are actually claimed as a standard bottom by all poetries. Sooner than the centuries they became mantras, meditational repetitions, sonic meaninglessness: Try this-Om Amkhara om om. Or this-ababra abrakakraka abrakal abrakal abrakal abraka abra abrabcadarrab era abaracadabara. Recognise them? Of course you do. In Babylonian mature spells darling these were installed in the corners of houses as traps for demons. The write down was on paper in the uncover of an incoming gyrating spiral. The demon, right ever emotive to read in one domination, would marks the spell in its irresistible development and end having difficulties, cruel in the centre. The innovative ever illustrative prose. And one with a purpose. Because is prose for? For communicable the dark bits and pieces at the back of our heads and swindling them for all to see" ("Bell Tongue" [2003]). Optional books (downloadable pdfs):Pansophic Freemasons - Masonic SymbolismAleister Crowley - Among Bad languageBernard Ruler - Meanings Of The RunesLabels: magical love spells books of black magic ancient black magic astral prominence real chakra opposite astral prominence telepathy love spell book wichcraft spells

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Upcoming Plans And Something Practical

Upcoming Plans And Something Practical

Lots of things going on of late:

Upcoming Plans: I will be invoking Annubis for an old friend soon. She wants a conversation with him. I always like being out of touch for a while for things like this. I cannot anticipate her questions or the answers she seeks.

I have plans for more work with the Helpful Deity as well.

I have also been working to being more open. I have begun opening the portal in daily life. The Psychic gave me an exercise to do before work to keep me from getting so frustrated. It works. It also works when I open the portal and pray. I do this a lot throughout the day. I've been so much calmer, more loving.

Today, during a tough meeting, I opened the portal during a break. I saw the tree of life. Binah moved to Daath and I saw a pentagram connecting the points of Daath, Netzach, Geburah, Chesed and Hod. Daath became the observer (thanks Rabbi). I could then see the points of view, motivations and the like from the group in Hod and Netzach and my stewardship of the meeting moving between Daath, Geburah and Chesed. Fascinating. Once I saw that and acted upon that information the meeting went very well. Maybe there is something to this occult stuff. (grin)


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Back Pain And Meditation Part 6

Back Pain And Meditation Part 6
by daryl mitchell

Article by Glen Wood - The Yoga Teacher

Back Pain and Meditation Part 6

The transitions between sitting and standing in this method are an opportunity to practice meditation in action. Meditation must not be thought of as something that is only done in a physically rigid state, far removed from the world of work and play. The goal is to become meditative continuously, so that your very being becomes cosmically conscious permanently and irrevocably. When you stand up and sit down during meditation sessions, feel the inner flow of meditation continue. Observe that your body is moving, but your basic existential identity remains the same.

When one meditates, do it for a short time; but do it again and again and again. The whole point is to develop a habit of meditation. If one meditates at first for too long, the mind just becomes more and more agitated and difficult to control. If one meditates for a short time and renews the session many times, then each time the mind will be fresh and clear and able to settle down more easily. So meditate again and again until the habit of meditation grows stronger.

Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by hundreds of thousands in over 90 countries

In the process of exploring these universal concepts in the privacy of your own inner world through meditation, you will come to a first hand awareness of the interconnectedness of the human family and the rights, roles and responsibilities of individuals. This is very important in your spiritual development and will give you a fresh perspective ! on value s such as justice, freedom, respect and love.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is best understood as a state of 'mental silence' in which one is fully alert and aware but free of the unnecessary thoughts or worries that lead to many of life's day to day stresses. This state of silence occurs spontaneously when one learns how to focus on the experience of the present moment, leading to a state of peace and calm. Through a simple process, known as Self-Realisation (kundalini awakening) this meditative state can be quickly established, maintained and, most importantly, enjoyed! About the Author

Glen Wood - The Yoga Teacher, dedicated to unlocking the Real Secrets of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

To help you further with your back, neck and shoulder pain you need to sign up for your FREE "Yoga and You" report at

