Saturday, 30 August 2014

Handfasting The Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Handfasting The Wiccan Wedding Ceremony
Handfasting ~ the Wiccan wedding ceremony ~ originated in Scotland centuries ago with the custom of typing a betrothed couple's hands together. Although there are no specific 'rules' for a handfasting ceremony there are a number of traditions that can be lovely to bring into your celebrations.

Typically a circle will be cast to begin the celebrations. The couple to be married stand before the altar and their hands are tied together in a symbol of their everlasting love for each other. Often a red cord is used, but colored ribbons, woven cords of gold and silver, or whatever the couple chooses can be used. Symbols and charms can be incorporated into the cords.

After the cord has been woven around their hands and wrists, the couple make personal vows, exchange rings and make elemental vows to invoke the elements of earth, fire, water and air to bless the union. With their hands still bound the couple will jump over the besom. This is the point where they are considered to be wed. Wine and cakes will be blessed by the celebrant, who will then open the circle to conclude the ceremony.

Wiccan weddings will always have a wedding feast following the ceremony. Bonfires are often a part of the celebrations. You can collect ashes from a handfasting bonfire and use them in your magic spells - they are very powerful for love, fidelity and protection spells.

Beltane and Litha are popular choices for wedding days, especially considering the ceremony is usually performed outdoors.

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