Renewed Statement Of Adventist To Every Form Of Anti Semitism

Renewed Statement Of Adventist To Every Form Of Anti Semitism
NOTE: This is a central Google Report from an file in "GERMAN".Transformed Base OF THE ADVENTISTS' TO ANY All right OF ANTI-SEMITISM12th November 2012 by EANNThe supposed Victory of David was in Nazi Germany introduced compulsory group for intimates who were to Nazi law as Jews. In a minute he has served their get and swimming pool for the send away of Jews to ghettos, deepness and death camps. - Picture: Daniel Ullrich / Threedots[Collonges-sous-Sal`eve Cedex / France (APD)] The heads of the Obtainable Church leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany (North and South German main part), Austria and German-speaking Switzerland take, by means of a moral at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Academy in Collonges / France together secretive Geneva, a "Re-statement of the Seventh-day Adventist to every form of anti-Semitism" was adopted.The boards consist of the Supervisor, his substitute and in the same way Secretary (CEO) and the Treasurer.The position on the " Promise of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany and Austria 60thAnniversary of the end of Conception War II "in May in the 2005 commendation. Is the Adventist church leaders predictable in moreover countries their scrub down by means of the Nazi autocracy.In the Promise of 2005 was "spicily deplored" that it had by means of the Nazi era in Adventist publications statements unlimited to the Jewish domestic that "the chauvinist stock of anti-Semitism gave verbal communication in a way that unbelievable from today's perspective" is. To one side from some assertive exceptions, "numberless Seventh-day Adventists to the slice and the difficulty of their man Jews do not bundle" would take full of activity. They are "marginalized and prohibited, departed to itself, and so delivered captivity, exile or death" was. Convinced why the church leaders, "that we take become to the Jewish domestic... accountable." They pleasing to get up, "indestructibly" to land, "that no one is prohibited in the role of of interest, religion, care order or sexual characteristics and on the breadline." Destitution in the same way "the subsequently is not gone," advised "but as a trustworthy remembrance to us today near our eyes" stand."These words make perceptive," it says in a new statement that "we firmly shirk as Seventh-day Adventists do not regard any anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic annotations in our communities."Argument is the position of the address "king of the north", Part 2, by Dr. Walter Veith, an Adventist from South Africa, on 20 October 2012 in Nuremberg whispered and was in the same way webcast. "In it, he shielded the dissertation that Freemasons and Jesuits had second hand the Nazi era, the Jews up till now get to Palestine to Christianity get despairing from the real biblical statements and misled," alleged the statement. Fixed in this "captivate clue" type using the raconteur lingo, such as "Verherdung" of the Jews in the work out of encourage and bustle. He in the same way plays down the Victory of David as a "orangey handkerchief". "We fit into that such designations antisemitic unwarranted and get a punishable flippant the Nazi rule of horror, very complete."The Adventist church leaders emphasize: "We expanse grave by such statements and captivate.We see this as not our authority to evangelize. During is a notional worldview is trendy, stage is no assignment in the Bible and the real objective of the gospel distracting. As well, that the deference of the narration is not an ethically allowable concern with other religions. "The Adventist departments and municipalities spur encouraged to think it over" that such trial figure out place either in our name nor in our premises. "Walter Veith, untutored in 1949, traditional his Ph.D. in 1979 from the Literary of Promontory Local about the sustenance of the associate clip Clinus superciliosus in the evolving alight. At South African universities he whispered for a time as a lecturer lectures in zoology and physiology. Mid-1980s he united in South Africa at the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Veith, who speaks German, advanced lectures on creationism (belief in business), food and biblical end-time visualization, which he holds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.He works hardly with the in the bounds of, single of the Obtainable Church Society "Startling Discoveries" together, acquaint with to buy recordings of his lectures.The following is the simulate of the statement:Transformed position of the Seventh-day Adventist to every form of anti-SemitismAs church leaders, we recall the "Promise of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany and Austria for the 60th Silver jubilee of the end of Conception War II "in May 2005. Is the Adventist church leaders visage their scrub down in Germany and Austria by means of the Nazi autocracy.The statement spicily laments that at that time in Adventist publications gave statements to the Jewish domestic that "the chauvinist stock of anti-Semitism gave verbal communication in a way that unbelievable from today's perspective" is. To one side from some assertive exceptions, took "numberless Seventh-day Adventists to the slice and the difficulty of their Jewish man introduce somebody to an area no part." They were "marginalized and prohibited, be departed rapt and so delivered captivity, exile or death." Convinced why the church leaders, "that we take become to the Jewish domestic... accountable." They announced their resolution, "indestructibly" to land, "that no one is prohibited in the role of of interest, religion, care order or sexual characteristics and on the breadline." Also to "the subsequently is not gone," advised, "but as a trustworthy remembrance to us today near our eyes" stand.These words make it perceptive that we as Seventh-day Adventists indestructibly dissent any anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic notes not regard in our communities.Walter Veith whispered on 20.10.2012 in Nuremberg the argument "king of the north (2)", which was in the same way raise on the Internet. In it, he shielded the dissertation that Freemasons and Jesuits had second hand the Nazi era, to bring the Jews to up till now to Palestine so that the Christians get despairing from the real biblical statements and misled.Fixed in this captivate clue type the raconteur lingo, such as "Verherdung" the Jews second hand in the work out of encourage and bustle. He in the same way played down the Victory of David as a "orangey handkerchief". We fit into that such designations are anti-Semitic, unwarranted or view a punishable flippant the Nazi rule of horror is very complete.We expanse grave by such statements and captivate. We see this as not our authority to evangelize. During is a notional worldview is trendy, stage is no assignment in the Bible and the real objective of the gospel distracting. As well, that the deference of the narration is not an ethically allowable concern with other religions. For this drive we promote our departments and municipalities to think it over that such trial figure out place either in our name nor in our premises. Collonges/ France, 07.11.2012The boards of directors of the Obtainable Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Germany, North and South German Society of Seventh-day Adventists in Austria Obtainable Church of Seventh-day Adventists, German Swiss SocietySOURCE:

St Joasaph The Bishop Of Belgorod

St Joasaph The Bishop Of Belgorod


Saint Joasaph was untutored at Proluka, in the history Poltava control, on September 8, 1705, the Banquet of the Nativity of the Greatest Holy Theotokos. He was descended from the old and majestic Teensy Russian (Ukrainian) silhouette of the Gorlenkovi. At Inauguration he was named Joachim.

In 1712, his beginning enrolled the seven-year-old Joachim in the Kiev Nonphysical School. In the walls of the university he felt engrossed to monastic life. For seven being he studied it a lot, and sooner or later revealed his moment to his parents.

For a hunger time his mother and beginning pleaded with their first-born son not to give in monastic tonsure. But in 1725, nameless to them, he became a "rasophore" ("robe-wearing raw recruit") with the name Hilarion at the Kiev Mezhigorsk monastery, and on 21 November 1727 he was tonsured in the mantya with the name Joasaph at the Kievo-Bratsk monastery. This act coincided with the reimbursement of his studies at the spiritual university.

At what time the death of His Uncertainty Barlaam, the See of Kiev was governed by Archbishop Raphael Zaborovsky. Archbishop Raphael noticed the abilities of the undeveloped dry and assigned him to director service to the Religious. He was entrusted with the specialty of the turn-off of inspector of the Kiev archbishopric.

In November 1734, Archbishop Raphael bound the hierodeacon Joasaph as hieromonk, and he was transferred from the Bratsk monastery school to the Kiev-Sophia archbishop's own. At the self-same time, he was appropriate a addition of the Kiev virtuous consistory.

In fulfilling the turn-off of inspector, he exerted a long way purpose towards the amendment of perpendicular deficiencies involving the borough clergy. The saint's service in the consistory turn-off enabled him to be marked with his administrative abilities. Complete this time, he ended a good study of the needs of clergy-servers, noting moreover the good points and the failings of the district. His aptitude for command was compound with his never-ending spiritual purpose. He in a little while ascended the stepladder of spiritual impeccability, which can be seen in his work, "The War of the Seven Laudable Intrinsic worth with the Seven Exhausting Sins."

On June 24, 1737 Hieromonk Joasaph was appropriate show the way of the Holy Transfiguration Mgarsk monastery, and profound to the eminence of igumen. Wearing he worked with all his mettle to put the monastery in good order, for it was an old citadel of Orthodoxy in the contest with the Unia. In this monastery were skeleton of St Athanasius, Patriarch of Constantinople and Wonderworker of Lubny (May 2). Assorted grow old St Athanasius appeared to Igumen Joasaph, as a sign of his patronal protection.

In 1744 Urban Raphael profound Igumen Joasaph to the express of archimandrite. Towards the end of that self-same go out with he was called to Moscow and hurriedly, at the track of the Greatest Holy Synod, he was appropriate reverend of the Holy Trinity Sergiev Lavra monastery. At this monastery of St Sergius he furthermore indefatigably content acceptance to the Religious (this go out with de rigueur a long way drudgery for the rebuilding of the monastery at what time a fire).

On June 2, 1748 at the Peter and Paul church in Peterburg, Archimandrite Joasaph was bound Bishop of Belgorod. Mounting the archbishop's throne, St Joasaph densely alert himself with fidelity and the rider of the churches, with the reasonable celebration of divine services, and incredibly with the perpendicular rider of his backpack.

The saint faithful never-ending awareness to the tuition of the clergy, and the sincere obedience of churchly norms and traditions. In basic terms as before, the saint worked with all his mettle in his archpastoral service, weak spot regard for his health.

On the eve of his quietness, the saint forbade his detain server Stephen to need to the priesthood, and he predicted that if he did not have a high regard for him, he would pleasant with an first end. To brand new detain server Basil, the saint indicated that he would be a deacon, but would never become a priest. Later, this scenario was content. St Joasaph died on December 10, 1754, and was overvalued on September 4, 1911.


"SAINT OR Banquet POSTED THIS Envision 2009(with 2008's relationship voguish furthermore and a lot, 2007's):"

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Mantras For Wealth And Prosperity

Mantras For Wealth And Prosperity
FOR THE ACQUISITION OF WEALTHRecite the following mantra for 1.25 lakh times. After completion of the recitation the sadhaka will acquire wealth, earn name and fame and will be free from ill health. Recitation of the mantra continuously will help the sadhaka to increase wealth, health and fame. "OM NAMO ARAHANTHAANAM, OM NAMO SIDDAANAM,"OM NAMO AAYARIYAANAM, OM NAMO UVAJHAAYAANAM,"OM" NAMO LOYE SAVVA-SAHOONAM."OM" HRAAM HREEM HROOM HROWM HRA: NAMA: SWAAHAA."Recite the following mantra for 21 days continuously for a minimum of one hour each in the early morning, noon and evening. One should take bath on all the three times that is morning, noon and evening. If one does so, gain of wealth is certain. He will also accomplish all his desires. "OM" ARAHANTHAANAM, SIDDHAANAM AAYARIYAANAM"UVAJHAAYAANAM SAAHOONAM MAMA RIDDHIM"VRIDDHIM SAMEEHITHAM KURU KURU SWAAHAA."First recite this mantra for 12500 times for complete siddhi of this mantra. Thereafter recite daily 108 times. There will definitely be increase in income day by day."OM NAMO BHAGAVATHEE PADMAAVATHEE OM EM SREEM OM POORVAAAYA, DAKSHINAAYA, PASCHIMAAYA, UTHARAAYA, AANA POORAYA, SARVA JANA VASHYAM KURU KURU SWAAHAA."Again there is a proper procedure by which you can increase income and blessings of goddess luxmi will always with you and there will be complete peace of mind.The mantra is"OM PADMAAVATHE PADMA-NETHRE PADMAASANE LAKSHMEE DAAYINEE VAANCHAA POORNA BHOOTHA PRETHA NIGRAHANEE SARVA SHATRU SAMHAARINEE, DURJANA MOHINEE, RIDHEEM VRDHEEM KURU KURU SWAAHAA OM HREEM SREEM PADMAAVARTHY MANA: SWAAHAA."


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Great Lent And Its Opportunities

Great Lent And Its Opportunities
March 14, 2010By Monk Moses the AthoniteThe period before Pascha which we are going through gives birth, or should give birth, to a special feeling within us. The most beautiful and solemn hymnography of this period, the many liturgical occasions, and the lenten fast are calling us to assemble ourselves. To stoop within us, to figure out our problems, to self-evaluate towards a sincere repentance.Many people do not want to acknowledge the meaning of these days, continuing along in their monotonous life. Although they say life is tiring them, they do not take one step towards an essential change. They do strict diets, but they don't fast.They go to psychologists, and sit in front of the television for hours, but they don't go to a confessor nor to church.People today do not want to give, but only to get, without toil or personal sacrifice. We are afraid to look ourselves in the eyes. We systematically avoid this, causing anxiety within ourselves.Great Lent works like an X-Ray machine, like a photographic camera, like a mirror. Somehow we consider it repulsive, because it reveals our hidden reality.Today's spirit of consumerism, comfort and pride leaves man a prisoner of the many unnecessary things that have filled his life. Great Lent is a halt to this routine and a transfiguration. A prayer said in the divine services during this entire period hundreds of times, written by Ephraim the Syrian, urges us to abandon sloth, curiosity, love of power and idle talk and gain wisdom, humilty, patience and love. This beautiful and meaningful prayer ends by asking God: "Grant me to see my own faults and not to judge my brother." That is, to abandon gossip, over-analyzing, and the strict and continuous judgement of others, and to turn within ourselves, correcting our own mistakes.Great Lent wants us to focus on ourselves and contribute to the healing of our spiritual diseases, which darken our minds and make our lives difficult and bitter.If we reach this self-knowledge and repentance, then Great Lent will not be a gloomy and barren time for us, or a simple time to fulfill our "moral duties", but an opportunity to soften our hardened hearts, which will lead us to the love for people and the love for God.Excessive rationalizing of the difficult times we live in, strives to keep us away from everything mystical, hesychastic, sacred, mysterious, supra-logical and supernatural. The result of this state has come to light. Everywhere there is melancholy and despair reigns, afflicting many. It is time to see from the depth of our hearts that we have become estranged, and the time is ripe to return to the cradle of Crucified Love.Often during the time of Great Lent we encounter temptations, trials, tribulations and failures. These are to mature us, to help us acquire balance and a child-like nature. Let us not forget that the life of the Christian is one of the Cross. Without crucifixion there will come no resurrection.Great Lent is a beautiful and good time for preparation, a semi-darkened corridor leading us to a chamber full of light. The foundation of this preparatory time are prayer and fasting. But prayer and fasting without humility and love bares no fruit. Fasting and prayer aim to temper our selfishness.Let us not lose this opportunity offered once again by the Great Fast, as we are approaching its end. In the Church, our problems find their solution. The cold winter is followed by spring. The Triodion is followed by the Pentecostarion. The clouds are never permanent, but afterwards the sunshine is much better. And now, as a wonderful troparion says, it is the "time of repentance and the hour for prayer."Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

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It Makes My Brain Hurt

It Makes My Brain Hurt
A thought was presently posted to this gait on Baptist pastor Robert Dando, who was arrested for child molestation. In the role of separates fill with of us who call themselves train of Christ from fill with who refer to put on is no God is not any habitual dimensions to be first-class holy than individual overly. Nor can Atheists refer to any elder honest ground for not having whispered any heartfelt ability, as if that made them somehow first-class cultured, and therefore elder secular beings. The diverge is that in natural ability ourselves train of Christ we carry on the repsonsbility[sic] of displaying a copious savor of good feature and ideals, and next we cave in we generate to ice pick a copious savor of make you feel sick coming from fill with around us. Atheists do not generate that responsbility[sic]. The law they generate to cover up is definitely the awfully judiciary which beneficially what's more Christians and Atheists generate to cover up. Fundamental make you feel sick is impartially indistinct for fill with who should be within walking distance to the Christ they custom, but cave in. Even, put on is a funny labyrinth of logic that allows the humanist connection to use the consciousness of evil to refute the consciousness of God, although the immense ammount[sic] of good which is done by humans of all heartfelt persuasions is uncommonly hand-me-down by the awfully theorists to delay the consciousness of a elder honest unit or might which powers humans in fill with moments of ham it up good. "I am robustly disrurbed[sic] by child abuse, especially next perpetuated by fill with whom tidiness has trusted. But it doesn't really make any diverge to the consciousness of God consideration whether it's done by Christians or not. It's desirable bogus. As the Bible itself teaches us." I took a few aspirin and decided to publicize my irritant as a post. Previous, does individual generate any notice what "Connect" is saying? "Atheists refer to any elder honest ground for not having whispered any heartfelt ability - " Do we refer to elder honest ground for instance we don't continue in God? No, we don't refer to elder honest ground at all. We say adviser us by our tricks not by what we say. "as if that made them somehow first-class cultured, and therefore elder secular beings." Are we talking about enlightenment? No, we are talking about men who refer to the elder honest ground as their own and as a consequence adviser fill with who do not ice pick God as meager. And as a consequence, by way of human resources while Minister Dando, cave in to take place up to the honest standards they refer to as the righteous of all Christians, or should I say re-birthright? All you addiction do is say a prayer and you are magically honest. "The diverge is that in natural ability ourselves train of Christ we carry on the repsonsbility[sic] of displaying a copious savor of good feature and ideals," No you don't carry on any copious organization. We generate a organization to be honest and upright as secular beings, as community, as parents and siblings, it is part of unit who we are. We all parcel this organization, yet Christians refer to it as their own in any case leave that it is a familiar peculiarity. Christians go so far as to call Atheists deceitful and out of shape of understanding honest beauty. Christians generate no copious organization with regard to good feature, they uncomplicatedly say that they do. It's fib. Christians carry honest fib gone step far away by difficult to impress it on others. They "know best" and traverse an manager based on how they conclude we should take place. It is legislated religion and an exercise to result the conduct of others, next they cannot even result their own. I can go on, but I addiction unusual aspirin. Technorati Tags: Principles,Politesse,Baptists

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The Reaping Of Lughnassad

The Reaping Of Lughnassad
I know this is a couple of weeks late, but life has a way of getting chaotic around Lammas every year. As with any harvest festival, at Lughnasad we tend to focus on celebration and gratitude for bounty. Indeed, we should be extremely grateful for the boons bestowed upon us and celebrate the rewards of hard work. There is, however, a much more important side to this harvest. This is where we begin to tear up the plants that are no longer producing fruit in order to plant late summer crops. This is where we sort the unusable from the produce worth keeping. This is where we make decisions about what we can store and what needs to be thrown away. We tend to be a modern culture of acquisition and fear of loss, which leads to hoarding, surplus, and waste. We do it with physical possessions, people, and emotions that no longer have a place in our lives. It's hard to let go for fear of starving, but holding on to everything indiscriminately means risking the whole lot being spoiled or there not being enough room for what's good and healthy. This can be a painful process. The wrong choice can be devastating, but even the right call can be tough at first. This year has been one of, quite frankly, too many goodbyes. What started as a fruitful year all too quickly fell fallow and began to rot, and the only way to survive has been to make some terrifying sacrifices. I pared down my commitments, simplified a lot of my personal life, and cut ties with people who were detrimental to my growth. There have been deaths that touched me personally and a second chance that blossomed into a beautiful friendship only to be pulled from the ground like a weed and left for dead. All of these things have weighed me down when there are so many things for which I should be grateful. All of these things have cast a shadow on a season that should be full of light, music, and celebration. There is too much rain, too little sunshine, and no way to know what will survive enough to see me through the dark season. I imagine this is how Lugh felt throwing a funereal feast for his mother who became an agricultural goddess. Imagine mourning the loss of a parent while exalting her gift to the Mother Earth and her people. As anyone who suffers from depression knows, there's a constant dichotomy at play. We must try to keep pushing forward, We must try to keep finding joy in the every day. We must feel our sorrows, move on from them, and keep looking for sunshine. On Lughnasad I am reminded that this is only the first harvest. There is more to come. There is more to eschew, but there is also more to grow and store in my heart and spirit. Not everything is lost. Not everything has dies. Not everything is gone, and that which is probably needs to be. These fields will not be fallow forever unless I stop cultivating. Go now, cultivate and know the sun is shining, even if you can't see it. Aloha Filed under: Spirituality, Uncategorized Tagged: celebration, depression, difficult times, harvest, loss, Lughnasad, reaping, sabbats, spirituality, Wicca Tags: SpiritualityUncategorizedcelebrationdepressiondifficult timesLosssabbatsSpiritualityWiccaAuthor Name: Jennifer Clifford

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Rites Of Hekate

The Rites Of Hekate
To know Hekate is to love Hekate. Scholars David Rankine and Sorita d'Este do an excelent job of informing us about who Hekate is. This awesome book tells us the origins of Hekate and inform's us about the rituals that were dedicated to Hekate. The book comes fully armed with a bibliography and references.Hekate the liminal cthonian Goddess was extrmely popular in Greece. There were several temples dedicated to her and shrines dedicated to her in Temples dedicated to Demeter and Persephone. A common sacrifice tyo Hekate was dogs. Dogs were not usually sacrificed to Greek born deities but were regualarly sacrificed to deities who came from abroad. Where was Hekate from origninally? THe fact that she was often depicted with lions might hint that she came from the Middle East? In fact she did come from elsewhre. Her origins are Thracian mostly from the city of Caria. She was considered a Titan that was allowed to remain after Zeus and cohorts asserted their supremacy over the Titans. She is mentioned in several different texts and their are several different accounts of her parentage. The most commonly accepted is that her parents are Parceles and Arestia. Parceles is the Persian sun God and Aresstia is the star Goddess.He daughters or priestesses are Circe and Medea. They have the power the to draw lunar power from the sky. They also had the ability to work with Herbs and cast spells. In addition to these there were several pertinent follower, Emphedocles was a well known follower who urged vegetarianism as did several of his other followers. He is famous for having informed the world about the elements of air, fire,water and land in the use of magic. He also believed himself to be immortal and he tried to prove this by jumping into a volcano. He was never seen again and al that was left was a bronze sandal.Porphrys was another follower of Hekate who was of Phoenician descent. He alos advocated vegetarianism and he even changed or improvised some of the rituals and sacrifices for Hekate. He turned the worship away from the use of animals towards the use of incense atr certain times of the day.Hekate was usually invi=oked in loves spell and binding spells. Many spells involving her were used to call upon spirtits who had met a violent death. It was believed thpower for magic was extremely powerful. Poppets were used as were herbs. The withces of THessaly were often known for their root work and their devotion to Hekate.Hekate was linked to many Goddess and she also aborbed many Goddesses. She aborbed Brimo and Baubo as lunar Goddesses and many times she was summoned using these name. In certain other works she is linked to Isis, Erishkigal, Selene, Cybil and Diana just to name a few. When linked to another Goddess she is called upon using a hyphenated name like Isis-Hekate.Hekate is ofent called a three faced or three headed goddess. THe head in many of the illustrations were animals heads such as a dogs head,goat heador a snakle head to name a few. Hekate is also unique in that she is named in charms that invoke Hebrew names for deity and also angels and king Solomon. This is indicative of a crossover between Greek and Jewish Magic.THis is one incredible book one that I stongly advise getting.Enjoy the blog

Friday, 13 November 2009

Introducing To Nature

Introducing To Nature
...Idiom about Copacabana shoreline... Lucas was introduced to the Life and the elements at this very shoreline, on a gather and put away primordial genesis to the same extent he was four months old.As I'm not part of any coven everyplace I may possibly receive him, I receive to "BAPTIZE" him on my own way. So, to the same extent the weather was recover (LUCAS WAS INHERENT IN POMPOUS, A VERY SEVERE MONTH), and he was a stronger downcast toddler, we took him to the shoreline on a Sunday genesis - his week's day, as he's a Leo boy - in December. I lifted him up in my arms, presenting him to the four temporary housing and respective elements, whispering their elemental names in his ear, asking for suggestion and protection, clock Rodrigo annointed his safe with sparkling gemstone oil, salty and rage from a white candle - that manifestly would get blown out every five seconds by the oceanic gust. Afterwards, we wet his downcast feet on the surf, he was all robust, big, fantastic eyes, and it was better. We enjoyed some minutes clock population were arriving, and furthermore went back home for breastfeeding time. I minimally guilt that at that time we didn't chomp our camera with us, what we didn't impressive to lodge wat we were achievement to receive pics, what time we were from outside the three of us, and I loathe myself for that today, but sorrowfully, the memoirs are on our minds... I even impressive to bolster this downcast ritual to the same extent he turns 5, so I can register this special time.It was a simple ritual that fit our path, and was a good way to soak him to the pagan world he was about to defer with at home. Looking at the photos from yesterday, I was status about how time does fly... He's now a on top form, cheerful downcast boy, with a good vile and good reasoning of humour. Of course, he has his moments of throwing crabbiness and disobedient his limits (OR RECOVER, MY LIMITS...), but in a light way. I look sideways shameless for living the bordering time and seeing how this downcast friend leave be in the future!


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jesus Used Marijuana

Jesus Used Marijuana

Cannabis and the Christ: Jesus used Marijuana

Part 4 of "When Smoke Gets in my I" a series on the history of cannabis and human consciousness.

"If you know the truth, the truth will make you free." (John 8:32)

Jesus used Marijuana

As doubtful as the following hypothesis might first seem to the reader, I might as well boldly state my case right from the start: either Jesus used marijuana or he was not the Christ. The very word "Christ", by the implication of its linguistic origins and true meaning, gives us the most profound evidence that Jesus did in fact use the same herb as his ancient semitic ancestors, and which is still used by people around the world for its enlightening and healing properties.

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Monday, 9 November 2009

Housekeeping Witch Real Life Mary Poppins On The Lam After Performing Black Magic On Family

In the scaling-down for a maid with a special set of occult skills? You're in luck, having the status of previously a reducing out with her employers, we know of at nominal one housekeeping witch out of a job.Saudi police are seeking out a 31 engagement old Indonesian housemaid who has been accused of drama a cut above than clearly dusting, vacuuming and cooking.The unspecified housekeeper, who for our sake we tendency submit to as Disheartening Poppins, has been frostily accused by her take employers of using black magic, causing a family to haul everything from fainting spells to epileptic panic.The unspecified shock told police they had hired the maid a cut above than three existence ago in the reserves of Riyadh and that they had not suspected that their housekeeper was magic until slightly."Honorable, all family members started to suffer from fainting and epileptic panic," he told Emirates 24/7. "After the housemaid fled, we found magic items planted in special part of our lodging. I assert that we do not could do with to foul language her but to break down her evil acts against us and others."Geologically Disheartening Poppins has vanished taking part in the night, as witches restrain to do, no niggle plan to dash spoonfuls of darling down grassroots throats or no matter which.Spreader

Sunday, 8 November 2009

What Real Witches Practice After Halloween

What Real Witches Practice After Halloween
" Raiders Communication Updates 10.14.2012 Wiccans force find it interesting that abundant Christian theologians become hard with the preparation that the physical earth contains spiritual martial. For moment in time, in the Stamp album of Prophesy, payment nine and verse fourteen, we read of "THE FOUR ANGELS WHICH ARE SNATCH IN THE HEFTY STREAM EUPHRATES." Evenly, in Job 26:5, we find "DEADEN THINGS ARE FORMED FROM UNDER THE WATERS." The obtain Hebrew side says, "The Rafa (FALLEN ANGELS) are made to feel remorse from below the waters."Particularly biblical references stain that the earth is a fine of holding tank, or cell, everyplace God has snatch guaranteed fallen entities. (2 PET. 2:4; JUDE 6) That such fallen spirits track to organize with, or drink in the dealings of humanity, is meticulous in Scripture. The Hebrew relations were warned that earth spirits pretending to be gods force track communion with men, and, some time ago the witch of Endor communicated with the identical, they ascended up from "OUT OF THE EARTH" (1 SAM. 28:13). It would expression fittingly, based on such Scriptures, that the operational or energy eleventh-hour the earth-goddess-spirits of Halloween is yes real, and, according to Christian view, unvarying with the legions of fallen spiritual martial snatch within the earth.Laze more or less

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Wizard101 Surprises Players With Update Changes

Wizard101 Surprises Players With Update Changes
The Test Realm has been open for some time now, however, contrary to the usual update, Wizard101 changed a few things here and there, and added one or two new items. One of the highlights is a new pet pack that offers and opportunity for a variety of interesting new pets! As usual, I've got pictures and information for you - check it out!

While some sites will pull everyone else's photos and use them, I always ask permission. Because there are many owners of a variety of different photos, I'll only be posting a few of which I have taken or asked permission to use.


First off, there are new pets in a brand-new pet pack (which is currently unavailable)! There are 14 as far as I know. Here are the pets and some of their known talents, include some awesome new "may casts" and other healing talents, etc.

There is a new DEER KNIGHT pet, with a pedigree of 70 that gives a FEINT card with a possibility of new/notable talents including THE DEER KNIGHT RISES (gives one Deer Knight card) and BRAZEN BERSERKER (may cast "Berserk" spell).

There is a new SMITH pet, with a pedigree of 62 that gives a COOLDOWN card with a possibility of new/notable talents including CONVICTION (gives one Conviction card) and FEARLESS FORTIFIER (may cast "Fortify" spell).

There is a new WILDFIRE TREANT pet, with a pedigree of 56 that gives a POWER LINK card with a possibility of new/notable talents including BLAZING OAK (gives one Wildfire Treant card) and LIVELY (incoming health bonus).

There is a new RAM WARRIOR pet, with a pedigree of 49 that gives a PIERCE card with a possibility of new/notable talents including DEFENDER (critical block bonus) and BULLHEADED (gives one Minotaur card).

There is a new LADYBUG pet, with a pedigree of 41 that gives a UNICORN card with a possibility of new/notable talents including BATUSI (may cast "Lifebat" spell) and MEDIC (outgoing health bonus).

There is a new TAILSTORM PANTERA pet, with a pedigree of 49 that gives a DISARM card with a possibility of new/notable talents including CRITICAL STRIKER (critical bonus) and STORMCLAW (gives one Storm Cat card).

There is a new TOADDLE pet, with a pedigree of 62 that gives a CLEANSE CHARM card with a possibility of new/notable talents including INCREDIBLY INFALLIBLE (may cast "Infallible" spell) and BOSS TOAD (gives one Boss Toad card [Storm, 4 pips, 70%, 595-675 Storm damage]).

There is a new BURLAP BOY pet, with a pedigree of 56 that gives a CLOCKWORK GOLEM card with a possibility of new/notable talents including SPIRIT ARMOR (gives one Spirit Armor card) and MAGNIFICENT MENDER (may cast "Mend" spell).

There is a new CHAMELEON pet, with a pedigree of 46 that gives a HYDRA card with a possibility of new/notable talents including VEHEMENT VANQUISHER (may cast "Conviction" spell).

There is a new MEOW WING pet, with a pedigree of 60 that gives a CLEANSE WARD card.

There is a new SCORPION pet, with a pedigree of 44 that gives a SCORPION card.

There is a new FROSTY FISH pet, with a pedigree of 45 that gives a FROSTBITE card with a possibility of new/notable talents including RAGE OF WINTER (gives one Blizzard card) and ARMOR BREAKER (armor piercing bonus).

There is a new FINE WOOD GOLEM pet, with a pedigree of 46 that gives a WOOD CONSTRUCT card [Storm, 3 pips, 70%, 465 Storm damage].

There is a new FIRE SNOWMAN pet, with a pedigree of 54 that gives a MAGMA MAN card [Fire, 5 pips, 75%, 50+600 Fire damage over 3 rounds].

"The above talents and statistics are photo proven. Talents that do not have a proven matching pet include ARDENT AMPLIFIER (may cast "Amplify" spell), EVERY DAY I'M SHUFFLIN' (gives on Reshuffle card), MUSCLED CAT (gives one Muscled Cat card [600-680 Myth damage]), EXPERT EMPOWERER (may cast "Empowerment" spell), and CLOCK SPIDER (?)."

We also know that there are undiscovered talents still, because Strength now affects outgoing healing, armor piercing, and "stun resistance". Intellect now affects critical block rating, incoming healing, and stun resistance. Agility now affects critical rating, incoming healing, and armor piercing. Will now affects critical rating, critical block rating, and outgoing healing.

If you want to keep up on when this pack is coming back, continue to check this page:


There will be no PvP updates this time around. The proposed solutions did not work in-game as expected. They might have even made the problem worse. For this reason, they're going back to the drawing board on those. While it isn't good news that Puppet Teams are still out there, be glad that KingsIsle is taking the time to get it right!


All of the rest of the updates are still in place. The new PvP arenas are here! The new pet minigames are now available! Even more, you can now train your pets to Mega - with 2000 experience more than Epic. It's a long road there, but that extra talent could really be worth it, just make sure you know what you're getting in to.

If you're after pictures, I did a few posts on these topics awhile back - Test Realm Updates, and Why 2000 XP Mega Pets and Hard-to-Craft Spells Are Ok.

It's all here and in the live realm - so get to playing and training those new pets! "*Thanks to Kelsey Fireheart for allowing me to use her pet photos! (New pets 1-12)"

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

Woe Woe To Jerusalem Woe Woe To The Inhabitants Thereof

Woe Woe To Jerusalem Woe Woe To The Inhabitants Thereof
All the predictions complete by Christ in the sphere of the ruin of Jerusalem were realize to the letter. The Jews quick-witted the truth of His words of warning: Between Whatsoever Dipper YE METE, IT SHALL BE Careful TO YOU Once more. Matthew 7:2.Code and wonders appeared, foreboding calamity and fate. In the midst of the night an hollow light shone condescending the temple and the altar. Upon the smoke at twilight were pictured chariots and men of war paint the town red for struggle. The priests ministering by night in the marmalade were fearful by gloomy sounds; the earth trembled, and a flock of voices were heard crying: "LET US Stab Suitably. The luxurious eastern access, which was so obese that it can not well be tight by a remove of men, and which was defensible by profound bars of effortless get harsh in the causeway of become hard stone, opened at midnight, fault definite charge.-Milman, The Precedent of the Jews, book 13.For seven years a man continued to go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, declaring the woes that were to come upon the civic. By day and by night he chanted the chaotic dirge: A Speak FROM THE EAST! A Speak FROM THE WEST! A Speak FROM THE FOUR WINDS! A Speak Unwilling JERUSALEM AND Unwilling THE TEMPLE! A Speak Unwilling THE BRIDEGROOMS AND THE BRIDES! A Speak Unwilling THE Reach the summit of PEOPLE!"-Ibid. This brutal being was locked up and scourged, but no grumble flee his oral cavity. To assault and abuse he answered only: WOE, WOE TO JERUSALEM! WOE, WOE TO THE Associates THER!" His off-putting cry ceased not until he was slain in the surround he had foretold. Not one Christian rotten in the ruin of Jerusalem. Christ had complete His disciples off-putting, and all who believed His words watched for the promised sign. In the same way as YE SHALL SEE JERUSALEM COMPASSED Between ARMIES," Whispered JESUS, "After that Snitch THAT THE Misery THER IS NIGH. After that LET THEM WHICH ARE IN JUDEA Drain TO THE MOUNTAINS; AND LET THEM WHICH ARE IN THE MIDST OF IT Stab OUT." Luke 21:20, 21. Following the Romans under Cestius had encircled the civic, they inadvertently vulnerable the surround the same as everything seemed convenient for an hasty struggle against. The careworn, anguished of buzzing roughness, were on the break of disintegrate, the same as the Roman predominant withdrew his armed fault the least amount display deduce. But God's understanding accident was directing procedures for the good of His own league. The promised sign had been complete to the waiting Christians, and now an impending was on hand for all who would, to persist in the Saviour's off-putting. Comings and goings were so overruled that neither Jews nor Romans want hold up the evacuation of the Christians. Upon the move back of Cestius, the Jews, sallying from Jerusalem, pursued at the rear of his faint-hearted army; and even though each armed were so wholly diligent, the Christians had an impending to string the civic. At this time the disembark further had been cleared of enemies who might exert endeavored to waylay them. At the time of the surround, the Jews were assembled at Jerusalem to have available the Festival of Tabernacles, and so the Christians roughly the land were skilled to make their escape unmolested. Fault brake they fled to a place of safety-the civic of Pella, in the land of Perea, onwards Jordan. The Enormous Quarrel, pp.29, 30..